Tuesday, November 18, 2014

CPDM Honours its ‘Prison Graduate’

Nkambe, Cameroon—A CPDM militant of the Donga Mantung I section in Nkambe, Nfor Evaristus popularly known as ‘Jecajeeh’, who was sentenced to six months in jail last May, regained his freedom last Friday November 14, 2014.
'Jacajeeh' was injured on the head during the fight

Nfor ‘Jecajeeh’ who was found guilty of physically assaulting an SDF militant, then market master of Wat, Mr Ngwayi Ivo aka ‘Ajento Baba’ during the campaigns for the September 30, 2013 twin elections was sentenced to six months in jail in May 2014 by the Nkambe Magistrates’ court (of first instance).
Following his release, Nfor ‘Jecajeeh’ was offered two new motorbikes by local CPDM party officials in Donga Mantung I, Nkambe who named him their hero. Nfor was advised to use the motor bikes to generate income and to be law abiding as he leaves the prison cell.
The ‘prison graduate’ who thought he was going to be lessen to the CPDM party when he leaves the prison cell, expressed joy over the offer, promising to remain loyal to the party and institutions of the state.
Mr Nfor told News Watch that when his case was still in court, he and other CPDM party officials had called ‘Ajento’ for reconciliation but he resisted.
“But after I was sentenced and one day that I came out of the cell and went to town, he came to me and confessed that he was misled. ‘Ajento’ bought me two bottles of beer and said I should forgive him, some people said I should not drink, but I am from a Christian family, I drank the beer to show that I have forgiven him and went back to the prison, knowing that one day I will be out like today”, Nfor said.
Though militating in the ruling party, Mr Nfor said he respected the ruling of the court and served his prison term. “The law found me guilty and I admitted, the CPDM respects the institutions of the state and we could not break the law or call for intervention”, Mr Nfor said.
 On his part, Ajento admitted he was contacted by Mr Nfor Evaristus for reconciliation; however he turned down the demand. But he later realized that it was important that he and his brother be greeting each other whenever they meet.
“Greeting your fellow brother when you meet him in the morning is very important. I just thought it will be good that we remain brothers, but it was not reconciliation. He has been offered two bikes now, they are jubilating, where am I. I will not accept any reconciliation for if I had died it would have been a great loss to my family. Now I am not more market master, I lost my job but he has been given two bikes by the CPDM and they are jubilating and I see it as a mockery”, Ajento told News Watch on phone.
The former market master of Wat explained that he sees the offer of two brand new high jack motor bikes to Jacejeeh by the CPDM as an encouragement for the act he committed.
But Ngala Gerard, interim CPDM section president for Nkambe argued that the gesture is in no way an encouragement to violence by CPDM militants. He explained that Nfor Evaristus was not perpetrator of the violence but a scape-goat. Mr Ngala revealed that the CPDM had decided to place Nfor Evaristus on a monthly salary for the six months he has in jail before the offer of two brand new motor bikes.
Nfor Evaristus was accompanied to his family residence by militants of the CPDM in Nkambe, including the Mayor, Ngabir Paul Bantar.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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