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CPDM, SDF Celebrate Biya’s 32 Years in Power in Nkambe

Nkambe, Cameroon—The  SDF Mayor of Ndu, Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugab and some of his militants in the Donga Mantung Division last November 6th 2014 joined militants of the Donga Mantung I section of the CPDM in Nkambe to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of President Paul Biya’s accession to the supreme magistracy of the state.
CPDM Section President, Ngala Gerard Welcoming SDF Mayor of Ndu

Speaking at the celebration at the Nkambe community hall, the WCPDM section president for Donga Mantung I, Muring Felicia Balery, acting CPDM section president, Ngala Gerard, the Mayor of the Nkambe council, Ngabir Paul Bantar and the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung, Ngone Ndodemesappe Bernard, all hailed president Paul Biya for the peace and stability that Cameroonians have enjoyed during his 32 years in power.
According to the interim CPDM section president for Donga Mantung I, Nkambe, Ngala Gerard, Cameroonians witnessed a momentous historic event on the 6th of Novemebr 1982, a peaceful, democratic, constitutionally legal change of not only leadership, but also of regime. “And so, it is because of the historical value, historical significance, because a lot has been done since 1982 that we believe that it is useful for Cameroonians to remind themselves, to recall, to commemorate and why not to celebrate”.
Talking about the theme of the celebrations, “all behind President Paul Biya for the fight against insecurity, the safeguard of territorial integrity, the preservation of peace and the consolidation of national unity”, Ngala Gerard told CPDM militants in Nkambe that they have all reasons to stand behind president Biya for ever since the President ascended to the supreme magistracy of the state, he made the preservation of Cameroon’s territorial boundaries, the safety and security of Cameroonians and most importantly the preservation of peace his major challenges through his New Deal policy.
Cross section of militants at the Nkambe Community Hall
But the celebration of the 32nd anniversary, the section president noted is taking place at a time Cameroon is faced with several security threats with the Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram in the Northern region and the Seleka rebels in the East Region aimed at distabilising the peace and stability Cameroon enjoys under the statesmanship of President Paul Biya.
“We have to remain steadfast behind H.E Paul Biya who has declared total war against the dreaded Nigerian sect and has reaffirmed his determination to eradicate the sect from the Cameroonian territory”.
Reiterating why Nkambe should celebrate the anniversary, Ngala Gerard, maintained that Nkambe is in Cameroon and has not been left out of the new deal policy of the Head of state, President Paul Biya. “Within his 32 years of statesmanship, no one will argue that president Biya ushered in multipartism, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and most importantly the emancipation of the woman. 32 years ago, fewer women could be seen in political arenas, today we have more women Ministers, senators, parliamentarians, and mayors like our own Hajara Danjuma here, this is thanks to president Biya”
The acting CPDM section president reminded militants that 32 years ago, students had to trek for hundreds of kilo meters to school; “a student had to leave Wat, Tabenken, Binka, Mbot….to come to Nkambe for secondary education, but today, we have GHS Mbu-Warr, GHS Tabenken, GHS Binka….and the list continuous. Secondary, primary and Nursery schools abound in almost every village, health centers too; something we did not have 32 years ago”.
Again the interim CPDM section president added, “32 years ago, mothers could easily lose their children to malaria. Not only the treatment was difficult to come by, it was expensive, but thanks to president Biya, the treatment of even severe malaria cases in children is free all over Cameroon; Nkambe inclusive”.
The 32nd anniversary of President Biya’s 32 years in power was being commemorated in Nkambe just over a year after the CPDM won the council that was had been controlled by the opposition ever since the advent of multiparty politics. This CPDM victory according to the section president has was proof that Nkambe is ready to stand behind president Biya.
CPDM section president, SDF Mayor, chatting Mbum dev't
“By voting the CPDM at the last elections, we reaffirmed our determination to stand behind the head of state, chairman of the CPDM party. You are witnesses, just a year after the elections, we have already started reaping the fruits; tarring of streets in Nkambe, opening of roads, construction of markets…..and the best is yet to come”.
Though the CPDM won the council, the section president revealed that they are rumours from the opposition in Nkambe aimed at derailing CPDM supporters. Mr. Ngala urged his militants to shun such diversion and consolidate their victory.
“The Holy Bible teaches us in the Book of Proverbs 26: 27 that if you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, it will crush you instead. I urge you to stay away from those setting traps for you”.
Through songs, choral music, traditional dances, militants joined their voices to that of the section president and other party officials to thank President Paul Biya for bringing them from darkness to light.
The presence of the mayor at the celebration in Nkambe he said was to show that they can close ranks in Donga Mantung and work as one. “, if we don’t close ranks in Donga Mantung, we will still remain in the backyard, we will still be peripheral. That is why when there is an occasion like this; one stops around, it is to tell people that we can always close ranks”, the SDF mayor said.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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