Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ngala Gerard Vows to Revamp Support for CPDM in Nkambe

As militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) brace up to reorganise the basic organs of the party, Taa’Nformi Ngala Gerard has taken over the reins of the Donga Mantung I, Nkambe Central section.
Ngala Gerard, Interim CPDM Section President
Paul Ngabir, who was until October 16, 2013 president of the Donga Mantung I, Nkambe section of the CPDM handed over the baton of command to Mr. Ngala in Nkambe as the former was elected mayor of the Nkambe council on the ruling party’s ticket.
Mr. Ngabir said his new stint is so hefty that he alone cannot bear. This explains why he decided to cede his position of section president to the man who achieved the daunting feat of winning the Nkambe council for the ruling CPDM for the first time in more than two decades.
As Mayor, Mr. Ngabir says he wants to work for the people of Nkambe irrespective of their political affiliations. He said if he clings on to power, he would fail in either his duties as mayor or section president.
CPDM diehard loyalists in Donga Mantung I, Nkambe Central have hailed the new mayor for such a decision as Ngala Gerard is celebrated within and without party circles for having reinvented the game of politics in the division.
Ngala Gerard, taken by surprise by the former section president’s announcement, said: “I feel privileged, but as you know I am the acting section president pending reorganization of the basic organs of the party”.
While waiting for the event where his position of interim section president will be made permanent, Mr. Ngala’s first challenge in his temporary post will be the organization of the celebration of the 31st anniversary of President Paul Biya’s coming to power on November 6th.
“When I am given the chance to prove my competence I always do it, you’ve seen it in past activities that we’ve carried out here in Nkambe and I want to tell you that the November 6th wouldn’t be different”, the acting section president said.
Sizing up the party’s clout in the next five years, the acting section president was categorical that it would make greater inroads. “I will continue revitalizing the party in Donga Mantung I, and I will boost the number of militants of the party and the number would definitely increase given that I will be working together with a mayor of the CPDM and other elite from this section who are also loyalists of the party.”
Ngala Gerard was the CPDM candidate for the September 30 legislative elections in the Donga Mantung Centre (Nkambe-Ndu) constituency where he defeated SDF incumbent, Hon Awudu Mbaya in Nkambe. However, with the constituency made up of two subdivisions with Ndu being a stronghold of the leading opposition, the SDF, Hon Awudu was rescued as votes from the sub division in favour of the SDF outweighed those of the CPDM in Nkambe.
Though the Douala-based business mogul will not go to parliament, he remains in the annals of history as the only CPDM parliamentary candidate who defeated Hon Awudu in Nkambe after about seventeen years.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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