Saturday, January 16, 2016

JCI Cameroon 2016 President Unveils Action Plan

Yaounde, Cameroon—The 2016 president of Junior Chambers International (JCI) Cameroon, 32years old Laye Mbunkur says one of his main challenges will be to mobilize more than 3500 youth leaders to transform the future of the country by training them on contents of the 2035 development vision and equipping them with the required leadership skills to take positive actions.
Laye Mbunkur, 2016 JCI Cameroon President

Presenting his plan of action at a press conference in Yaounde on Thursday 14 January 2016, Laye Mbunkur said he and his team intends to equip over 4,000 youths with managerial and technical expertise to start their own businesses, “and moreover to network with funders and angel investors.”

“This is a project which have named the Enterprise Development Marketplace will be carried out in five university towns. We will empower young people with the necessary skills to start and grow their own businesses,” the 2016 JCI Cameroon president explained.

To promote the spirit of patriotism, JCI Cameroon the 2016 president said will recognize 10 outstanding young Cameroonians in the course of the year.

“We have realized that many youths do see role models; they don’t see people of values, people who are impacting the nation positively. We will move nationwide and source for outstanding young people who shall be nominated either by the community or by their peers out whom 10 shall be recognized during a red carpet event here in Yaounde,” Laye Mbunkur stated.

Business with Nigeria

In order to strengthen business relations with Africa’s economic giant, Nigeria, the 2016 JCI Cameroon president said a delegation of 100 young businessmen from Cameroon will in the months ahead take part in a Cameroon-Nigeria business exchange forum in that neighboring country.

“We have a big market next door which is Nigeria. This is a 200million market and many unexploited trade potentials exist between Cameroon and Nigeria. In partnership with JCI Nigeria, we are working on this exchange forum for our young and aspiring businessmen to learn about the business opportunities in Nigeria,” Laye Mbunkur said adding that through the exchange forum, JCI Cameroon will be able to strengthen business ties with biggest economy of the continent “which is a major aspect of Cameroon’s 2035 development vision.”

The president revealed that JCI Cameroon has been a major contributor of change and innovation to the country since its inception in 1989 by Hon. Gaston Komba.

“For 25years today, JCI Cameroon has been dedicated to developing the business and managerial skills of young leaders [in the Country],” Laye Mbunkur said.

The president

Holder of a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in marketing from the Advanced School of Economics and Commerce of the University of Douala and a professional Diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in London, the 2016 JCI Cameroon president, Laye Mbunkur is a certified local trainer with the institution’s University and a small business development coach.

The Buea-based entrepreneur is Executive Director of the Small Business Support Center and also chief of Business for a multinational telecommunications company.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi