Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CamCCUL Rated Most Efficient Micro-Finance Network in the CEMAC Sub Region

Bafoussam, Cameroon—Delegates from all the chapters of the Cameroon Cooperative Union League, (CamCCUL), from the ten regions of Cameron on Saturday 18th October 2014, assembled in Bafoussam to commemorate the 2014 International Credit Union Day.
BAPCCUL Delegates awaiting march pass

The commemoration which brought together top CamCCUL executives and representatives of the supervisory ministries of Finance, Agriculture and Rural Development, Economy, Planning and Regional Development and Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries was celebrated under the theme “local service, global goal”.
Speakers at the event like the government delegate to the Bafoussam city council, Emmanuel Nzete, CamCCUL president, Musa Shey Nfor, and the governor of the West Region, Awa Fonka Augustine, the presesentatives of MINFI and MINEPAT through speeches and press interviews praised the league for its efforts in boosting socio-economic development through the financing of income-generating activities.
In his word of welcome to CamCCUL’s national and internal partners and the league’s delegates who trouped  in from all the nooks and crannies of Cameroon, the government delegate to the Bafoussam city council, Mr Emmanuel Nzete said the choice of the city by CamCCCUL to host the 2014 International Credit Union Day is testimony of the importance the West and Bafoussam in particular attaches to the development of micro finance institutions which are members of the league.

CamCCUL President Prays for Unity
Musa Shey Nfor callin for reconciliation

The celebration of the 2014 International Credit Union Day in Bafoussam on Saturday 18 October 2014 came exactly three days after the celebration of the international day of the rural woman, and two days after the celebration of the international food day.
“In both cases, the action is around the credit union because the rural woman is the main producer of world food using micro credit granted by a credit union” Musa said adding that a food secured population is often healthy and peaceful.
This year’s theme “local service, global goal”, according to the CamCCUL president emphasizes the positive impact of credit unions in their communities and around the world.
Mr. Musa noted that international day celebrations be they at local, national or international levels are also good moments for reconciliation.
“On this occasion, the CamCCUL family once more recognizes that there has been a situation of some of its beloved living in a state of separation not divorced. We pray for reconciliation based on genuine dialogue”.
Appeal to Gov’t
The president of CamCCUL used the Bafoussam event to appreciate government for initiating rural development projects such as PADMIR, PACA, PAPA for which the league is one of the key beneficiaries and partner, amongst others.
Mr. Musa insisted that CamCCUL is apolitical and appealed to government to put in place a special tax scheme for credit unions and provide security to the financial cooperatives whose location in mostly rural areas makes them easy preys to armed groups.

Enter the Governor

The governor of the West region, Awa Fonka Augustine who presided at the ceremony told attendees that the government was well aware of the problems the micro finance sector faces in Cameroon. He assured the president of CamCCUL and his members that the government is not blind to their challenges.
Governor Awa Fonka praising CamCCUL
“I have taken note of the challenges outlined by the President of CamCCUL, I want to assure you Mr. President, that the government will pay particular attention to those preoccupations”, the senior government official said justifying that the presence of representatives of MINFI, MINADER, MINEPAT and MINEPIA at the Bafoussam event attests to government’s special support to CamCCUL as it champions the crusade against poverty in Cameroon.
He praised the CamCCUL network which he branded the most efficient in Cameroon.
“In effect, it is necessary to state that the CamCCUL network which is organizing this international day here is amongst the most efficient in our country on one hand and on the other hand, the biggest and widely spread in the CEMAC sub region”, the Governor said.
The International Credit Union Day celebration was started in 1948 by the United States Credit Union National Association (CUNA).
Credit unions saw the light of day in Cameroon in 1963 when Rev. Father Anthony Jansen founded the first credit union in Njinikom, Boyo division of the Northwest region.
March past by different chapters
The last time Bafoussam hosted the celebration of the International Credit Union Day was on the 17th October 2009 under the aegis of the then Vice Prime Minister in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development, Jean Kuete.
The 2014 International Credit Union Day celebrations in Bafoussam wrapped up with a gala night featuring renowned Cameroonian artists like Ange Ebogo Emérand, Sam Fan Thomas and Ateh Bazor amongst others.
Some meritorious workers of the league were also awarded certificates of recognition at the gala that took place at Talotel Hotel shortly after the march past and visit of exhibition stands.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi, just back from Bafoussam

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