Saturday, March 5, 2016

Precipitated Elections: NUDP Militants Urged To “Be Ready For Any Eventualities”

Yaoundé, Cameroon—Militants of the National Union for Democracy and Progress, the NUDP party have been urged to be ready for any eventualities amidst calls from their peers ruling party, for president Biya to call early elections.
NUDP party chairman, Bello Bouba Maigari gave the advice to militants of his party in Yaoundé on Saturday February 20, 2016 as he received 2016 best wishes from militants of the CPDM ally political party.
Bello Bouba (R), Ndansi whispering NUDP Politics in Misaje (archives)
Bello Bouba told supporters of his party that the main thrust of the political party for the year 2016 is to complete the reorganization of its basic organs in conformity with its statutes.
He urged the youth and women’s wing of the 25years old party whom he described as “engine of the party” to get involved in the reorganization process and ensure it is completed before the party’s congress in 2017.
And his message was understood by the youths of the party who said they are determined to come to the congress next year with democratically elected militants.
“We are very ready for the reorganistion process. We are calling on all the youths of the party not just to participate in the reorganization but to also occupy important positions within the ranks of the party,” NUDP national youth president, Ndansi Elvis said.
The party’s youth wing president who will come to the end of his first five year occupancy in 2017 said he will seek another mandate if his peers give him another chance.
“My stewardship will be evaluated by all the youths of my party and if they give me another chance that will be welcomed because I still fall within the age bracket that will permit me to stand,” Ndansi Elvis stated.
Yandal steals show
Celestin Yandal, a supporter of the NUDP party who spent to close to two years in jail over electoral problems emanating from the 2013 legislative and municipal election in the Touboro council area in the North region was saluted by the party.
NUDP party chairman, described Yandal as combatant of democracy while Ndansi Elvis, the party’s youth wing president described his release as a victory.
“His release has proven to us the youths that when we are the fight for democracy we should be courageous because justice will always prevail. It is also an opportunity for us to thank the justice system of our country that despite the delays, he was released finally and we are proud that a young man like him was able to bring victory tour party,” Ndansi Elvis said of Celestin Yandal’s release.
The New Year wishes ceremony was also a moment to pay tributes to some supporters of the party who passed on to eternity like the late Hon Sona Elonge, one-time Member of Parliament for the Kumba urban constituency who the NUDP chairman described as a committed militant.
“He has been a staunch and committed militant. A militant whose sound vision and advise has been sort throughout these years as member of our party,” the NUDP national chairman said of the late Hon Sona Elonge who reportedly died in January this year.

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