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WISU 2013: What political ,cultural, social, economic and scientific Developments?

When we live in a community and choose to make ourselves items in the market of popularity, no matter how much sacrifices and efforts we put for community development ,they remains less impactful. Because we make ourselves instruments and not the guides of all the common men...Then Seeking the opportunity to serve your own people does not entail doing everything to emerge as that servant even when its affects the same people you intend to serve. It about thinking the right thing, saying the right thing and doing the right thing on behalf of everyone present or absent. Treating them like you will love them treat you. The 34th Annual Convention of the Wimbum Students, it goes without saying ‘’ woe betides the host (Village) of any WISU General Annual convention when she does so in the same year when we have Elections into the WISU General Bureau and again when there are very high political temperatures (Elections period) in National Territory of Cameroon. The 34th Annual Convention of the Wimbum Students opens the eyes of many to see how malicious our political elites and other aspirants can be at times. It was so glaring from Sunday the 18 that the 34th Annual Convention was going to be marked by some unprecedented political developments. The suspension of the music show (at Santana Clara Inn Ndu Night Club)of some Wimbum Student Artist by the Brigade Commander of Ndu terming it a political gathering was not the beginning but the beginning ...of a convention caught up in the midst of parliamentary elections and elections into the WISU General bureau.

The passing by of Donga Mantung avid C.P.D.M campaigners in the name of the Elites that Tueday evening clearly proved how much politics was going to be involved not only in WISU this year but in every part, organisation and institution of the Mbumland. The first time a full flesh cow was slaughtered in a WISU General convention .The cow handed by H. Awudu Mbaya, the S.D.F Parliamentarian for the Nkambe Central constituency was like hot coal placed in the hands of an old man dying of cold during the winter season .The taking of the Nfuh title ‘’Nformi WISU’’ by the 3th Deputy Vice President of WISU General Mr Ngwang Ernest ,when many thought he didn’t deserve that reward and title was seen as a clear indication of his ambitions to lead WISU AT ALL COST. The Cameroon National Youth Council President Mr J.T NFOR otherwise known as the environmentalist , what has been his role in the failure of Taku 2013?...The ideas ,strategies and moves of the Donga Mantung political elites and of aspirants into the WISU General Executive Bureau for 2013-2015 executive how did these contribute to the downfall of Taku in the political domain.? “.... You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right .If you're not passionate enough from the start, you'll never stick it out.” Steve Jobs.

On Sunday 19th of August Ndu was congested by Students..The suspension of the Wimbum Student Artists Music show in Ndu that night by the Brigade Commander was a signal that this years WISU General Convention was going to be a very challenging one. It was until everybody was expecting the main artists to come on stage that the brigade commander appeared from no way .’’Arrete... ‘’..The D.J killed the music immediately and everyone was asked to leave the club. We agitated to no avail . The Commander seeming drunk but strong was so serious in his words and actions. Everyone left Santana Inn Clara Night Club to Dallas. It was until 1am in the morning that the Brigade Commander granted us the right to continue the show...this was already too late .The show was a failure .Every sacrifice made by these young talented students artist to satisfy their fans and raise some money was crippled ...
We all went to bed .Got up in the morning (that was Monday the 19th the official date marking the beginning of the Convention ) and about 2pm we were in Taku .On Tuesday about 5:45pm a covey of C.P.D.M avid campaigners surrounded the convention premises. The team made up of Mr Tamfu Simon , Dr Nick Ngwanyam , the C.P.D.M candidates for Nkambe Central Mr Ngala Gerard and the C.PD.M candidates for Ndu were after some hesitations ushered into the hall by the president General of WISU.Mr Tamfu taking the microphone apologised for entering the convention Hall with a party regalia. Saying he was just passing by and as a father knowing the children were gathered in could not just pass by...Mr Nick in his usual loudness took the time to talk about St Luis Institute of Learning and the scholarships he offers. After that they all stood up and walk out with the General president behind them to say goodbye .It is important here to note that this was the only occasion the C.P.D.M officials were seen in during this convention. None of them did not again show up any day or any where...even Mr Tamfu Simon who claimed to be a father is said to have been in Taku all through the Convention period yet did not come around even once to once more salute the the ones he earlier described as his children...
.On that Tuesday night Like always we started with Branch Presidents meeting. The Meeting was chaired by Mr Rodoulf Bantar , the Secretary General of WISU General. All the different Branches represented by their Branch Presidents tabled in their different proposals for a successful convention. The issue of elections as an important part of the agenda was brought up. We all agreed that an electoral body be formed the following day to bring up modalities for the elections and to start collecting files.

On that Tuesday evening the congress with the right to nominate electoral body as per article XII /2 of the constitution nominated, Mr Tambang Terence, Mr Ali Melvin Ngala , Miss Dianna Tamfuh ,the outgoing 1st Deputy WISU General Vice President , Mr Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh,the outgoing WISU General President and the outgoing WISU General Financial secretary .They were expected to hold a meeting that night and come up with modalities early Wednesday morning for the elections that were programmed for Thursday. On wednessday evening after a sportive day marking the disqualification of WISU Yaounde from Mr Zito WISU UNITY CUP, we were seated in the hall in evening expecting ELECSU to come up to the congress with the modalities for the elections. Unfortunately the ELECSU Did not show up. Too the General President had left for Yaoundé to collect trophies and medals for WISU football competition, It became so obvious that elections were not going to hold the following, Thursday as earlier scheduled. I believe everyone understood that even as much as the modalities were suppose to be table soonest ,for transitional reasons ,the elections could not have taken place in the absence of the incumbent president, Mr Nfor Deiudonne Nkeh. And that is why most people did not take serious failure of ELECSU to provide a road map for the elections soonest as they were expected to do.
Thursdays another new day marking the playing of the semi finals matches of the WISU football competition and great social evening was also to be the beginning of what the 2nd Deputity Vice President of WISU General Termed ‘’WISU in deep crisis’’ .During that great social evening that was massively attended by almost all delegates. And which to many if had continued could have ended as the best social evenings in the History of WISU General conventions,The 2nd Deputy Vice President of WISU General Mr Ernest Ngwang insistently called up ELECSU to make a comment to the Congress about the elections.Considering that the elections were suppose to hold that Thursday but didn’t take place. The 2nd Deputy WISU General Vice President in his usual voice and loudness did not stop calling ELECSU to the table until Mr Ali Melvin and Mr Tambang Terence representing ELECSU stepped up to present what ELECSU came up with. They were so open and direct in their declaration :‘’we sat down and have decided nothing as per this year’s elections or it modalities. We saw that the present system is not productive and cannot foster our development that much and far. And Considering the state of affairs presently in WISU, we thought that the list system could better foster our growth. So it is our proposals that we should give this present regime another year to hold office while we look into our constitution for the list system to be brought forward. But if you think otherwise we are not going to be maintaining this office (ELECSU OFFICIALS) for elections base on the present system...”
For those who were aspiring for posts, this to them came as the most shocking and stupid thing they had ever heard. To those who were just concerned, it seemed to be something to reason on but to those who felt the General ECXO was not fair to them by letting political matters come on to interrupt their social evenings, everything to them was just nonsense and disturbance. The 2nd Deputy Vice Presidents feelings about this report were so visible .I saw Mr Ernest Ngwang who speaks louder and clearly struggling with his voice at this present juncture. Thank God for a bottle of Tangui water that was standing by...he begged the congress to clear his throat...Then opened the floor for reactions .Most of the delegates agitated as to why political matters which were not part of the program of the evening were gaining the floor over the social night that was rightfully going on. The 2nd Deputy Vice President less attentive and watchful thought the congress grumbling, was so interested in reacting on the report .And He became more confident in his observations and move when the SOA Brach president took the microphone and blastfully cried out that ,’’ there is corruption in WISU’’.It was at this juncture that i realise that the emotions had taken over some individuals and they were not only going to spoil others but the social evening in particular and WISU in general. I and my president Miss Yah Tangiri were sitting right at the floor. We did not use the seats reserved for Branch Presidents as it was a social evening and nothing official was expected of us. The agitations in the hall only increased. I left my floor seat to the Branch president seats and Called outside for a brief meeting, the WISU General Education coordinator Mr Massa Ernest Massa , someone i know was more closer and mature to advice the president that very moment on this particular situation. I told Mr Massa to ask him to:
(1) Suspend all reactions
(2) Call back order into the Hall and
(3) Announce the continuation of the social evening program.
He respected the first one yet rejected the 2nd and 3th.When he in a bit to close the social evening announced that ‘’WISU is in deep crisis’’ it was in rejection of the second. And when he finally closed the social evening and called for an enlarged general exco meeting, it was in rejection of the third advice. All the delegates and the invitees left the hall highly unsatisfied and annoyed with the decision dismissing the social evening.
The enlarge general EXCO meeting termed a ‘’crisis meeting’’ took about 2hours. The 2nd Deputy Vice President like in his style of liking and holding the microphone throughout this 34th Annual convention held it more this night. He made use of the absence of the General President and the 1st Deputy Vice President to chair this meeting to his opinion as an aspirant for the post of President General. It is important to note that while this meeting was termed a crisis meeting, the General president absent (in Yaoundé to get trophies and medals for the football and handball competitions) was not consulted or contacted .And again the 1st Deputy Vice President Miss Diana Tamfuh who had earlier left the social evening was sleeping about 150meters from that hall yet she wasn’t contacted nor informed. It is equally important to note that no attendance or minutes were taken during this so called crisis meeting. The G.S was present sitting right beside the 2nd Deputy Vice President Mr Ernest Ngwang .He proved that he was so happy with the opportunity to address Branch Presidents as the next president. He proved too again that the minutes and attendance were not that important since the meeting was not the necessary .Therefore the meeting was just a discussion or to give it it political name, a campaign forum.
Mr J.T Nfor , the Divisional President of the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC), the Branch Presidents of SOA , Dchang ,Buea are one of those who staged the highest inability to communicate matters of general interest while they were communicating. The meeting ended with a vote of 18 against 5 to ask the general congress to nominate a new ELECTORAL BODY. It important to note that the ‘’ELECSUANS ‘’ which was the reason why this meeting was convened was not called upon to attend this meeting of General Exco and Branch Presidents. Some of them attended the meeting but in the capacity of the General EXCO .Everyone left the meeting that night about 12midnight with the conclusion but not a consensus that the earlier electoral body has been dismissed and the new one was going to be nominated by congress the following day.
Thank God it was Friday, we got up prepared and expecting the 2nd Deputy Vice President to come forward with the decision of the Enlarge General EXCO .But it seemed this morning he had realised that he singly was gone and going too far...implicating himself since he was an nothing was said or done about the creation of a new ELECSU till evening when the President arrived. He was told about the failure of the ELECTORAL BODY to provide a clear road map for the 2013 WISU General executive bureau. Most of us expected him to call another enlarge exco meeting but he refused to be advised. He went ahead on Saturday morning and asked the General Assembly to provide a new electoral theme since the former had resigned according to what he was told.I was not in the Hall when this particular development(the nomination of a new Electoral body )took place. Mr J.T Nfor, Mr Lahgham Bomsa Nickson, Mr Massa Ernest Massa and Mr Nowel were nominated into the new electoral Bureau. They were expected to ensure that elections were held as soon as possible.
The Saturday, parents student contact, least represented and present went on under light rain. The representative of the S.D.O of Donga/Mantung seemed to be concerned about the WISU executive elections. She told the outgoing executive that the administration was hoping to see a good and peaceful transition. The students /parents contact ended at about 5pm after launch. The Social Master insisted on taking over the evening as compensation to her lost Thursday Social evening to Elections matters. It is important to note that the new ELECSU was expected to run elections that evening but failed.The social program went on till 11pm when the General President announced the meeting of Branch presidents and the general executive. We all assembled in front of the high table not knowing what else the agenda of this meeting was going o be apart from the failed elections that evening. The president took over the microphone everyone was quiet with all attention focused to him. He said ‘’ Considering that the elections which were suppose to hold this evening did not,i called this meeting so we can find the way forward and again to look into the position of the former ELECSU because it seems i was misinformed about their so called resignation’’ Just before the president brought down the microphone Mr Massa Ernest was up to say a word. He told the Branch Presidents and General Executives that he was resigning from the electoral office, an office he was nominated into that early Saturday morning. He said he could have resigned that very moment in the morning but for the fact that it was a very special day and the parents were coming, he did not wish to see the union start that day with frustration. And so was resigning. Mr Ernest Sat down as some people respected his move. It is important to note that Mr Nwang Ernest the V.P , Mr J.T Nfor and a handful of others did not disprove the list system that was proposed .In as much as they wanted change, they wanted power. So they were caught up in two extreme and took the later. The president then again took the microphone and called the former ELECSU to state in his presence and in the presence of the Branch presidents and General executive what exactly happened that elections did not take place. Mr Tambang Terence got up expressed their dissatisfaction with the creation of the new ELECSU without an official respond to the declaration of the first ELECSU. They proposed the list system and asked the congress to decide whether to work toward that because they were not ready to conduct elections under the present system. And expected the congress to give them an official respond. Not only to call a meeting that was not official and decide to form another ELECSU. The 2nd Deputy Vice President taking the Microphone declared at the top of his voice that he does not regret calling that meeting in the absence of superiors without informing them. Mr J.T Nfor stood up to say the General President was betraying the 2nd Deputy Vice President by calling another meeting to handle the same crisis he (2nd V.P) had already solve. As someone who attended the so called crisis meeting and got the tune of the 2nd V.P General, I begged to say a word and was given the chance .From my experience I know acting as the vice president can be very challenging because at times you are faced with issues that need prompt actions and reactions in the absence of the president. But effective leadership entails that in whatever case one must be responsible to operates as ‘’we’’ not as ‘’ I ‘’. It is to understand that ones job in this case is to make the team function...acting and reacting always in such a way that the whole team will take the credit. This is what creates trust and enables us to get the task done even in the absence of our superiors. So i asked the presidents seated what will be their respond or reaction if their Vices take some strong decisions or actions on behalf of the union without consulting them.?..So i don’t really agree with Mr J.T that the president is betraying his subordinates. To it was the reverse.

The president took back floor and drew us back to the agenda. Responding to Tambang Terence representing the Former ELECSU, he them that the congress was not ready for their proposals and asked them to decide whether to resign. They walked at the back of the hall and held a one minute meeting, came back and announced their resignation. The other agenda was brought forward. Elections not held because of different views on what should constitute the system of government. So we were expected to vote whether elections should go on base on the current system or be postponed .Room was given for a vote to be conducted on this two options, 16persons (i suppose representing their Branches ) voted against 13persons (representing their Branches ) in favour of those who wanted elections to hold under the current system. So it was agreed that the elections will take place on Sunday at 1pm after church service. The meeting then closed. The time was around 1am in the morning.
On Sunday we all were expected to attend the Presbyterian Church, Taku. As i went down the market square to get more clarifications about the service and it location to prepare my members for the service, i met Mr Ngwang Ernest ,the 2nd V.P on the way. I greeted him by offering a hand shake. He held my hand; looking to my face told me he was so disappointed in WISU Yaounde and particularly me. He asked me and i quote ‘’why did you choose to expose me in that manner.I believe that as a member of Yaounde Branch if you find me doing something wrong you will come closer to me and advice me. Not stand in the midst of people and speak the way you did last night about me...’’my respond was immediate too...’’i personally is very disappointed in you and if you will like to know the whole Yaounde Branch too. You came for this convention under our banner and decided to go in for a post of responsibility without asking for our support. So what do you take us for? ‘’At this juncture someone stepped in between us to greet him so i left. It is important to note here that application if Mr Ngwang Ernest was signed on Saturday Evening by the Yaounde Branch president as part of the formalities of the elections .Early that evening to the signing of Mr Ernest Form ,My president was not in the Hall, as the vice in the Hall Mr Ernest invited me to put the branch president’s signature and remark on his form. I told him that i don’t have such powers especially when my president is still active. I only promised to help get the president into the Hall to sign and remark. That i did .And handed the form to her. And she signed immediately .It seems she did not notice the space for Branch president remark. Going through the form again she invited me asking what was meant Branch president remark and what was she suppose to put there. I responded smiling please a ‘remark ‘’Prezzy’’ .she replied i ‘’don’t know what to remark ‘’and said then leave the space blank. She then forwarded the form to the table .Just before she sat down the form came back to her.You have to put a remark on this space Miss President. So she wrote ok.
That was Saturday... Lets come back to Sunday , Most delegates could not locate the church and ended up in other churches, others in the Taku market square and majority at home. After service the different delegates took off different directions. Some to the hall, some to the field and others to their ‘’convention homes’’. ELECSU was still hoping and making arrangement to conduct elections that afternoon. As time went on the population continue to converge in Taku but toward the field, the weather not promising, the representative of the cup donor and match officials present, the decision to usher everyone to the field was welcomed even by ELECSU. Elecsu thus again failed to run elections that afternoon. After the football match, most people assembled in and around the hall for launch and for the gala night. We were hopeful and ELECSU more hopeful that with that population the elections were going to record a good participation. The hall was full and Food was served. The time now was about 8:30pm. Those who came just that day after ‘’ launch ‘’ occupied the hall hoping that the gala which was the official program on the agenda for that evening was going to commence . Soon ELECSU started arranging the hall for elections, and about 80percent of those in the hall left. It is important to note that one could only take part in the voting process suppose he owned a convention card registered to his name(even without a seize photo).
The control of convention cards intensified and more people left the Hall. At the end of the control only about 10percent of registered members were in the Hall. I walk aroud took a few pictures of the exercise. Mr Ernest called me while i was snapping the angle where he was seated. When i got closer he said , i quote ‘’what is the meaning of that , i am warning you’’ .I told him smiling that we just what to ensure that the number here constitute a quorum for elections. From all indications it seems elecsu did not realise that the number did not constitute 2/3 according to article XII ,5(a) of the constitution which states that ,’’ Two-thirds (2/3) of the registered members for a congress, shall form a quorum for election ‘’.Mr Tambang Terence, Mr Ali Melvin and I walk back into the hall to remind ELECSU of this part of our constitution. Mr Lagham complained that the financial secretary was not present to give a record of registered members. We then questioned the readiness of ELECSU cos they were expected to have all those statistics .Mr Lagham ignoring that went ahead to read the list of Candidates and to the greatest surprise not up to 50percent of the posts were applied for. An indication that many were not ready for elections. It important to note that no one filed in for the post of SECRETARY GENERAL.And this is another indication that most of those who insisted on elections were not ready to work. In this frustration Mr J.T Nfor the President of CNYC then announced cancellation of the elections .Main reason being that the delegates in the Hall did not constitute a quorum for elections .so room was given for the Gala to start. The Gala night started scantily at about 10pm but about 12am the Hall is was full. This present gala recorded the lowest income ever in WISU Convention gala nights.
The next morning, Monday morning, someone was summoning all Branch presidents for a meeting. I was invited to be part. I got in there and noticed just the ELECSU Officials and about 4 branch presidents. I asked Mr Lagham and Mr J.T Nfor why the meeting and why it was taking place out and far from the hall. They told me it was a meeting between branch presidents and ELECSU to a prepare report about the elections to be forwarded to the administration. I sat down. As they were phrasing what to write down, i realise that they were trying to frame suitable information and sent to the administration since they were frustrated about the failure of the elections . Realising that there was network in that room , I started manipulating my phone ,Mr J.T Nfor turning to me warned ,’’ i hope you are not trying to record what i am saying here’’’? .I responded ‘’me! Why will i do that and by the way if what you are saying is right why border if i record it or not.’’? .’’That is true ‘’ he replied turning back to the table. I left and went to the hall where preparations were being made for the evaluation meeting. It is important to note that this so called meeting between elecsu and branch presidents was also attended by the 3th deputy Vice President Mr Ernest Ngwang ,Leaving many of us questioning which branch president he was or representing.
The evaluation meeting started at 10:30am.It went on in lot of clarity, understanding.25 Branches were represented in the meeting. Few clarifications and corrections were made on income and expenditure...Proposals made too regarding the future and the upcoming convention in Bongom.The outgoing regime was accepted as an interim government. They were called to ensure that elections were held during Bongom 2014 and a peaceful and transparent transition upheld. The meeting ended at about 12:45pm and we left for Ndu to one of our members, Kwalar Lizettes family residence where she opted to offer us launch that Monday .At around 5pm most of us were already gathered there. She served the food and just before we started eating Mr Tambang Terence phone rang. It was the general president inviting us for an important meeting following his meeting with the D.O of Ndu sud Division. We left immediately and met men circled in front of the Santana Clara Inn Bar ,Hotel. It was The G.P Mr Nfor Dieudonee Nkeh ,Th 3th V.P Mr Ernest Ngwang, Mr J .T Nfor ,Mr Lagham, the social secretary ,some four branch representatives. I, Mr Tambang Terence and Mr Ali Melvin all fitted ourselves on that table and the president opened the chapter. He said administration has been misinformed about the elections and the D.O has instructed that a care taker government be formed while elections held next year following the normal system. And that the D.O told him that the proposal to use the list system was a violation of the constitution. That if we intend to use the lists system the constitution must first of all be amended. We all sat quiet and this was considered an agreement.

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Cameroon youths should quit the blame game, get creative-Rogers Nforgwei

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The Chief Executive Officer of Nmi Education, Rogers Nforgwei, has exhorted Cameroonian youths to think up creative personal development schemes to prop what education they have received.
This was the main thrust of a lecture entitled “Education and Training for Smooth Leadership” which Mr Nforgwei delivered at the National Youth Leadership Conference in Yaounde on Tuesday August 13.
Rogers Nforgwei
Such schemes are requisites in rolling back the perilous lot of many a Cameroonian youth and in checking the country’s alarming leadership crisis, he said.
“It is important to get relevant education because if you have education and come out without skills then you are not trained,” the publisher whose organization represents UK-based Cambridge Publishers in Cameroon said after his presentation. “Even when the education system doesn’t train you with skills that you need for the job market, you should be able to stretch out and train yourself”.
Many Cameroonians don’t have personal development programs, claims Mr Nforgwei.
“They don’t read books. They don’t listen to news. They don’t do any research. All they do is say I have a degree from the University. And so what?”
He hailed university-trained youth who for lack of work have “thought out of the box” and turned to lucrative ventures like riding commercial motorcycles.

Personal Experience

While recounting his life’s story, the business mogul said he broke the barriers of restricted reasoning before rising to the pedestal on which he stands today.
“I came from nothing and I think today I am impacting a lot of people”.
Over 100 people directly or indirectly have a source of income or a second source of income from the business Mr Nforgwei runs.
“Either they are authors of my business, working in the business or they are selling in the business and I am running a foundation that is impacting the youths and the community as a whole”.
Mr Nforgwei urged youths to be visionary as people without visions are wasting their time.
“If you don’t have something that wakes you up in the morning and you go to, you waste your time chatting with friends and start blaming people, the government and the country”.
“The blame game doesn’t help, you came into the world alone and you have to fight for yourself. Yes you came into a nation where there is a president, ministers and whoever but essentially you came alone, so you should learn to fight alone”.

Youth Migration

The National Youth Leadership Conference where Nforgwei Rogers spoke to over 60 youths was organized by the Youth Employment Service Cameroon as part of activities to mark the 2013 edition of the International Youth Day.
The theme for this year’s commemoration was “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward”.
According to the United Nations, of the annual total of some 214 million international migrants, young people constitute about 30 per cent, yet too little is known about their struggles and experiences.
Africa’s over 200million youth population has been branded the best educated, most connected and most informed of the continent’s generations so far. Yet, the group has largely remained apathetic and disengaged because it is allegedly locked away by the continent’s singed leadership.
About 30million Africans currently live outside the continent and the number continues to grow daily. If the trend and current socio-political dispensation continue, the gory statistic could strike a tipping point by 2040, when it is projected half of the world’s youth population would be Africans.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

WISU 2013: Elections postponed, outgoing president on the run?

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Wimbum Students currently attending the 34th annual convention of the Wimbum Students’ Union (WISU) in Taku have entered day five today without a new executive as was scheduled.
Mr Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh who has come to the end of his second mandate was conspicuously absent from Taku on Thursday as his successor had to be elected. The president who will not be eligible for an election has not been at the venue since his “disappearance” on Wednesday August 21 (Day III).
Contrarily, he (outgone Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh) is expected to make a landmark speech this Saturday during the parents-students cultural exchanges.
Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh-"I am not on the run"
However the WISU Chairmen Election’s Committee is reportedly finalizing material preparation for the said election that may take place today ahead of the parents-students exchanges tomorrow Saturday August 24.
The president however answered our phone call this morning from Bamenda where he said he is preparing didactic materials and some prizes that will be awarded to Wisuans and WISU branches by the end of the convention.
“I am preparing study materials and generators and other materials that will be handed out to some schools, Wisuans and WISU branches tomorrow”, Mr Nfor said. He added that his stay away from Taku has been prolonged by the fact that he went for trophies and medals that were sent from Britain to be awarded to finalists of sporting activities taking place on the sidelines of the convention.
Most of the students at the convention had started raising doubts about the return of the outgoing president to the convention. To this, the president explained that his absence does not mean he has absconded from WISU.
“I am not on the run, running away from what”, Mr Nkeh questioned adding he is ready to support his successor. “I am going back to Taku today, you know tomorrow will be a very important day in the history of the convention” Mr President concluded.

Culture and Religion takes center stage on day V

According to the program, besides SS (students to students) exchanges, cultural, health and religious activities would take center stage at the WISU convention today (Friday August 23).
Though with the postponement of the elections the program could be thwarted, the students however look forward to a rich display of culture today.
Wisuans will listen to lectures and video projection on HIV/AIDS, STIs and cholera likewise voluntarily taking part in free HIV/AIDS screening.
Culturally, Mr Eugene Kanjo’s WISU Traditional Dance Competitions , Mr. Abdou’s Wisu fine arts competition; (Arts that passes on a message on Mbum History, Health hazards etc) Wisu artist Music Competition (a song in line with the theme of this year’s convention)would feature today.
The high point of day five would be a REVIVAL EVENING to be presented by Pastor Thomas, Prophet Harison, Pastor Ndi Nelson and Pastor Nforgwei Rene Orock at 7PM.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ahead of September 30: Over 300 SDF Militants Decamp to the CPDM in Luh

(R-L), Tamfu Simon, Gerard Ngala, Abdou Borno....
(NewsWatch Cameroon)-CPDM militants in Ndu West; Ngarum, Taku, Ntundip and Luh have been advised to go and collect their voters’ cards well ahead of the September 30 twin elections.
This was the underlining message at a joint CPDM subsection conference that took place in Luh, Ndu sub division on Tuesday August 20, 2013.
Organized by the three subsections of the CPDM in Ndu West, the conference brought together militants from Ngarum, Taku, Ntundip and Luh.
Speaking, the main resource person at the conference, Mr Simon Tamfu, Director of Exploration at the National hydrocarbons Corporation, SNH and elite of Taku told the over 1000 CPDM militants that he was not coming for campaign because it is not yet time for that.
He said the PM sent him to the people of Ndu West. “The PM heard that you people have selected your candidates for the upcoming municipal and legislative elections. After the selection you hard some queries and he asked me to tell you that even if you have a problem with the candidates, support the party”.
To the CPDM party official, the choice of the parliamentary nominees for Donga Mantung central is the best. “if you want people who will go to parliament to feed their pockets, then select different candidates. But if you want those who will bring development, then bury you differences and support Gerard and Mme Naomi”.
To be ready, Mr Tamfu cautioned his kith and keen to hry and collect their voters’ cards.
Alhadji Abdou Borno, CPDM council list leader for Ndu on his part explained that he had nursed hopes of becoming parliamentarian. However, the gender factor did not favour him just like in other constituencies. Following this electoral provision that disfavoured him, his detractors have been spreading false messages. “Some say I was very heady to the section president, others say I was riding a horse in Ndu before the party dropped me”.
To Abdou, all these utterances come to blackmail and weaken the spirit of the militants. This he cautioned should not weaken them. He urged that militants show total support to the female parliamentary aspirant as they could have done to him.
Taking the queue, Madam Naomi Nfor Ngandong one of the CPDM parliamentary nominees in Donga Mantung central joint her previous speaker to maintain that the CPDM is waxing strong in that part of the country after all.
Enters Ngala Gerard
His name alone speaks volumes in Donga Mantung as a whole. Ta-Ngala Gerard is one of the CPDM parliamentary nominees for Donga Mantung Central. As guest speaker at the conference, he began by recounting the story of a similar conference that held in Wat (Nkambe Central). “Ndu and Nkambe are all one, we should abstain from politics of hatred”, Ta-Nformi Ngala Gerard advised after the Wat story.
Gerard regretted that Ndu and Nkambe are the major towns of Donga Mantung but are not developed. This according to him is because the opposition has controlled them for over the years whereas the CPDM is the only road to meaningful development. He cited hitherto little known Ako, Misaje and Nwa as examples that development comes through the CPDM.
“The only day we will be proud will be the day we see that our area has been developed. We have been wearing the same shoes for over 17years and it is pinching now”.
Of the over 300 decamp
The high point of the CPDM conference in Luh was the decamping of over 300 SDF militants to the CPDM. Before their comrades, they were welcomed to the CPDM by Tamfu Simon, Ngala Gerard and other party officials.
They dressed up in CPDM party T-shirts and loins after their public declaration that they have officially resigned from Fru Ndi’s party to that of Paul Biya.
According to the former SDF zonal coordinator for Ngarum, he saw through her colleague Mme Habiba who is a teacher like him that the CPDM is a party of hope and has decided together with his former SDF militants to join the CPDM.
Ali Godlove, former SDF militant from Ntundip said he was militating in the SDF because he was out for the truth “you can see that at the top the SDF and CPDM chairpersons now wine and dine together…”
Commenting on the conference, the main resource perm Mr Tamfu Simon said, “What I have seen here I have never seen it before”. The CPDM party official was convinced that with what he has seen victory will be on their side in coming elections.

WISU 2013: CPDM Delegation Steals Show

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-A delegation of CPDM bigwigs from Donga Mantung has visited the Wimbum Students currently meeting in their annual convention in Taku, Ndu Sub division.
The delegation that was headed by Mr Simon Tamfu, Director of Exploration at the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, SHN and comprising amongst others Dr Nick Ngwanyam, Ta-Nformi Ngala Gerard, Madame Naomi Nfor Ngandong, Alhadji Abdou Borno… was in Taku on Tuesday August 20, 2013 (Day II of the Convention).
WISU President General, Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh (R) receiving the Delegation
As the outgoing President General of WISU, Mr Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh introduced members of the delegation one after the other, the students gave a standing ovation at the mention of the name of Ngala Gerard, CPDM parliamentary nominee for Donga Mantung Central.
Mr Nkeh told wisuans that Ngala Gerard had sponsored previous editions of the WISU convention to the tune of about CFA 2million Francs.
Addressing the students on behalf of the whole CPDM delegation, Mr Tamfu Simon began by submitting an apology asking the students to pardon them for coming to such a gathering dressed in CPDM party regalia.
“We are coming from a CPDM rally and knowing that Taku is in between Luh where we are coming from and where we live, we thought we not just pass as if we do not know you people are here. We thought we should just stop by and greet…” Mr Tamfu said.
According to Mr Tamfu who is an elite of Taku, the village is very hospitable. This he said does not mean that in the course of their stay there, the students may not register a few differences. If such differences occur, the Taku elite advised that Mbum students should bury them. “But should you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us” Mr Tamfu concluded.
One of the members of the delegation, Dr Nick Ngwanyam, proprietor of the Bamenda- based St. Louis University of Health and Biomedical Sciences sensitized the students on the various scholarship schemes that his institution is offering to students of Mbum origin.
“If you score between five and eleven points at the GCE Advanced level, science papers, you pay 50% of the school fees” Dr nick said adding that “if you score from 12points, just get your bag, Irish potatoes, beans… and come. You study for free”. However, students who will want to do a professional bachelor degree would pay from the fourth year.
The CPDM delegation left Taku amidst thunderous applauds.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ahead of September 30 Elections: Madam Mary Awudu Escapes Lynching?

(NewsWatch Cameroon)- As the road to the September 30 twin elections narrows, there are indications of fireworks especially in the Donga Mantung central constituency (Nkambe and Ndu).
While candidates and electorate await the official launch of campaigns on September 15, some political parties have been strategizing through rallies and conferences.
One of the parties running for the elections in Donga Mantung Central is the CPDM. The party officials in Donga Mantung have been holding rallies to sensitise its militants on the need to go and collect their voters cards well ahead of the elections.
After successful rallies in Bongom and Chup, officials of the party officials moved to Wat where a rally was organized on Sunday August 18, 2013 where eyewitness account say almost ended in a war with the opposition SDF.
According information from that part of the country, the SDF MP’s wife rush to Wat market early on Sunday as the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) was to hold a rally there.
The rally according to reports was aimed at sensitizing CPDM militants on the need to collect their voters’ cards ahead of the September 30 twin elections.
Eyewitnesses say Mary Awudu and some local SDF party officials arrived the Wat market square well ahead of the CPDM officials.
They went to the market sheds that were prepared for the CPDM event and claimed the CPDM though authorized to organize a public event is not authorized to use the sheds that were constructed with micro project grants by the incumbent SDF parliamentarian for Nkambe Central, Hon Awudu Mbaya Cyprian.
Mary Awudu went to the sheds, removed the decoration, throw away the “khabarah” (special stool used only by Fons) and this lead to a roar, eyewitnesses say.
The act provoked the youths of Wat and as she continued, Bar. Chifu Ngenge David aspiring CPDM councilor for Bongom is said to have approached.
Mary Awudu reportedly held Bar. Chifu on his tie and slapped him. As a defensive means, Bar. Chifu also gave Madam Awudu a slap that cause her to release him.
Other youths from Wat and neighbouring villages who were informed of the incident, eyewitness account say stormed the market but were stopped from carrying out their planned action on the SDF official thanks to the intervention of Shey Nfor Musa and Waka Emmanuel aspiring CPDM councilors for Nwangri and Mbaa respectively.
Eyewitnesses say the incident would have escalated should Shey nfor Musa and Waka Emmanuel did not intervene to stop the youths that flooded the Wat market square.
Informed, the SDO for Donga Mantung quickly dispatched the second assistant, Mashang Nicholas to Wat. The SDO’s representative while in Wat asked that the CPDM should change their venue to calm down the flaring tempers.
After relocating, the rally reportedly went on hitch free with over 500 SDF militants decamping to join the CPDM.
The over 500 now CPDM militants have come to join those who decamped in Chup and Bongom.
A similar rally took place in Luh, Ndu Subdivision and witnessed over 300 SDF militants decamping to the CPDM.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

PEOPLE:Mary Awudu, an Embodiment of Genius and Hard work

Mary Awudu in Action (Source:The Eye Online)
It’s said and rightly true that the quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence regardless of his chosen field of endeavour. Mme. Mary Awudu by all standards is considered a very successful person. But success is neither a given nor an inherited character trait. It’s the result of hard work and commitment. Consequently, Mme. Mary Awudu has become a household name in her Nkambe constituency in particular and Donga-Mantung Social Democratic Front (SDF) family as a whole not because she was born and given that name but because she worked hard to galvanize her name and her personality, thus making them a trade mark. She has left her mark where others can only dream of going.
Because of her exemplary character, Mme Mary Awudu today bags a manifold of sobriquets. She is fondly referred to as; workaholic, iron lady, woman-man, woman of the people, an icon, an epitome of leadership et al. She has turned politics which is known by many as a dirty game, to an enviable profession through her impeccable strides and meteoric rise in the profession. No doubt why the leading opposition party, the Social Democratic Front (SDF), had no other choice than to appoint her as the Nkambe and Donga-Mantung Divisional political campaign manager. Beside, this wonderful woman is strangely, her own husband’s (Hon. Cyprain Awudu Mbaya) campaign manager, to the admiration of all and sundry.
This is so because the no-nonsense, infatigable Mme. Mary Awudu believes that “forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will”. And she saw that the one reason that makes everything works is hard work; for if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavours to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
The school of the wise holds that a leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see and who sees before others see. This aptly describes Mme. Mary Awudu, a composite personality with multifaceted talents. She is a woman of action who fervently believes that, “sometimes our best is simply not enough. We have to do what is required”. She believes that everything worth doing should be well done or it should not be done at all. Yes, Mme. Mary Awudu has been doing her best, but she thinks she should not only do her best but do what is required for the betterment of mankind. Reason why she is known Donga-Mantung Division-wide as a woman of the people.
Mme. Mary Awudu cuts a figure of a trained soldier as she appears permanently alert. She is exceedingly intelligent, soft-spoken and sparingly reticent but very incisive in conversation. She is, to say the least, naturally imbued with the sense of humour especially within the circles of her family and acquaintances, yet she is a very strict housewife, business woman and politician who follows hierarchical prescriptions to the letter.
The qualities of this loving, accommodating and God-fearing woman are admired even by the Donga-Mantung administration. In The Eye newspaper press award for excellence at Nkambe last July 27, 2013, the First Assistant SDO for Donga-Mantung, did not mince his words when he openly said that if the Man of the Year award was bagged by Hon. Cyprain Awudu Mbaya this year, 2013, it was a thousand times thanks to his better half, Madame Mary Awudu Mbaya, who has always stood firmly by him.
Equally corroborating the First Assistant SDO, the Mayor of Nkambe, Jones Mangoh Tanko, who said if Hon. Cyprain Awudu has so far garnered scores of awards nationally and internationally, it’s because Hon. Awudu’s wife has always stood behind him as a true friend indeed. He added that it was not a mistake that the couple, Hon. Cyprain Awudu and Mme. Mary Awudu both were award winners of The Eye Newspaper for 2012.
It’s because of Mme. Mary Awudu’s keepsake qualities that NewsWatch lens caught her as a veritable icon, Donga-Mantung and SDF pearl par excellence.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, a historic date in Cameroon!

Cameroon completely takes control over the formerly disputed oil rich Bakassi peninsula today.  The total transfer of sovereignty over the neck of land in the English-speaking Southwest Region which was at the centre of an almost two-decade spat between Cameroon and Nigeria, follows a 2002 ICJ ruling.
To reinforce the ICJ verdict, both nations signed an agreement dubbed “The Green Tree Accord” on June 12, 2006.

Below is a full text of the agreement signed in New York on June 12, 2006.
The Republic of Cameroon (hereinafter referred to as "Cameroon") and the Federal Republic of Nigeria (hereinafter referred to as "Nigeria").

Reaffirming their willingness to peacefully implement the judgment of the International Court of Justice,

Commending the secretary-general of the United Nations for his efforts made in this respect in organizing the tripartite summits and establishing the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission,

Considering that the question of the withdrawal from and transfer of authority over the Bakassi Peninsula should be treated in a forward-looking spirit of goodwill in order to open new prospects for cooperation between the two countries after decades of difficult bilateral relations,

Determined to encourage the consolidation of confidence and peace between their two countries for the well-being of their peoples and for stability in the subregion,

Have decided to conclude the present agreement.

Article 1

Nigeria recognizes the sovereignty of Cameroon over the Bakassi Peninsula in accordance with the judgment of the International Court of Justice of 10 October 2002 in the matter of land and maritime boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria. Cameroon and Nigeria recognize the land and maritime boundary between the two countries as delineated by the Court and commit themselves to continuing the process of implementation already begun.

Article 2

Nigeria agrees to withdraw all its armed forces from the Bakassi Peninsula within sixty days of the date of the signing of this Agreement. If exceptional circumstances so require, the secretary-general of the United Nations may extend the period, as necessary, for a further period not exceeding a total of thirty days. This withdrawal shall be conducted in accordance with the modalities envisaged in annex 1 to this agreement.

Article 3

1. Cameroon, after the transfer of authority to it by Nigeria, guarantees to Nigerian nationals living in the Bakassi Peninsula the exercise of the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in international human rights law and in other relevant provisions of international law.

2. In particular, Cameroon shall:

(a) not force Nigerian nationals living in the Bakassi Peninsula to leave the Zone or to change their nationality;

(b) respect their culture, language and beliefs;

(c) respect their right to continue their agricultural and fishing activities;

(d) protect their property and their customary land rights;

(e) not levy in any discriminatory manner any taxes and other dues on Nigerian nationals living in the zone; and

(f) take every necessary measure to protect Nigerian nationals living in the zone from any harassment or harm.

Article 4

Annex I and the map contained in Annex II to this agreement shall constitute an integral part thereof.

No part of this agreement shall be interpreted as a renunciation by Cameroon of its sovereignty over any part of its territory.

Article 5

This agreement shall be implemented in good faith by the parties, with the good offices of the secretary-general of the United Nations, if necessary, and shall be witnessed by the United Nations, the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America.

Article 6

1. A follow-up committee to monitor the implementation of this agreement is hereby established. It shall be composed of representatives of Cameroon, Nigeria, the United Nations and the witness States. The committees shall monitor the implementation of the agreement by the parties with the assistance of the United Nations observers of the Mixed Commission.

2. The follow-up committee shall settle any dispute regarding the interpretation and implementation of this agreement.

3. The activities of the follow-up committee shall cease at the end of the period of the special transitional regime provided for in paragraph 4 of annex I to this agreement.

Article 7

This agreement shall in no way be construed as an interpretation or modification of the judgment of the International Court of Justice of 10 October 2002, for which the agreement only sets out the modalities of implementation.

Article 8

This agreement is concluded in English and French, both texts being equally authentic.

Done at Greentree, New York, on 12 June 2006

For the Republic of Cameroon: Paul Biya, President

For the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Olusegun Obasanjo, President: Olusengun Obasanjo


For the United Nations: Kofi Ata Annan

For the Federal Republic of Germany: H.E. Gunter Pleuger

For the United States of America: H.E. Fakie Sanders

For the French Republic: H.E. Michel Duclos

For the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — H.E. Koren Pierce