Tuesday, April 15, 2014

“Embezzlers of PAJER-U Fund will be Arrested” - National Coordinator

(NewsWatch Cameroon)--The support programs to the Rural and Urban Youth PAJER-U and PIFMAS will soon be launched according to the National Coordinator Mutungo Pierre. He was speaking in Nkambe in a coordination Meeting with the beneficiaries of the  of the programs, the Divisional, Sub Divisional Delegates and his Collaborators of the Delegation including the Divisional President of the Cameroon National Youth Council Donga Mantung.
According to the detailed report of the PAJER-U in the Division presented by the Divisional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education Mme. Nfor Mary with input from four Sub Divisional Delegates, since 2009 when the Project was launched, only about 26 youths from Donga Mantung have benefited.  From 2009-2012, a total of 15.750.000frs was sent to Donga Mantung and a total of 11.430.000frs collected by the beneficiaries and FIFFA Bank the Financial institution that was in charge of paying and recovering the funds  carried away over 4million.
 Since the support is a revolving fund as loans to youths, only 1.640.500frs was paid back to the fund by the youths and 9.780.500 is still pending. Problems faced in the implantation and follow up of the Projects in Donga Mantung included, inadequate transportation means, and insufficient credit among others.
Her report proposed that a YAMAHA AG 100 be purchased for all Sub Delegates following up the projects and a 4wheel Pickup/HILUX for the Divisional Delegation with PAJER-U flags and logo for more sensitization of the program considering the long borders and the enclaved nature of the Division. Equally enough credit should be allocated for the exercise for effective field work, the place of technicians and an insurance policy in the program should be clearly defined.
According to some of the beneficiaries, they signed up for certain amounts but received less from some of the former Divisional Delegates. Others paid huge sums to the previous delegates before they could sign any documents for them to receive the loans from the bank. This accounts for the poor reimbursement of the loan with Donga Mantung being last in the North West and the North West last in the Country in this process. 
After diagnosing the Problems faced by the beneficiaries’ one by one, Pierre pointed out that the embezzlement of state funds to the tune of more than 500.000 is punishable by life imprisonment and warned youths not to be victims but examples. He added that there are free encouragement funds for those who paid all the money while those who do not pay will be arrested.

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