Thursday, July 25, 2013

SPORTS: Three Cameroonian Sporting Federations Suspended

Adoum Garoua- Sports & P.E Minister
As Cameroonians rejoice over the lifting of the suspension on its football federation by FIFA, three other Cameroonian sporting federations; boxing, rugby and power lifting have been suspended by their international federations.

According to reports, the International Boxing Association, IBA has suspended Cameroon following what observers describe as inefficiency in the management of its internal affairs.
Prior to the election of its executive early this year, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education has banned the outgone president, Bertrand Mendouga from taking part in the elections. The latter then sent several letters to IBA petitioning the Cameroon government of interfering into the affairs of the federation. These letters are thus at the center of the suspension.
However the current president of the Cameroon Boxing Federation told the state radio that they are doing all to see that the ban is lifted. Justin Tjouem said a general assembly will be called and the statutes of the federation adopted. “From there, we are also going to ask the Minister of Sports to let IBA know what the Cameroon law has decided concerning the election…”
Meanwhile the International Rugby Federation not taking part in international competitions and for not paying the corresponding fines by the international federation.
On it part, the International Power Lifting Federation has suspended Cameroon on grounds that the federation presented non athletes at several international championships. These “athletes” disappeared while abroad.
According the state radio, Power Lifting Federation president, Yaou Calvin has hinted however that he is in contact with officials of the International Power Lifting Federation and in the days ahead, the suspension would be lifted.
The above suspensions come at a time the International Football governing body, FIFA has just lifted a ban on the Cameroon Football Federation.
The Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT was suspended from FIFA organized competitions on  July 4, 2013 following an unhealthy atmosphere that surrounded election of its executives. The said suspension was lifted on July 22.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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