Sunday, June 19, 2016

WICUDA Yaounde Scrounges Over FCFA 6M For Cultural Complex

Yaounde, Cameroon—The Yaounde chapter of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association (WICUDA) has raised over FCFA 6million for the completion of the organization’s cultural complex under construction at the Oyom-Abang neighborhood, south of the capital city.

The money was collected at a fundraising at the uncompleted cultural complex last Sunday June 12, 2016.

The Wimbum people who have as common denominator the limbum language are from Ndu and Nkambe sub divisions of Donga-Mantung Division in the North West Region.

But according to the chairperson of the WICUDA Yaounde fundraising, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines Industries and Technological Development, just like every north westerner is called “a Bamenda man,” everybody from Donga Mantung is referred to as “a Nkambe man.”

The Donga Mantung Division which has five subdivisions—Ako, Misaje, Ndu Nkambe and Nwa used to be referred to in the colonial days as the Nkambe Division, thus according to Dr Calistus Gentry, “we are one people.”

The chairman who launched the fund raising with FCFA 2 million lauded the Wimbum people whom he described as hardworking.

“I want to commend the Wimbum people for their hard work, I expect the rest of the Division to copy the example of the Wimbum people,” Dr Calistus Gentry said.

Like the chairperson, Hon Awudu Mbaya, Member of Parliament for Nkambe central who launched the funds collection with FCFA 1 million said he was glad with the massive turnout of invitees.

“This is the kind of solidarity we should have not only amongst the Wimbum people but the whole division,” Hon Awudu said as he urged the chairperson to always invite his colleagues; members of government to “come and play njangi” each time he is called to chair such an event.
Symbol of unity and power
The immediate past president of WICUDA Yaounde and coordinator of the complex project, Nfor Lazarus Bungong explained that the structure will host ceremonial halls, a lodge for Wimbum traditional rulers, a museum for the exhibition of Wimbum cultural artifacts, a limbum language center and an information center.

In an earlier welcome address, the president of WICUDA Yaounde, Ngwatu Emmanuel was all praises to the initiator of the project, Ma Shey Patu who he said, “we are only building on a foundation she laid.”

He said the complex upon completion will be a symbol of unity and power of Wimbum people in the nation’s capital. “It will be source of identity and pride for all of us. It will attract tourists, researchers and all who want to know about our culture.”

On behalf of the association, the president promised supporters of the project that WICUDA shall be accountable to them. “We will endeavor to give you a monthly progress report on the complex.”

Quoting Anne Frank, the WICUDA Yaounde president encouraged all to give towards the project for “no one has ever become poor by giving. You will not become poor because you gave to the completion of the WICUDA complex,” Ngwatu Emmanuel said.

Though the association targeted FCFA 17 million, Ngwatu Emmanuel told this reporter at the end of the event that he was happy for what was raised at the first phase.

“We tasked our village meetings to each contribute at least FCFA 50,000 and we have about 30 village meetings in Yaounde. When they will bring-in their contributions, plus the money that has been coming in, we will be at about 9 million,” the WICUDA Yaounde president said.

Other chief launchers of the fundraising included (not limited to), Simon Tamfu, Dr Richard Tantoh, Dr Bawe Mohamadou, Hon Ngala Esther and Bungong Lazarus.

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