Friday, February 28, 2014

CPDM Millitants Urged to Consolidate September 30, 2013 Victory

Cross section of CPDM militants at the meeting
(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The CPDM section president for Donga Mantung I, Nkambe, Taa’Nformi Ngala Gerard has called on the population and particularly his party’s militants of  the Nkambe municipality to support, pray and have confidence in the mayor, Ngabir Paul Bantar as he pilots the affairs of the municipality.
The section president was speaking during the Donga Mantung I-CPDM section executive meeting that took place at the Nkambe community hall recently.
Addressing participants at the meeting that brought together section, sub-sections and branch executives, Mr. Ngala said the CPDM party is now very open to recruit as many militants as possible. He urged the local party officials of Donga Mantung I, Nkambe to work hard to conscript more militants, fill the vacancy positions in the various sub sections and branches “so that in the next elections, the CPDM will not only win in Nkambe like we did in 2013, but win by a crushing Majority”.
The section president congratulated both old and new militants for their hard work before, during and after the September 30, 2013 elections-an election in which the party won in Nkambe.
“Campaign time is over, elections have come and gone. We won, but there is work to do and all should go back to work”, Mr. Ngala advised militants. He cautioned his militants against mouth slandering and urged them to be focused on their work.

CPDM won the battle not the war!
According the Lord Mayor of the Nkambe council, “the CPDM won the battle but not the war”. Mr. Ngabir Paul Bantar told the Donga Mantung I-Nkambe CPDM local party officials that “51% winning is not comfortable; we have to win with about 75% to have won the war”.
Politically, the Mayor said, the Chinese have benefited more from the SDF Member of Parliament for Nkambe, considering the campaign materials he purchased during the last twin elections.
Reacting to his months spent in office, the Mayor said though the period has been that of acquaintance, they have not been sleeping. He cited some projects amongst which was the over FCFA 100 million road works maintenance.
He announced that the contractor for the tarring of some streets in Nkambe also reported at the council office and will start work soon, the construction of a modern market in Nkambe will also start soon, amongst others.
In an exchange session that ensued, local CPDM party officials in Nkambe advocated for the separation of the Nkambe constituency from Ndu amongst many other challenges.
By Marcel Abanda in Nkambe

NBA Member Countries Urged to Honour Financial Obligations

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Meeting in an extraordinary session in Ndjamena, Chad in May 2012, member states of the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) were unanimous that their financial contributions to the establishment should be paid latest June 30, 2013. This engagement has however not been respected.
The executive secretary of NBA, Nigerian-born Major General Collins Ihekire has said this non-respect of financial engagements by NBA member countries has caused financial difficulties for the authority. “Non-payment of contributions by member states is recurrent, whereas we cannot continue depending only on our financial and technical partners”
General Ihekire was speaking at the opening of the 32nd ordinary session of the council of ministers of the NBA in Yaounde on Friday, November 29.
The Yaounde session was held against a backdrop of climate change, international crises, sub-regional conflicts, food insecurity, poverty and unemployment.
Cameroon’s Prime Minister and Head of Government who represented the President of the Republic at the opening and closing ceremonies called on member countries to honour their financial contributions. He said such contributions will enable the Authority carry out the Niger River Basin Sustainable Development Action Plan (SDAP).
At the end of the session, member states through their representatives resolved to honour their financial engagements so as to attain the sustainable development action plan of the basin.
Focal Ministers will take back NBA financial demands of their countries to their various parliaments so that it could be integrated into national budgets, the executive secretary told reporters.
In order to bring the organization closer to the local citizens so as to better address their needs, General Ihekire told the press that the ministers also adopted the Memorandum of Understanding on the operationalization of NBA National Focal Structures and another Memorandum of Understanding on the operationalization of National Coordinating Units and Regional Coordinating Units of the users of the Natural Resources of the Niger Basin.
Besides some 13 resolutions, NBA member states also adopted a communication plan.
The 33rd session which will take place in Niamey, Niger in 2014 will culminate in the golden jubilee celebration of the body and the laying of the foundation stone of its headquarters.
The NBA has as mission to foster cooperation among member countries and ensure the integrated development of the Niger Basin in all areas including energy, water supply, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and fish farming as well as logging, transport and communication for the 160 million people in the basin.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi in Yaounde

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reunification Celebration: NUDP Shakes Buea

Ndansi (in suits), leading NUDP Youths-Feb. 11
(NewsWatch Cameroon)-After about 20 years, the National Union for Democracy and progress, NUDP, once again showed itself in Buea during two key events recently; namely, the 48th National Youth Day and the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Reunification of Cameroon.
On both events the party unarguably stole the show when its hundreds of militants marched past dignitaries at the independence square.
Clad in their party T-shirts, the NUDP militants on 11 and 20 February, respectively filed past, under the leadership of their National Youth President, Ndansi Elvis Nukam.
They marched past amid thunderous applause given that it was the first time since 1992 that the party had shown its colours in the Southwest Regional capital, Buea.
It should be recalled that during the 1992 legislative elections, the NUDP, under the able leadership of its National President, Minister Bello Bouba Maigari, swept 13 out of the 15 Parliamentary seats in the Southwest, taking many political observers aback.
Since then, the party suddenly went comatose in the Region. In Fako Division specifically, the NUDP has of late been vibrant only in Tiko where they contested last year’s municipal and legislative elections of 30th September.
Thus, the young and dynamic Ndansi Elvis of the youth wing of the party told reporters after the march past on 11th February in Buea that their intension is to re-establish and reactivate the party in the entire Southwest. He went on that his plan was to make the party vibrant in each of the 31 sub divisions of the Region.
Ndansi Elvis, it would be recalled, contested the 30th September legislative elections in his native Ako/Misaje constituency in the Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region on the NUDP ticket but luck did not smile on him.
Culled and edited from Eden Newspaper N°832 of Feb. 24, 2014-As reported by McDonald Ayang

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reunification Celebration: NUDP Youth President to Meet Biya in Buea

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-On the sidelines of the celebration of the golden jubilee of Cameroon’s reunification in Buea on February 20, 2014, President Paul Biya will grant audiences to actors of the reunification and representatives of some political parties.
Amongst those to be received by the Head of state in Buea, this reported has learnt is the National Youth president of the National Union for Democracy and Progress and Progress (NUDP), Ndansi Elvis Nukam who is his party’s coordinator of militants’ participation at the reunification celebration in Buea.
Quizzed on what he will tell the head of state in Buea, Mr. Ndansi said “I would tell him that he needs youths in his government to provide the steam needed for the engine that will lead Cameroon to emergence”.
Reacting to why he has been chosen by his party to coordinate his party’s participation at the reunification jubilee celebration, Mr. Ndansi opined that “as National Youth President, I am an authority in the party and also the fact that I hail from the Anglophone part of the country”.
In the meantime, President Paul Biya and wife Chantal will arrive Buea this Tuesday February 18 for an official visit to the Southwest region. On Thursday February 20, 2014, Mr. Biya will preside over activities marking the belated 50th anniversary of Cameroon’s reunification.
In a press conference in Yaounde last week, the Minister of Communication revealed that the government has spent over CFA 35 billion francs on projects in preparation for the 50th anniversary. He reported that contractors have completed their projects and Buea town is ready and fit to receive the President and his wife.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi in Yaounde

Thursday, February 13, 2014

National Youth Day 2014: Youth Council Decry Marginalization, Menace strike Action

They Almost Disrupted Youth Day Activities
(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The celebration of the 48th edition of the National Youth Day in Nkambe, the administrative headquarters of the Donga Mantung Division almost took place without the youths.
Accordingly, before the arrival of the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung to the Fon Nfor Ibrahim Jabfu grandstand, youths from the subdivision had mobilized to disrupt activities on grounds that the neither the Divisional nor the sub divisional president of the Cameroon National Youth Council in that part of the country was recognized by the organizers of the activities.
This scene almost led to a pandemonium, until the CNYC divisional president for Donga Mantung, Mr. Marcel Abanda intervene and called on them to perform their civic duties in all serenity promising them that they were going to see into their grievances after the march pass.
Thus, upon the arrival of the SDO, the national Anthem was sung which was followed by a rebroadcast of the Head of State’s address to the youths on the occasion, then march pass proper began.
Pupils from some 14 Nursery and 23 Primary schools opened the march pass that was followed by their seniors from some 7 colleges. The colorful march pass ceremony that earned rounds of applauds from onlookers and the grandstand was closely followed by youths of the CNYC led its Divisional president and those from a host of professional institutions, youth groups and associations with those of the youth wing of the CPDM party ending.
It was not just about march pass and dancing , some youths, youth groups were awarded cash and material prizes for their active involvement in the youth day activities since from the day the activities were launched.
In a gala night at the CamCCUL hall to crown the 48th National Youth Day in Nkambe, the SDO, Mr. Ngone Ndodemessape Bernard who chaired the activities expressed satisfaction with the successful organization of the day and congratulated the youths for their massive turnout and participation.

Council Executives Face the Press

Shortly after the official activities at the grandstand, the Divisional President of the Cameroon National Youth Council for Donga Mantung, Mr. Marcel Abanda who was accompanied by his predecessor, Mr. Julius Tata Nfor and the Nkambe communal branch president of the council gave a press briefing in which they decried the marginalization of the council by the administration.
Talking to the press, Mr. Abanda appreciated the youths of Donga Mantung for their active participation in the youth week and youth day activities in all the centers of the Division.
The Donga Mantung CNYC president told media men and women that they called the press conference to express their discontent with the administration of the Division.
“We cannot understand why we are celebrating a youth day and elected youth representatives and the institutions they incarnate are not given the status they merit”, Mr. Abanda wondered. He explained that neither the CNYC Divisional president nor the communal president for Nkambe had a place at the grandstand.
 Answering questions from journalists, Mr. Abanda said “it was because there was no seat for the institution in charge of the youth that I was missing in the crowd”. The Divisional President made it clearly that, since the creation of the CNYC, this has never happen in the Donga Mantung.
The pioneer president of the CNYC for Donga Mantung, Mr. Julius Tata told the press that during his reign, the administrators then will not seat if they don’t see the youth representative in his rightful position. “I was in the entourage of the past SDO during his meet the peoples tours, but I don’t know what is happening today”, Mr. Julius Tata.
Mr. Abanda used the press briefing to thank some elite of the division who supported them since the launching of the youth day activities in Wum by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, to the day proper.
By McDonald Kanjo in Nkambe

Nkambe MP Congratulates Journalists for Unethical Practice?

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The legal but illegitimate Member of Parliament for Nkambe Central, Hon. Awudu Cyprian Mbaya was in Bamenda on Sunday, January 26, 2014 to congratulate journalists who ‘stood by him’ before, during and after the September 30, 2013 legislative elections by reporting the contrary of what transpired between the people of Nkambe and his hire thugs.
Hon. Awudu

The ‘congratulation ceremony’ this reporter learnt was on the sideline of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the leading opposition party, the SDF; which the MP was one of the attendees.
During the ceremony at the Bamenda Mondial Hotel, some seven Bamenda based press men were compensated each with the sum of FCFA 50.000 for "a job well done", after a hectic wining.
In what political observers described as inability to make a proper balance sheet of his 17 years in office as the people’s representative, Hon. Awudu during the campaigns employed the services of his wife and entire family to engage in verbal bombs and salacious language with the objective of intimidating opponent and his massive followers.
Besides them, the lefty parliamentarian imported and employed six thugs and militia men, probably castrated and trained as weight lifters to try to repel the increasingly enthusiastic pressure by the masses.
Worthy of note is the fact that that these thugs all of francophone origin were people trained to beat, dislocate body parts of innocent natives like the inhabitants of Ndu/Nkambe constituency.
It is equally understood that the thugs had daily rental rates that vary with respect to the eventfulness of the day. This is to say, the number of persons beaten and the magnitude of injury and body parts dislocation effected; the more such events, the higher the pay and take home for the day. This explains why the motivation to beat and inflict proper injury the natives is ever on the increase.
But the pressmen who were being celebrated in Bamenda deprived the community of the activities of these thugs.
It should be recalled that one of the unexpected results at the September 30, 2013 municipal and legislative elections in Cameroon was recorded in Nkambe, chief town of the Donga Mantung Division.
Since the advent of multiparty politics in Cameroon, the leading opposition party in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) of Ni John Fru Ndi has been enjoying political hegemony in that municipality. But tables turned unprecedentedly following the outcome of the elections with the ruling CPDM beating the SDF pants down.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi in Yaounde

Has Fru Ndi Returned to Meet TB Joshua?

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF National Chairman made his last public appearance during the funeral of Bobe Yong Francis on February 01 and 02, 2014. Since then, the SDF chieftain’s whereabouts are unknown.
Where is Fru Ndi?

The Cameroon leading opposition party chairman was conspicuously absent during the official enthronement of Fon Tamukum II of Bambili last Friday February 07, 2014. He was however represented by Pa Joseph Atekwana and Hon. Evaristus Njong; Northwest SDF chair.
Observers were quick to question why the SDF chieftain wasn’t in Bambili in person, more so as he was very conspicuous during the enthronement of the new Fon of Nkwen.
Is the chairman ill? Has he travelled abroad or has gone back to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos Nigeria? These were some of the quizzical questions posed by varied observers, perturbed by the absence of the SDF chairman.
Though by press time Ntarikon (Fru Ndi’s residential quarter) sources remained mute, this reporter learnt that Fru Ndi’s sudden absence may not be unconnected to the other preoccupations. It is however unclear whether he had undertaken another trip to the SCOAN in Lagos.
Worthy to note that, after Chronicle Newspaper announced Fru Ndi’s appearance over Emmanuel TV in the Synagogue in Lagos, the Chairman admitted having gone there.
During a meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the SDF in Bamenda, Fru Ndi explained why he met TB Joshua. He said, it was not his first time to be in Lagos and announced that he would still go there and to other men of God especially in South Africa. This he said, is in a bid to urge them to pray for Cameroon, which is at the brink of an explosion.
With no public announcement about his whereabouts therefore gives another room for speculations about where he might have gone to. (Affaire a suivre…)
Culled and Edited from ‘Chronicle Newspaper’ N°.379- Story by Tegha Otega

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wum: Priest, Traditionalists Battle Over Corpse at Funeral

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Tongues are still wagging amongst the inhabitants of Wum in the Menchum Division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon after a Catholic priest stormed the king’s palace and carted away the corpse of one of his deceased parishioners who also happened to be the wife of the King.
This reporter gathered that Suzanna Ngie, inherited wife of King Bahmbi III died in Limbe and her mortal remains were to be buried at the Zonghokwo (King Bahmbi’s) palace.
According to the funeral program, a funeral mass was supposed to hold at St. Martin De Porres Church, Wum but traditional authorities had an entirely different agenda. When the corpse arrived Wum on January 3, 2014, at midday, three hours behind schedule and as the program indicated, it was first taken to her family compound in Naikom village for viewing and animation. Instead of leaving for St. Martin’s Church where Father Janvier and mass co-celebrants had been waiting since 9am, grave diggers from Naikom made a dramatic arrival at the late woman’s family compound and carted the corpse straight to Naikom Palace for traditional rites and burial.
On learning this mischief, Father Janvier, accompanied by his co-celebrants in a parish Hilux stormed Zonghokwo Palace, stopped the traditional rites in process with King Bahmbi looking on and carried the corpse to the Church where a funeral mass was conducted immediately.
Addressing the hundreds of mourners during the funeral mass, the priest said prayers and not traditional rites can better ensure the entry of a departed person’s soul into heaven. This view contradicts that of the Aghem traditionalists who believe strongly that the spirits of dead persons go to join the ancestors and not angels and saints in heaven. This explains why traditional were still performed on Suzanna Ngie’s corpse when Father Janvier brought it back to the King’s Palace after the funeral service.
While many Christians hailed the man of God for upholding the teachings of the Bible and for his courage in defying Naikom traditional authorities, his critics saw a mercenary motive in his action.
Soma pagans claimed the Rev. Father was simply craving for the money usually paid by family members before a funeral mass is conducted-a claim many Catholics would just laugh over.
Culled from ‘Menchum Voice’. Story by Ebua Kankem-February 2014.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

National Youth Day 2014: NUDP Pulls Unprecedented Crowd in Buea

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-For close to 20 years now, militants of the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) party have been conspicuously absent from within the political circles in Buea. But with the coming of Ndansi Elvis Nukam at the helm of the youth wing of the party, things seem to be taking a new twist.
Ndansi (in suits) Leading the Youths of his Party

As if to say the party is coming back strongly, over 500 militants of the party marched pass the ground stand at the Buea independent square during the 48th edition of the National Youth Day today February 11, 2014.
The participation of the NUDP in Buea took place in the presence of the national youth president of the party, Ndansi Elvis Nukam who himself took part in the march pass.
The involvement of the NUDP party in the 48th edition of the National Youth Day in Buea did not only send steering signals to other political parties, but as well rekindled memories of the 1992 legislative and municipal elections in which the party grasped 13 out of the 15 parliamentary seats in the Southwest Province at the time.
Talking to the press shortly after the march pass, a visibly satisfied Ndansi Elvis said his mission to Buea was in two folds.
First to give hope to his militants and the public that Buea is part of the party’s plans to spread its tentacles across the national territory. He equally noted that Buea can never be neglected within the activities of the party given its enormous contributions during the latter’s early days.
He enjoined militants to be steadfast and point-focused as sections of the party will be re-organized in the months ahead throughout Buea sub division (Molyko, Buea town, Muea, Soppo, Mile 16, Bogongo and Bokwango).
The NUDP national youth president equally disclosed that he was bearer of a special message from the NUDP National chieftain, H.E. Bello Bouba Maigari which is that of peace and unity calling on militants to remain united “for united we stand, divided we fall”, he told the Buea populace.
Reacting to speculations that his visit was in line with the upcoming celebrations to mark 50 years of Cameroon’s reunification built for Buea, Ndansi was on the affirmative, and said he was equally in Buea to prepare his militants who will be part of that memorable event.
Responding to questions on the Head of State’s address to the youths on the occasion of the 48th edition of the National Youth Day, Mr Ndansi expressed satisfaction with issues raised in the speech, concluding that the speech was inspirational to the Cameroon youths who must emulate the vision of the president of the republic; that of transforming Cameroon into an emerging nation by 2035.
He then appealed on government and the head of state in particular to appoint more youths in his central government in order to give them an upper hand in decision making in the country. 
Activities to mark the 48th edition of the National Youth Day in Buea took place under the aegis of the Southwest Regional chief executive, Bernard Okalia Bernard.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi, on assignment in Buea.

Monday, February 10, 2014

National Youth Day Address: Paul Biya Promises Creation of Over 250.000 New Jobs in 2014

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The President of the Republic has assured the youth about the progress of the country and the continuous efforts of the Government to provide jobs and other opportunities that will provide them with better living conditions. In the traditional Youth Day speech, President Paul BIYA also called on the youths to emulate the example of those who fought for the independence and reunification of the country so that future generations can have enough food to eat, live in decent houses and have access to good medical attention. (See full address below)
My dear young compatriots, 
Last year, under the same circumstances, I told you that I was aware of your doubts and worries about an uncertain future. But I added that we had reason to hope and that, to me, the country’s prospects seemed brighter.
Recent trends in employment statistics seem to bear me out.
The 2013 forecasts for new jobs stood at 200 000. The number of jobs actually created was about 12% higher, reaching nearly 225 000. Private enterprises in various sectors, alone, provided 165 000 jobs. For its part, the Administration, through its different branches, provided 60 000 jobs.
Higher targets have been set for 2014. With the possible increase in the country’s growth rate, we hope to create more than 250 000 new jobs. Of course, this will not benefit only the youth. However, one can surmise that they will be the main beneficiaries.
This vision stems from a logical analysis of the situation of our economy which is expected to grow by about 5% in the coming months. In this regard, I expressed my view a few weeks ago. I still believe that we can do better. I am strongly convinced that we will.
My dear young compatriots,
In this race for growth which, in 20 years, should set our country on the path to economic emergence, you have a vital role, a crucial role to play. 
In the coming years, who will build our:
-major energy, agricultural and industrial projects; 
-road, port and aviation infrastructure;  
-water supply and electricity distribution works; 
-thousands of low-cost houses; 
-hospitals and health centres; 
-primary and secondary schools and universities? 
You, of course, my dear compatriots.
Therefore, you should right now start preparing yourselves seriously for this task, whether in primary school, secondary school or university. We need and will need thousands of skilled workers, qualified technicians, excellent engineers, competent accountants and salespersons, and so on. Our educational system at its different levels had already opted for professionalization. We will soon witness its impact, which you will find remarkable.
Those who have already entered the work force and who are practising the trades learned “on the job” will need more training opportunities. As we expect a revival of our economy, we should be capable of meeting the demand for many specialists in various trades. We can no longer be content with supplying mere labourers, leaving the best jobs to others. Such better-trained professionals will join the ranks of craftsmen who are in high demand.
Last year, using the example of motorcycle taxi riders who play an obvious social role, I underscored the need to organize this profession. I am pleased to note that government services, following consultations with stakeholders, have developed a collective mentoring programme. By so doing, motorcycle taxi riders will be able to participate more - and better - in our national development projects.
This programme involves various aspects of this profession, notably training, management and organization. Perhaps this experiment can be replicated in other informal sector activities.
My dear young compatriots,
I equally expressed my concern about the decline in public morality in our country. I deplored the fact that the youth, who are our most valuable asset, our future and the future of our country, have not been spared. I commend Government’s prompt response to this alert through the holding of an international conference on the theme in Yaounde. Its ambitious objective is to “make Cameroon an exemplary country. This objective concerns us all to the utmost level: parents, teachers, religious authorities.
Respect for public morality also means commitment to national integration which is the cement of our Nation. Furthermore, it means attachment to the rules of democracy, a model that we have chosen in order to build a just and cohesive society. This affords me the opportunity to hail the high turnout of the youth in the election of 30 September and the election of some of their peers into the National Assembly and council executives.
I also wish to express my satisfaction with the refocusing of the activities of the National Civic Service for Participation in Development Agency. The new leadership in place should improve the mentoring of the first 6 000 volunteers trained. In this regard, I also wish to recall that in 2013, the Rural and Urban Youth Support Programme with its Youth Socio-economic Integration Project through the Manufacture of Sports Equipment, contributed, through its supervision, to creating 1 000 jobs. These came to add to the 225 000 that I mentioned earlier on.
Regarding the general youth policy, I would like to welcome the election of new executives of the National Youth Council at both the national and local levels. Through these elections, which were conducted satisfactorily, the Cameroonian youth showed that they are part and parcel of our lofty vision which is to make Cameroon an emerging country by 2035. In this respect, the Government has established more than 400 multi-purpose youth promotion centres in subdivisions and divisions. Such mobilization will continue in the months ahead.
My dear young compatriots,
As you can see, things are happening in Cameroon. The momentum is building and it is irreversible. You will be its main actors.
Before concluding, I would like all of us to go fifty to sixty years down memory lane. This is History, you may say. Yes, but perhaps we have not learned all the lessons from it.
During that period of turmoil, those who dreamed of independence and national unity were young people like you. They differed in many respects: ideology, party, strategy and tactics. But the goal was clear: FREEDOM. And many engaged in this struggle putting their lives on the line.
Today, the stakes are different. Although the commitment I expect from you does not require you to make the ultimate sacrifice, it is nonetheless crucial. It is about enabling our country to reach a level of development such that every Cameroonian can: live decently on his work, raise his children properly, and have decent housing and protection from disease.
My young compatriots, such is the task before you.
When, in a few weeks, we celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of Reunification which complements our Independence, I urge you to spare a thought for those who sacrificed their lives for you to be able to live in a society of freedom and progress.
Happy Youth Day to you all.
Long live Cameroonian youth!
Long live Cameroon!

National Youth Day 2014: Kwalar Emmanuel Writes to Ndu Youths


Dear brothers and sisters,
Like every year during the past decades, Ndu subdivision shall join the entire country to celebrate the Youth Day on Tuesday, February 11, 2014. But beyond the festivities and celebrations this year, I will like us to stop for a moment and reflect on the great duty we have as the future of this nation in general and Ndu subdivision in particular. I will like us to renew in an even stronger manner our commitment to building our community and our country. I speak to you not from a high pedestal, but from amongst you-a familiar voice in a familiar place; our challenges are the same and our destiny unique.
This year’s theme; “Youth, Patriotism and the Promotion of National Unity” speaks to us directly, not only because of the allegiance and devotion we owe to our country but moreover because we are called to accept one another, despite our different beliefs and values. We are called to preserve the solidarity and understanding that keeps our land in peace and stability. For at a time when other African countries are torn apart by hate, civic strife, tribal disputes and religious intolerance, ours stands as a nation to show the example of hospitality and tolerance.
From our outstanding history, you all know that every morning we warm the hearts of Cameroonians with our tasty Ndu Tea. Through the Mbaw plain, we are feeding the nation and providing strength to our 20 million brothers and sisters. To add to these, today, our 17 villages can boast of a dynamic young population which has readily taken on the serious challenges of our era. As we celebrate Youth day 2014, time has come for us to rise to the centre and take our place as leaders alongside the rest of the young talents of this blessed country. For to borrow from the great English Statesman, Francis Bacon; “we would be leaders if and only if we move ourselves from where we are to where we can be”.
To get there, we must believe that we are the motor of Cameroon’s development. We must learn English and French and equally deepen our knowledge of the great Wimbum heritage. This means coming together to fight HIV-AIDS, malaria and other great killers of our time. For, it is in this way that a better and greater tomorrow will be guaranteed for you and me. Let us now look to the coming years with hope, armed with the conviction that Cameroon is superior to all other countries just because we were born here! Many more Youth Days will come, many more days to celebrate, but let it be known that our resolve as a generation started on this day and on this land. Together we shall work to make Ndu subdivision a blistering community of hospitality, solidarity and unity so that it takes its rightful place in the temple of development.
May God Bless Us All.
KWALAR B. Emmanuel (Your Brother and Youth from Ndu)