Monday, August 15, 2016

WISU Amends Constitution, Ngwan Derrick Extends Mandate

The national president of the Wimbum Students’ Union (WISU) will now have a three-year mandate renewable once instead of two years renewable once as has been the case for decades, sources have confirmed.

Like President Paul Biya did with the constitution of Cameroon in 2008, the WISU constitution was tinkered at the behest of the association’s leader during the 2017 convention that ended in Rong village at the weekend.

Ngwan Derrick Tawe Nyah who was elected for a first two-year mandate in Bongom in 2014 was re-elected for a second mandate expected to last three years.

However, we are yet to have ample information regarding allegations that the president ‘deceived’ Wisuans that he was a second year student of the Catholic University of Bertoua to be eligible for the post.

We are told villagers were transported from Binka and Tabenken to vote in Rong; “they voted and left the convention the same day,” one of the convention attendee told this reporter on phone Sunday.
Ngwan Derrick, WISU President-elect

 We learnt that Ngwan Derrick met a four year calendar of host villages of WISU convention when he assumed office in 2014 but attempted to deprive 2017 host, Nwangri.

Our source that spoke on grounds of anonymity hinted that the president elect wanted to move the 2017convention from Nwangri to Binka; a move that made with stiff resistance from discontented students.

 “I will give out that information officially from my office, I don’t like the way you particularly has been talking about the convention, so wait for official information from my office,” the WISU president-elect told this reporter on phone early Monday.

 We are also investigating allegations that not fewer than 58 non-students Rong youth ‘were given’ WISU membership cards and they took part in the vote.

Since the WISU president-elect could not talk to us, we were also unable to ascertain why he referred to his predecessor as a coward who could not change the constitution.

We hope however that the “official information” he has promised to give from his office will answer our worries.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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