Thursday, October 24, 2013

Misaje Council: Dumbu Zone Indigene to Succeed Nkenda?

After battling it out at September 30 elections with the SDF and NUDP in Misaje, the elected councillors of the CPDM party are busy pondering over who to be Mayor.
Nkenda Simon-Incumbent
However three names are very prominent on the lips of every Misaje man. The three bets for the top job are Alhadji Yougouda of Akweto in Mbessa area, CPDM Section President Sammy Mbgata from Bebekete in Dumbu area and the incumbent Mayor Nkenda Simon from Kamine in Mbessa area.
The question as to who shall be elected mayor of Misaje council that started way back before the September polls has caused untold hatred and divisions among families and sympathisers of both Sammy Mbgata and Nkenda Simon.
Many had dismissed the idea of having Alhadji Yougouda as Mayor for fear that the rumour that Alhadji Baba Danpoulo may come and chase away grazers in the area and set up a private cattle ranch. The choice now is between the CPDM Section President Sammy Mbgata and incumbent Nkenda Simon.
A school of thought holds that the Mbessa zone has enjoyed the position of mayor for too long by producing three mayors consecutively. Nchane area handed the baton to Mbessa and now the people of Dumbu zone are demanding that this is their turn to produce a mayor.
Both Nkenda Simon and Sammy Mbgata, were pioneer Deputy Mayors under Mayor Ngande Elias when Misaje council was just created in 1993.
Nkenda Simon has enjoyed the office of vice Section President for Donga Mantung IV under Section President Maigaji Yougouda(Now RIP) and has been mayor of Misaje council for six years now.
Meantime, lobbying indicators point to the fact that Sammy Mbgata has since his election as Section President for Donga Mantung IV, enjoyed the support of Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry.
As for Nkenda Simon, the Mbessa caucus is holding tide to the fact that Fon Michael Fuma was mayor for about twenty years before handing over to Mayor Ngande Elias. With this, they see no reason why Nkenda Simon should be ousted in just six years in office. While Dumbu people are holding tide to a certain gentleman agreement that this is their turn to produce a Mayor.
Sammy Mbgata personally funded the grading of the Dumbu Sabongida road and the payment of teachers’ arrears for GSS Dumbu and donation of computers and power generators to GSS Dumbu and the Health Centre and many other generous donations and contribution to the development of the municipality. With all these to his credit many see him to fit squarely with their choice of a mayor and they are mobilizing to celebrate if their wish is granted come October 16 2013.
With all said and done the question now is shall an indigene from Dumbu zone succeed Nkenda Simon as mayor?

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