Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gerard Ngala: Trump Card of Nkambe Central

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM diehearts in Donga Mantung I (Nkambe Central subdivision in Donga Mantung) can now heave a sigh of relief following the nomination as parliamentary candidate of he who they believe incarnates the future of the sub division as far as development is concerned.
He is celebrated in several circles among CPDM supporters and sympathizers to have reinvented the game of politics in the Donga Mantung division. His touch has been described by many as having the powers of a magic wand. From the egocentric and self centered modus operandi of the “power to the people” flag bearer who for 15 years at the Ngoa Ekelle Glass house has nothing to show for, Ngala as he is fondly called has proven beyond reasonable doubts that the development of his native Nkambe central constituency in particular and the division as a whole is his topmost priority.
Does thee Holy Book not say by their deeds we shall know them? As a parliamentary aspirant, he has stunned locals with developmental projects and other donations geared towards upgrading the “Nkambe Man”. The unanimity behind this 35 year old is unprecedented in the history of politics in Donga Mantung. He was a rare case during the investiture xercise conducted by the CPDM hierarchy for its candidates at the September 30 twin elections. Ngala had no challenger during the exercise. This confirms the popularity of a man who has wholeheartedly committed himself to the service of his people at times at times to his own detriment.
For almost five years now, the well to do Douala based business magnet has taken permanent residence in the village. In his words, “there is no better way for me to know my people, have a feel of their worries without being by them. More so, I spent so many years out of the country and I think I need to reconnect with my roots, get to know things that we can chart the way forward as a bloc”.
To him, his community which saw him grow up needs to also reap the fruits of its labour. Thus he should serve them, be their envoy at the National Assembly so as to channel their worries to the right quarters. But while waiting and hoping to be overwhelmingly elected next September 30, Ngala has been on the field working.
In 2009 he donated drugs and medical equipment to the Nkambe district hospital as well as the Tabenken Catholic health centre evaluated at FCFA 70000. To keep youths of the subdivision busy during the 2011 summer holidays, Ngala organized a soccer tournament worth FCFA 500.000. Still in sports, he offered aid and equipment to the abandoned PWD Nkambe football club to the tune of FCFA 800.000.
Meanwhile in Bika he rescued the dilapidated  Government Secondary School, GSS of the locality with sheets of zinc worth FCFA 400.000 for its roof in 2011. Same year, Ngala donated mats to the tune of FCFA 700.000 to Muslim communities in the Nkambe central sub division at the eve of the fasting for the Ramadan. He accompanied the mats with sugar, salt and soap estimated at FCFA 900.000.
Youths of the sub division will always be grateful to Ngala whom they describe as the incarnate and epitome of a true politician. He supported the Wimbum Students Union, WISU at the eve of their national convention in Mbiyeh with FCFA 1000000. He has done it again this year. He equally supported the paving of the Wat road with FCFA 400000. Determined to offer kids of the sub division conducive study environments, Ngala supported the Nkambe Cultural and Development Association, NKACUDA, with the sum of FCFA 1.500.000 for the construction of a primary school in Binju. For a community which is essentially agrarian but with soils which are not very fertile at some places, Ngala donated improved maize seeds to its women estimated at FCFA 3.5 million. To ice the cake, he has always ensured his mothers celebrate international women’s day in grand style. He has made it a point of duty to offer them the 8th March fabric and some money for feasting. In 2012 this amounted to FCFA 980.000. Same obtains during CPDM party feasts. Not only does Ngala provide uniforms, he ferries militants to the ceremonial ground, entertains them and transports them back.
The grassroots is emphatic that “if he can do this while still aspiring, it means when he gets there we too will be able to smile”.
Source: L’Action

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