Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beaubien and Associates is a consultancy firm not an intermediary in visa delivery- Delegate

Michel Beaubien and Associates is a firm that does consultancy in immigration. For the past seven years that the firm is operational in Cameroon, Marguerite ON, representative of the firm said many Cameroonians have already benefited from its services.
Speaking in a press conference at the Yaounde office of the consultancy firm, the representative delegate explained that many Cameroonians want to migrate to Canada. Unfortunately most of these Cameroonians of victims of fake middle men who promise to work out visas and other traveling documents but fail them.
According to Marguerite ON, Michel Beaubien and Associates consultancy firm in immigration is different from those fake firms.  “Michel Beaubien is first of all a Canadian by birth and secondly he understands the immigration laws of his country after haven worked in the Ministry of Immigration of his country” the delegate said.
For the past seven years of existence in Cameroon, Michel Beaubien and Associates has sent more than 200 people to Canada.
Answering questions from the press, Marguerite ON said Michel Beaubien and Associates consultancy firm in Immigration is well known by the Canadian High Commission in Yaounde as the founder of the firm, Michel Beaubien lives in Montreal where his cabinet is found.
Marguerite ON argued that Michel Beaubien and Associates is a firm and an affiliate of the Michel Beaubien and Associates in Montreal not an intermediary to facilitate visa acquisitions only. “Michel Beaubien is an Accredited Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in immigration”
The Delegate however regretted that charlatans have been using their name to dupe aspirants who want to migrate to Canada but their services are free, though only accessible to those less than 49 years.

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