Sunday, June 26, 2016

Musa Shey Nfor Re-elected CamCCUL President

Bafoussam, Cameroon—The president of the Bamenda Police Co-operative Credit Union Limited (BAPCCUL), Musa Shey Nfor has been overwhelmingly re-elected as president of the Board of Directors of the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League (CamCCUL).
Musa Shey Nfor

Musa’s mandate was renewed at the 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Micro Finance Institution in Bafoussam on Saturday June 25, 2016 as he garnered 146 of the 148 valid votes cast.

Speaking prior to his election, the incumbent CamCCUL president thanked the government as well as international and local development partners for choosing the MFI as a principal credible agent in poverty reduction at the grassroots.

He said the network is growing despite challenges, noting that while the credit unions are "using ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) for modernization, enemies of progress have developed and are using ABMs ( Automatic Blackmailing Machines) which consist of Rumour Harams aimed at spreading falsehood to create panic.”

Musa however rejoiced that CamCCUL has surmounted such challenges and changed senseless divisions into meaningful unity and solidarity through inclusive proximity financial services for members nationwide.

“From Batoufam, Kolofata, Meyong-Messala, Munyenge, Baatesing, Fura-Awa, Victoria, Garoua-Boulai, Nwa, Oku, Mora Mvondou…, CamCCUL network is making the difference,” Musa said calling on government to put in place accelerated, protected and truly simple loan recovery procedures for credit unions.

Performance Indicators

Musa was confident that if such loan recovery measures are put in place, it will “check the unfortunate attitude of those who borrow big from small credit unions, refuse to pay, but prefer to fight them using big means.”

On behalf of the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT), the national director of the Sub Project for Poverty Reduction at the Grassroots (SPRPB-2), Bopda Florence said through CamCCUL the Ministry has been able to reach out to over 200 groups.

The General Assembly also adopted the league’s five-year development plan which amongst other things aims to improve on the measurement of performance indicators.

“That is one of the exigencies which we are very happy because all our international and national partners and the government ministries such as MINFI, MINADER, MINEPAT…which have given us the project want that we should continue along this line which has given us the credibility,” the reelected CamCCUL president said of the plan.

“Secondly, there is the chronic issue of loan delinquency, which is a national phenomenon and together with the government through the Ministry of Finance that is the key challenging area that we are going to tackle,” Musa added.

In an earlier address, West Regional Governor, Awa Fonka Augustine who chaired the opening ceremony of the AGM hailed CamCCUL for its poverty alleviation drive.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi with jottings from The Eye

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Young African Leaders Initiative: What NUDP Youth Leader, Ndansi Will Tell Obama

Yaounde, Cameroon—Among the one thousand of Africa’s most promising young leaders, representing all 49 sub-Saharan countries who are taking part in this year’s Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders in America is Ndansi Elvis Nukam from Cameroon.
Ndansi at the Cameroon presidency, he is one of the 1000 YALI 2016 fellows

Ndansi and his twenty-three other peers from President Biya’s country arrived the US Friday last week for a six-week intensive academic and leadership course focused on Business and Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership, or Public Management. He will be at the Wagner College of New York, one of the 36 institutions of higher education in the United States hosting the fellows.

He’s the only Cameroonian among the twenty-six fellows at the institution and will be upgrading his skills in civic leadership.

The youth leader said he is in America to hone skills and learn best practices which he will implement back home to create lasting change not only among young people but also to underprivileged communities in his home country.

“It’s amazing to see the different things that each of us here do. There are not so great but little things that are done in extraordinary ways with passion,” Ndansi said by phone from New York after meeting his course mates.

 Their stay in the US will culminate in a Presidential Summit with the White House tenant in Washington, DC. But what will he tell President Obama at the meeting if given the opportunity?

“I will first let him know he has inspired lots of youths in Africa and around the world that everything is possible if only you believe in yourself. I will also let him know that youths of Cameroon and Africa atlarge say Yes We Can! Yes we can become presidents, yes we can become the biggest entrepreneurs, yes we can become the best public managers and we need his support,” Ndansi said.
Ndansi is the lone Cameroonian among the 26 fellows at Wagner College

Ndansi Elvis Nukam has been working in the domain of community health for over eight years, and has a key interest in providing basic health care to under-served communities in Cameroon.

Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, the PhD candidate in Health Economic Policy and Management hopes to expand the activities of Unite for Health Foundation, his NGO by opening micro-clinics in many more under-served communities in Cameroon in order to provide basic health care and reduce maternal mortality.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

WICUDA Yaounde Scrounges Over FCFA 6M For Cultural Complex

Yaounde, Cameroon—The Yaounde chapter of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association (WICUDA) has raised over FCFA 6million for the completion of the organization’s cultural complex under construction at the Oyom-Abang neighborhood, south of the capital city.

The money was collected at a fundraising at the uncompleted cultural complex last Sunday June 12, 2016.

The Wimbum people who have as common denominator the limbum language are from Ndu and Nkambe sub divisions of Donga-Mantung Division in the North West Region.

But according to the chairperson of the WICUDA Yaounde fundraising, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines Industries and Technological Development, just like every north westerner is called “a Bamenda man,” everybody from Donga Mantung is referred to as “a Nkambe man.”

The Donga Mantung Division which has five subdivisions—Ako, Misaje, Ndu Nkambe and Nwa used to be referred to in the colonial days as the Nkambe Division, thus according to Dr Calistus Gentry, “we are one people.”

The chairman who launched the fund raising with FCFA 2 million lauded the Wimbum people whom he described as hardworking.

“I want to commend the Wimbum people for their hard work, I expect the rest of the Division to copy the example of the Wimbum people,” Dr Calistus Gentry said.

Like the chairperson, Hon Awudu Mbaya, Member of Parliament for Nkambe central who launched the funds collection with FCFA 1 million said he was glad with the massive turnout of invitees.

“This is the kind of solidarity we should have not only amongst the Wimbum people but the whole division,” Hon Awudu said as he urged the chairperson to always invite his colleagues; members of government to “come and play njangi” each time he is called to chair such an event.
Symbol of unity and power
The immediate past president of WICUDA Yaounde and coordinator of the complex project, Nfor Lazarus Bungong explained that the structure will host ceremonial halls, a lodge for Wimbum traditional rulers, a museum for the exhibition of Wimbum cultural artifacts, a limbum language center and an information center.

In an earlier welcome address, the president of WICUDA Yaounde, Ngwatu Emmanuel was all praises to the initiator of the project, Ma Shey Patu who he said, “we are only building on a foundation she laid.”

He said the complex upon completion will be a symbol of unity and power of Wimbum people in the nation’s capital. “It will be source of identity and pride for all of us. It will attract tourists, researchers and all who want to know about our culture.”

On behalf of the association, the president promised supporters of the project that WICUDA shall be accountable to them. “We will endeavor to give you a monthly progress report on the complex.”

Quoting Anne Frank, the WICUDA Yaounde president encouraged all to give towards the project for “no one has ever become poor by giving. You will not become poor because you gave to the completion of the WICUDA complex,” Ngwatu Emmanuel said.

Though the association targeted FCFA 17 million, Ngwatu Emmanuel told this reporter at the end of the event that he was happy for what was raised at the first phase.

“We tasked our village meetings to each contribute at least FCFA 50,000 and we have about 30 village meetings in Yaounde. When they will bring-in their contributions, plus the money that has been coming in, we will be at about 9 million,” the WICUDA Yaounde president said.

Other chief launchers of the fundraising included (not limited to), Simon Tamfu, Dr Richard Tantoh, Dr Bawe Mohamadou, Hon Ngala Esther and Bungong Lazarus.

Monday, June 13, 2016

NUDP Youth President, Ndansi Elvis to Meet Obama

Yaounde, Cameroon—The national youth president of the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) party, Ndansi Elvis Nukam is amongst 24 Cameroonian youth selected by the USA to participate in this year's Young African Leaders Initiative/Mandela Washington Fellows Program (YALI/MWF).
2016 YALI Fellows pose with DCM of the US Embassy in Yaounde (Embassy Website) 

The fellowship is the flagship programme of President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative and a key component of his commitment to invest in the future of Africa.

The 2016 fellows selected from nine of the ten regions of Cameroon will join the list of many other Cameroonians who have benefited from the programme which began in 2014.

They will be posted to hosting colleges and universities in the US in diverse disciplines for a six-week intensive programme on academic excellence and leadership, focusing on business and entrepreneurship, civic leadership, public management, and renewable energy.

Their stay in the US will culminate in a Presidential Summit with the White House tenant in Washington, DC.

“Make the most of this opportunity, learn from the contacts whom you will meet in Washington, D.C. and the academic institutions you have been assigned to, and also offer the best representation for Cameroon, teach the American people about Cameroonian values and about what makes this nation, its cultural heritage, and potential special,” deputy chief of mission at the US Embassy in Yaounde, Matthew D. Smith urged the fellows.

The White House developed the initiative in recognition of the critical and increasing role young Africans were playing in strengthening democratic institutions.

Below is a list of the 24 Cameroonian young leaders selected for the fellowship this year:
1)     Arrey Lyonga
2)     Elvis Nukam Ndansi
3)     Epamba Tuwa
4)     Goddy Epie Ngene
5)     Guillaume Olivier Madiba
6)     Jean Pierre Bandoukeli Boep
7)     Lazare Songue Momisse
8)     Lorretta Ntui
9)     Luma Likanjo
10)Mohamadou Aminou
11)Yufenyuy Emmanuel
12)Nkembeteck Nkwa
13)Pascal Nchumuluh
14)Rabiatou Ahmadou
15)Stephanie Epiliki
16)Lilian Ngwongem Ngwana Epse Banmi
17)Vumomsi Vutumu
18)Nde Tawembe Daniel Duplex
19)Adidja Amani
20)Ethel Tebid
21)Dopgima Guelleu
22)Kyeng Tetuh
23)Rita Zaumu

24)Theresa Morfaw Fonjia

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Militant Group Tells Nigerian Gov’t: Reclaim Bakassi from Cameroon or we will resort to violence

Militant group known as Bakassi Strike Force has called on the Federal Government to reclaim the ceded Bakassi Peninsular from Cameroon or it would be forced to take up arms.

The group in a boat-display, brandishing all kinds of weapons on Friday at Esighi axis of Bakassi, in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State lamented the neglect of Bakassi people by the Federal Government and other local and international stakeholders.

Speaking during the display, leader of the group, General Simple also known as Humble Lion said the people of Cross River and Akwa Ibom states have been sidelined by the Federal Government in the amnesty programme.

According to Simple, “The Bakassi Strike Force is an indigenous group made up of youths from Akwa Ibom and Cross River states, totalling 642 foot soldiers.

“You will agree with me that Akwa Ibom and Cross River states are part of the Niger Delta region, yet we have been completely sidelined from the amnesty scheme and other empowerment programmes for the youth of the area.

“Yet it will interest you to note that it is in Obubra, Cross River State that the team of Niger Delta militants was hosted, when states such as Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Edo and Ondo refused to host the rehabilitation camp for the militants.

The group accused the Federal Government of ceding the oil rich Bakassi to Cameroon, stressing that the indigenes and habitants were not consulted before the area was ceded.

“To make matters worse, after taking over our land, the Cameroonian forces began to harass and molest our people. They even levied us with heavy taxes which became entirely unbearable.

“Therefore, when it became obvious after several petitions that the federal and state governments were not ready to protect us and even the United Nations, we invited our Ijaw brothers who were already in the arms struggle to resist the Cameroonian operatives, but unfortunately, they embraced Federal Government amnesty programme when it was offered and abandoned us.

“As indigenous youths, we have no other option than rise to defend and defend ourselves from the operations and injustice from the Cameroonian forces. The Federal Government should reclaim Bakassi from Cameroon,” he added.

By Daily Post, Nigeria

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pioneer Limbum Dictionary Published

Yaounde, Cameroon—As part of efforts to promote the learning and standardization of the Limbum language, the “Limbum-English Dictionary and English-Limbum Index,” was published in 2015 by the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium. The author, Francis Wepngong Ndi, a linguist, studied at the then University of Yaounde and in The Netherlands.

The 418-page work contains about 6,083 main entries, an index of over 5,900 English items and 7,500 Limbum items. There is also a pronunciation guide, the Limbum alphabet, consonants, vowels and tones, and alphabetical order of tones and rare contour tones.

The dictionary entries include headwords, phonetic forms, source language, parts of speech, meaning, plural forms of nouns and noun class information. Others are verbal extensions, variant forms, homonyms, multiple senses, sub-entry, notes, example sentences and cross references.

There is also a rich bibliography and appendices on orthography and Mbum place names.

According to Francis Wepngong, earlier versions of Limbum dictionaries were lexicons, and thus not elaborate. There was therefore need to go deep, analyze Limbum grammar and set standards for reading and writing the language, he explained.

The “Limbum-English Dictionary and English-Limbum Index” is the first elaborate Limbum book with new grammar findings and pronominal uses, the author points out. Parts of speech have been covered and names of animals, trees and insects common in the Grassfields region of Cameroon have been included.

The writing of the dictionary lasted from 2002-2015, with eight Limbum native speakers providing their inputs. Francis Wepngong Ndi says the work is intended for Limbum learners and researchers and those interested in other Grassfield languages.

The dictionary which is the first elaborate work on the language costs 17,500 FCFA, but the plans to acquire reprinting rights from the Belgian publishers for the work to be reproduced locally at cheaper cost.

Limbum has more than 750,000 speakers, mostly in Ndu and Nkambe Subdivisions of Donga-Mantung Division in the North West Region. The language consists of three significant dialects, with the differences being mainly phonological, thus not affecting intelligibility.

Culled from Cameroon Tribune