Monday, August 18, 2014

WISU Secretariat Will be My Immediate Priority—President Elect

Bongom, Cameroon—The Wimbum Students Union (WISU) may soon have a permanent secretariat as the union’s new president general, Ngwan Derrick Tawe Nyah has said the much trumpeted secretariat will be his immediate priority.
“You know WISU has existed for the past 35 years and many Wisuans both within and out of the country have clamored for a secretariat and my immediate challenge will be to see into it that the secretariat project is realized”, Mr Tawe said.
The new president general of WISU was talking to this reporter at the end of the 35th annual convention of the union in Bongom village on August 10, 2014.
When the secretariat project would have been realized, Mr Tawe added “we are going to install internet through which we are going to interact within Wimbum students, friends and well wishers. We are also going to sign partnerships with mobile telephone networks to ease communication within and without Donga Mantung”.
The new president said he is counting on the support of Wisuans and the out gone executive to realize his vision for the union. “I know that my people are behind me, the out gone executive also, has promised to always be there with support and all the resources will be harnessed so that the secretariat project is realized”.
Notwithstanding, projects started by the out gone executive will not be abandoned; “my predecessor had started a library in Mbiyeh, that is a good project and I congratulate him for the idea but I want to go above that by saying that it does not just suffice to sign a partnership with the Ndu council to renovate and use their building as a library, why not have a WISU library constructed by Wisuans themselves”, the new president questioned.
His vision, Mr Tawe said is not aimed at challenging any body as an individual “but I will challenge the shortcomings of our union in general”
Mr. Tawe wished that people (wisuans) who are out of the country will not only send support but that one day the union should have delegations from USA, South Africa, and Nigeria etc to it convention.
Quizzed on the distance between him (the president) and his secretary general who is in Kumbo, Mr. Tawe said “we are in a modern world, being in Bertoua and my secretary General in Kumbo will not constitute any problem with the functioning of the union. We will delegate powers to those at home to carry out tasks back home just like those in other regions but I have been leaving the East region and coming home, so why say I am far”.
The new president general of WISU added that his predecessor has always been in contact with people in the USA, Canada and other countries whereas he has never been there, “I am just in the East region in Cameroon; so I can always be in contact with members of my bureau wherever they are”.
Ngwan Derrick Tawe Nyah, hails from Kieku in Tabenken. The eighth-born in a family of ten is a second year student of the Catholic University of Bertoua reading management. The new president general of the Wimbum Students Union is also proprietor of Revised Standard Evening School; the lone Anglophone evening school in Bertoua.
Wisuans are looking forward to the new president to put his managerial savvy in the administration of the union. Others fear that he may be too rash in taking decisions that may end up stalling the union’s vision.
However the dynamism with which Mr. Tawe is promising Wisuans is what most of them count on most-given his ears would be open to advice.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi, back from Bongom

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