Sunday, April 28, 2013

NOWEFU split over conferment of ‘Mbangfon’ title to Dr. Ngwanyam to consolidate senatorial bid

The North West fons Union, NOWEFU, previously seen as a trustworthy lobbying force is now beset with hypocrisy and infighting among traditional rulers who should be upholding grass field values.
 NOWEFU’s random distribution of traditional titles accompanied by attestations of recognition worries many a North Westerner.
The fons have gone as far as endorsing political ambitions, like they did with senatorial hopeful Dr. Nick Ngwanyam on whom they conferred the ‘Mbangfon’ title on November 24, 2012.
It is reported that their endorsement of Dr.Ngwanyam’s senatorial bid and public declaration that they are all solidly behind him are tearing the union apart.
By honouring him with the title of “Mbangfon” for his exploits in empowering youths and at the same time endorsing his senatorial bid, these fons have flung open the floodgates for critics to question whether NOWEFU has morphed into a political party.
Another school of thought holds that Dr. Ngwanyam quest for the fons’ backing may have been motivated by the desire to further consolidate his political program.
However, political analysts hold that the approval might have been the wrong one because lately, grass field fons have been tagged “royal beggars.”
Other labels have branded some of them as “royal gangsters,” further casting doubts on how much power they actually wield. 
As one of the fons who prefers to remain anonymous put it: “I don’t understand the reason for scrambling after titles or why our fons have decided to be dishing out titles that do not have any significance to benefactors in their own homeland.”
“Why hurry, why? It doesn’t look elegant. The process used by those in a hurry to get titles does not look good; it does not look polished and it does not look civilized. I see it as a sort of business,” the traditional ruler adds.
It is an embarrassment that in less than a year NOWEFU has dished out four titles to people, Fon Teche Njei of Ngemuwah, current NOWEFU president is over doing this,

Fon Teche and the sale of traditional titles in the NW
Within a period of 8 months, the North West Fons Union, NOWEFU under the reign of Fon Teche Njei has dished out four traditional titles.
The first was to Achidi Achu Judith, wife of former Prime Minister, Simon Achidi Achu and current North West Regional Director of CAMTEL. She was ‘crowned’ as ‘mafor’. The coronation of Achidi Achu Judith raised a lot of controversy as many agued that Ama Tutu Muna had been occupying the post. However, NewsWatch learnt Ama Tutu Muna was crowned ‘mafor’ by Metta (Momo) fons. Thus she was a divisional ‘mafor’, making Achidi Achu Judith the first woman to occupy that post at NOWEFU.
Those mentioned above could be pardonable, a school of thought holds. the same school of thought feels that ‘crowning’  two ‘foreigners’, Emmanuel Fuh Neba (Director of Cameroon Council for Reunification-CAMCORE) who is based in the UK and Jeffrey Townsend (UK Parliamentary Researcher), Fon Teche shouldn’t be exonerated. The duo were ‘crowned’ as NOWEFU Ambassadors for Peace to the Diaspora. Fon Teche’e colleagues have since been asking why and how ‘foreigners’ should be given such titles.
And last in 8months is Dr Nick Ngwanyam, now Dr Mbangfon Nick Ngwanyam who was coroneted last November 24 by the same union. His coronation which we learnt we learnt, was intended to consolidate his senatorial bid, has gashed the North West Fons’ Union, we are informed.
“It is not strange that they are dishing out titles, they have reduced NOWEFU to royal beggars and that is their source of income” an observer noted.
Following the split, there are rumours circulating around town that a group of fons are already thinking of creating a new association. The big fons (Bali, Mankon, Bafut, Banso and Kom) NewsWatch is informed, are becoming weary of smaller fons bossing over them and dragging their reputation into mud and would like some constitutional changes.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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