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Ngala Gerard quits bachelorhood, ties nuptial bond with Viannie Tah

Bamenda, Cameroon—The church was filled to the brim by guests who trouped in to witness the wedding of the latest couple in town on Saturday December 20, 2014
The long wait for the ceremony to commence was made short by saintly voices of choristers who thrilled those who had come early.
Groom awaiting bridein Church
It was worth the wait. About thirty minutes behind time, a black land cruiser prado, adorned for the occasion, cruised into the St John Catholic Church, Foncha Street, Bamenda.
The groom, Ngala Gerard, as neat as a new pin, stepped out in the company of the best man, Patrick Ngimndoh. The crowd rose to its feet and joined them as they danced their way to front of the church where they took their seats.
Then the wait for the bride began. Moments later, a brown lexus jeep drove into the precincts of the church. It was carrying the bride Viannie Tah who was draped in an immaculate white gown. In the company of the maid of honour Achidi Ma Neh, the bride took her seat beside the visibly elated groom.
Rev Father Robert T. performing rites of marriage
Gerard and Viannie’s journey into a new world ensued at the St John Catholic church with Reverend Father Robert Tantoh, assistant Secretary General of the National Episcopal Council in Yaounde leading the solemn wedding mass.
After several marriage rituals, the church was thrown in a joyous mood when the groom declared, “I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I, Gerard Ngala, may not be joined in holy matrimony to Viannie Tah”.
In a show of unanimous approval of the union and acceptance to stand by the couple, the declaration was followed by a thunderous round of applause from the congregation.
The congregation would not sit when the bride said, “I Viannie Tah, do take thee, Gerard Ngala, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse..., till death do us part”.
Gerard, take this ring as a sign of my love....Viannie
After declaring their consent before the church, the college of clergy then took turns to pray for God to bless and protect on the couple He had joined together.
In his homily, the Reverend Father Robert Tantoh stressed on the need for the couple to perfect each other in faith. “Through marriage, you become the man and woman God created you to be, so be committed to each other. Communicate the secrets of your hearts to each other, forgive each other,” Rev. Father Robert Tantoh urged the newlyweds.
With the 'big boys'

The grand reception

From the St John Catholic Church at Foncha Street, guests joined the couple at a reception at the Ayaba Hotel which was chaired by Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry, Minister, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development.
Newlywed arrive wedding gala venue
Successive speakers at the reception like Dr. Vitalis Ngala who spoke on behalf of the groom’s family, Mrs Tah Emilia and Mr Louis Mougbaram who both spoke for the bride’s family hailed the newlyweds for taking the bold leap in life. They pledged to always lend their support and experience to Gerard and Viannie.
Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry said Gerard’s wedding couldn’t be taken lightly because he (Gerard) is an asset to the Donga Mantung community. Besides being chairman, Dr Fuh announced he was also sitting in for several other people like Shey Jones Yembe who were unavoidably absent including.

CRTV top presenters as MCs

Highly sought-after CRTV ace talk show hosts Jimla Nene Shadzeka and Ivo Partem, who emceed the reception, gave their names and reputations a good representation as they served guests with the same expertise they are noted for on television.

Njang and makossa on stage

One of the most interesting parts of the wedding gala was the live performance of renowned music stars like Richard Kings, Narcisse Pryze, Sergio Polo and Papa Zoe. While Richard Kings thrilled guests with the Njang and his charming voic, Sergeo Polo and his popular hit, Solantine, got everyone on his feet. The groom who almost removed his wedding coat as he danced ‘spoiled’ the musician with bank notes to an extent that Sergio Polo himself almost missed his dance steps. ‘Farotage’ from Gerard and Viannie Ngala at the wedding gala almost got all artists unable to perform their own songs.
Gerard and his princess’ is a longstanding love story. Before Viannie and her prince charming said their ‘I dos’ they had been together for about eight years. Their union has been blessed with two kids. 
By Ndi Eugene Ndi, just back from Bamenda

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