Thursday, November 26, 2015

Education:Kadji Defosso Foundation Promotes Excellence

Yaounde, Cameroon—The Douala based humanitarian organization; Joseph Kadji Defosso Foundation has rewarded some outstanding schools in Cameroon with cash prizes worth over CFA 15 Million (about 24,300USD).
 The foundation also compensated some teachers with modern equipment for research like laptops and other didactic materials.
 The donation ceremony in the Cameroon capital Yaounde on Saturday November 21 was the hallmark of the second edition of the Foundation’s “Quality Back to School” campaign.
Secretary of State in MINESEC handing over  cheque to principal of 'Jean Tabi'
Beneficiary schools were those that distinguished themselves with excellent results at the Baccalaureat examinations (equivalent of the GCE Advanced level) for the 2013/2014 school year.
According to a classification by the ‘Bac Board’ (Equivalent of the GCE Board), ‘College Jean Tabi’ and ‘College Vogt’ in Yaounde all occupied the first and second positions on the general classification Table of the ‘Bac Exams’ for 2013/2014 academic year while ‘College Liberman’ in Douala was third.
They all received cheques of FCFA 3.5M, 2M and 1M respectively from the Joseph Kadji Defosso Foundation.
Other schools that registered improvement in their results like GHTS Akwa in Douala, GBHS Ngomedzap in the Center region and GBHS Ndop in the Northwest region also backed home millions of CFA francs from the foundation.
Speakers at ceremony
The president of Joseph Kadji Defosso Foundation, Lucie Sangam said by choosing to support and encourage teachers and secondary education institutions in the country, the objective of the humanitarian foundation’s quality education drive is to build a brighter future for young Cameroonians.
“Our objective has always been to promote quality education in Cameroon and the founding president of Joseph Kadji Defosso Foundation thought that we could do it by encouraging educational institutions and the hardworking teachers,” Lucie Sangam said.

Madam Lucie Sangam handing over cheque
The Managing Director of Union Camerounaise de Brasseries (UCB), Ajewole Ikeola Adebayo pledged his company’s continues support to the Foundation’s goal of providing quality education to Cameroonians.
“Essentially this is a foundation that is actually interested in guaranteeing tomorrow. We strongly believe that as users of resources; there is nothing as having good resources and you can only have good resources with good training, so we are using this opportunity to invest on education because the investment on education is what can guarantee a better future,” Ajewole Ikeola said.
The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education in Charge of Teacher Training, Boniface Bayaola who chaired the ceremony said quality education depends on the quality of teachers and those who were
“This initiative should be encouraged and laud the efforts of Joseph Kadji Defosso Foundation and wishes that it should extend such initiatives to other sectors,” the member of government said.
Boniface Bayaola rejoiced that with such gestures from humanitarian organizations like Joseph Kadji Defosso Foundation, there is brighter future for Cameroonian youths for as he puts it, “a country cannot develop if her youths are poorly trained.”
To the schools and teachers who were compensated, the member of government urged them to use their prizes as a source of more inspiration.
“The prizes should not take you to slumber, it rather serve as a call to responsibility and assignment,” Boniface Bayaola urged.
Boniface Bayaola flanked by UCB GM and President of Kadji Foundation
The best upper sixth teachers of Limbe Comprehensive, PSS Fiango Kumba in the Southwest region and Sacred Heart College Mankon in Bamenda all received laptops which the president of the foundation said were to facilitate their research as they continue to impact knowledge on young Cameroonians.
Speaking on behalf of the heads of educational institutions rewarded, the principal of Jean Tabi College was full of thanks to the Joseph Kadji Defosso Foundation  saying “teachers need this encouragement everyday and this foundation has understood this.”

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