Tuesday, April 5, 2016

NUDP National Youth President, Ndansi Elvis Ties Nuptial Knot

Mbengwi, Cameroon—The conference hall of the Bamenda II council was almost filled to the brim with family and friends who had banded to witness an époque-changing event in the lives of Christabel and Elvis Ndansi last Saturday April 2, 2016.
'....,take this ring as a sign of my love for you,' Chris tells Elvis

Then at a little over 20minutes behind schedule, a black Pathfinder jeep leading a long convoy cruised into the council court. Onboard was the national youth president of the NUDP party, Elvis Ndansi whose outfit of the day spoke volumes.

A couple of minutes later, a well decorated red Toyota jeep drove into the council vicinity. Saluted by shouts of joy from family, friends and other well-wishers, Christabel Kah alighted to join Elvis Ndansi in the hall.
Ndansi carries "his burden"

And that was the beginning of Chris & Elvis’s journey into a new world; that of a couple!

After having counseled the couple-to-be, the officiating mayor asked, “…polygamy or monogamy?” then the groom smiled, looked at the bride loving and sublimely answered, “monogamy”

In a declaration that was followed by a thunderous round of applause, the bride said “I, Kah Christabel Tamufor take thee, Ndansi Elvis Nukam, to be my lawfully wedded husband…, take this ring as a sign of my love for you.”

The marriage rituals then culminated in the statement by the presiding mayor; “I therefore declare you husband and wife. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ndansi.”

A photo session and a reception at Ayaba Hotel put an end to first part of the wedding and paved the way for ‘the real thing’ that took place in Ngyen Mbo, Mbengwi.
Ndansi to Chris: "take this ring as a sign of my love for you"

Though most of the discussions between the bride and groom’s families were behind closed doors, highly sought-after radio talk show host, Jator Richard Tonga of Radio Hot Cocoa Bamenda and The Guardian Post’s Yaounde city report, cum staff delegate, Mua Patrick who co-emceed the traditional wedding served guests with the same expertise they are reputed for.

The head of the bride’s family will then come and announce the end of their in camera session at a time the groom was ‘declared missing.’

With a cup of wine in hand and dancing to the tune of a well selected traditional music, Christabel who was accompanied launched a search and finally found Elvis to whom she handed the cup of wine after sipping….
Mr. and Mrs. Ndansi minutes after the signing their marriage

Chris & Elvis’s guests were later thrilled to a live performance by several artistes amongst who were Ateh Bazor, Kibungla Siprano, Bob Gala Didier, Bob Ben etc.

One of the artistes (whose name I will not dare mention) almost forgot his own lyrics as the bride and groom joined him on stage with bank notes.

Happy Matrimony!