Thursday, April 30, 2015

LIFESTYLE: Eden's NW Bureau Chief Solemnises Seven Years Old Marriage

Bamenda, Cameroon—They kept trickling in. Soon the Tubah council had become an assembly of journalists that Friday, March 27, 2015. English speaking journalists in Bamenda had gathered to witness the court wedding of their colleague Igna Nji aka Bob Ben who is Northwest regional representative of Eden Media group. Igna and his wife, Meroline Njinso, with whom he had been living for seven years, tied the nuptial knot in the presence family and friends from around the country.
Igna & Mero pose with mayor

Just like the arrivals, the procedure for Igna and Mero to obtain the ‘precious’ certificate was slow. The mayor of the Tubah council who had confirmed he will personally preside over ceremony could not be seen at the time it was slated to begin.
It took the groom several phone calls to locate the mayor who was unavoidably absent. He then mandated one of his deputies, who also took time to arrive the council.
Mayor Barnabas V. on arrival reignited the smoldering hope of the couple, their families and friends. The mayor, before declaring them husband and wife, grilled the couple in an open counseling session, though similar sessions had been held.

There’s no marriage without problems

The counseling session was tough with the officiating registrar (mayor) firing questions at the groom.
“Have you gone, seen the parents of your spouse?”
Igna responded: “I have done so. That is why all of them are here”.
Igna carries his "burden"
After what observers described as a tough moment, the mayor laughed when the groom declared they are going in for monogamy but will have separate properties. This was probably the first time the mayor was hearing this marital regime.
Before calling on the bride and groom to sign on their marriage certificates, the mayor had the following words for them; “there is no marriage without a problem. But the important thing is that when you have a problem solve it. If you want your marriage to be in peace, it will be. And if you want it to be in pieces, it will be.”

The M-Moment

The much awaited moment came with Igna and Mero exchanging marriage vows. When the mayor gave Igna the green light to kiss the bride, he (Igna) took a moment to show the about 100 of his guests and wife the feelings he doesn't often put into words amidst shouting and galling applause.
At a reception that followed at ‘Spee Arts Bukaroo’ in Nkwen, successive speakers like Pa Nfor Henry (for the newlyweds), Choves Loh, Northwest regional representative of SOPECAM (who popped the wedding champagne), Gwain Colbert aka Mr Bamenda (who gave a toast), all wished the newlyweds well in their marital life.

Liquidation Committee

As guests gradually retired, the groom’s colleagues created a “liquidation committee” headed by Fon Keneth of Afrique MediaTV and Akamancho Ambe MacMillan of Afrique Nouvelle Radio. The committee accompanied the newlyweds’ home where ‘part three’ of the wedding ceremony continued to the early hours of Saturday March 28.
Igna and Mero solemnized their ‘new life’ at the Catholic Church Bayelle on April 4; the eve of this year’s Easter Sunday.
Happy matrimony!!
By Ndi Eugene Ndi in Bamenda


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