Monday, May 4, 2015

Boh Elvis Is New Editor-In-Chief Of STV

Douala, Cameroon—Boh Elvis, 28 years old, is the new manager of news at the Douala based TV channel, Spectrum Television (STV). He was appointed on April 30, 2015 by the CEO of the private TV channel, Collins Ebarko Mukete.
'Bobe' Boh (Photo credit, facebook)

Boh, the first Anglophone to be appointed to that position at STV replaces Thierry Ngongang who has managed the news room of the private TV channel for 11years.
Amy Banda was Ngongang’s deputy before her resignation. She was succeeded by, Fointama Che who served in that capacity until the April 30 appointments where the post of deputy editor was scrapped.
Prior to his appointment, Boh was the coordinator of the Yaounde bureau of the TV channel. He has served in that capacity for about four (4) years. Until November 2014, Boh was the lone reporter of STV in Yaounde. He was later joined by five (5) other reporters, including former "La Nouvelle Expression" reporter, WIlliam Bayiha.
Boh Elvis is holder of a Bachelor of Arts certificate in journalism from the Advanced School of Journalism and Mass Communication, ASMAC Yaounde.
Before joining the STV group, Boh worked for the CPDM Central Committee newspaper, L’Action. He left the newsroom of the newspaper shortly the party’s 3rd ordinary congress of September 2011.
 Boh was amongst some 126 journalists recruited by the government under the Special recruitment of 25.000 young graduates into the public service in 2011, but he damned the public service offer.
The new editor-in-chief is expected in Douala this week to assume duty.
Congratulations “Monsieur le REC”
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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