Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Two sisters die in search of mango fruits

Two sisters, Prica, 13 and Emmanuella 8 years old were in search of mango fruits after the torrential rains of Monday June 3 in the Carrier neighborhood in Yaounde when they were carried away by a flooded waterway.

Their mother, madam Kwella who could not find them after the rain immediately informed their father, Police Inspector Kwella Bernard who quickly rushed home to see for himself that his daughters are missing.

An alarm was raised and a neighbor hinted she saw the two in search of mango fruits under the rain around the small river that flows across the Carrier to the Nkolbisson neighborhoods.
The fire fighting brigade of the police was alerted at about 3pm Cameroon time but they arrived at about 6pm and complained it was late and they could only carry the search on Tuesday June 4.

On Tuesday, the police kept their words but hope of the family to see their children again were dashed as the police only recovered their corpses.
The grief-stricken parents are yet to come to terms with the fact that their two children will not be seen again.

On a similar note, inhabitants of the Ngousso neighborhood were shocked by the presence of a lifeless body of a few hours old baby abandoned along the road by an unknown on Tuesday June 4, 2013.

A young girl on her way out discovered the lifeless baby boy and immediately alerted her mother who raised an alarm and neighbors gathered.
Those who rushed to the scene immediately alerted the police who have opened investigations.

Crime is reportedly on the rise in Cameroon’s political capital, Yaounde.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi with input from CRTV

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