Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kumba: Basic Commodities Now Too Expensive

Cocoyams Now too Expensive
The price of basic commodities in Kumba is said to be hitting the sky. Housewives in the chief town of Meme have complained that they have to pay exorbitant amounts much to put food on the table.
Your reporter went to one of the food markets in Kumba and found out that basic commodities like onions that were hitherto sold at FCFA 50 now costs FCFA 100. Households could purchase three glass cups of rice for FCFA 200 but now the same quantity costs FCFA 250.
An egg that cost FCFA 50 is now sold at FCFA 100 while a bunch of plantain that was sold at 3000 now cost 3500; cocoyams that were sold at 3000 currently cost more than 5000 and the situation is the same with vegetables. No official reasons have been given for the hike.
It should be noted that the dramatic rise in the prices of basic commodities, especially foodstuffs sparked great upheaval in Cameroon in 2008. Although that crisis was eventually resolved, no one can predict what would happen if the current situation of skyrocketing prices.
Furthermore, amid all the talk of peace and tranquility in Cameroon, it is clear that the current price hikes are taking their toll on all in society, especially the masses who can afford very little. Ultimately, it is in addressing the situation of the overwhelming majority of people who are poor that the situation can be redressed. Seven years ago, following the dramatic increase in the prices of foodstuffs, the president of the republic Paul Biya issued ordinances aimed at assisting commoners by scaling back prices. While such a method could be used a second time, the inefficacy of the president’s announcements in 2006 leave many in despair as the contemplate a situation that looks set to get much worse before it can get any better.

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