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The Guardian Post Achievement Award: How and why Ndansi Elvis Emerged Cameroon’s Most Dynamic Youth Leader

Ndansi Elvis (L),Receiving his trophy from Gov. Fonka's Representative
(NewsWatch Cameroon)--After compiling and counting votes from Cameroonians, a jury made of prominent journalists from the public and private media in the country, Ndansi Elvis, emerged winner of The Guardian Post 2013 Most Dynamic Youth Leader. This according to the Secretary General of the jury, Richard Nde Lanjong who said he was voted “for successfully implanting the youth wing of the NUDP party in the two Anglophone regions and beyond”.
In fact, Ndansi is the first Anglophone to have ever occupied the position of national youth president of the NUDP, a party erroneously considered by many to be an affair of “Maiguidas” (Northerners). Like the famous Aristotle once said, all human beings are politicians yet what distinguishes some politicians from the madding crowd is their approach to politics. Ndansi’s approach to politics is certainly what has pulled most Cameroonian youth to join the ranks of the NUDP party especially in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon. He is a frontline militant of his party but even his adversaries from both the ruling party and elsewhere admire his approach to politics which is void of rancour and bitterness.
Though the NUDP National youth president who contested the 2013 legislative elections in the Donga Mantung West constituency was not successful, he has not relented in his efforts aimed at recruiting more militants for the NUDP party of Bello Bouba Maigari.
The NUDP staged a spectacular march past in Buea during the National Youth Day on February 11 and the 50th anniversary of reunification. Observers say it is thanks to the mobilisation prowess of the National Youth wing president who was the party’s coordinator for participation at both events.
Many would have thought that after two unsuccessful attempts at the municipal and legislative elections under the NUDP party, Ndansi would quit, but this has not been the case. He remains focused and continues implanting the party in the Anglophone regions and beyond.
In a New Year wishes exchange ceremony between the NUDP chairman and his militants in Yaounde earlier this year, hundreds of youths from the North West, South West and Littoral regions who joined the party recently as a result of Ndansi’s efforts were officially welcomed into the NUDP by its National Chair. The National Youth President of the NUDP, Ndansi Elvis said many more youths are joining the party, and called on the youths of Cameroon to come on board for as he puts it  “the NUDP is one of the only parties where youths can freely express their political feelings and enjoy what it takes to be a youth in politics”.
Ndansi thus, was not voted as most dynamic youth leader of the year 2013 by chance; as observers say his award is meritorious.
Following his election to the post of National Youth President of the NUDP party in February 2012, Ndansi Elvis was crowned, "Tamfu", by the Donga Mantung warriors society (Mfuh) of Bamenda in November of same year.
As their warrior, Tamfu Ndansi Elvis  was urged to fight relentlessly not only in the field of politics, and make the Donga Mantung warriors society, “Mfuh” proud and the award by the guardian post media group, traditionalists say, is a “big catch” that makes not only the winner but the entire division proud.
This paper therefore joins the jury of the guardian post achievement awards 2013 to say congratulations, Tamfu Ndansi.

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