Saturday, December 28, 2013

Biya -Fru Ndi Negotiations Blocking New Government!

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Since 1992, after every parliamentary election, it took the president of the Republic of Cameroon a maximum of two months to reshuffle government.
Three months after the September 30, 2013 municipal and legislative elections, Cameroonians have been waiting for the new government.
President Biya and Fru Ndi Met in Bamenda in Dec. 2010
Sources close to the PRC say the delay is orchestrated by negotiations between the frontline opposition party in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front of Ni John Fru Ndi and President Paul Biya, also national chairman of the ruling CPDM. The same sources say the SDF is contemplating accepting the offer.
A union government with a representation of all the major political parties which emerged from the September 30 twin local elections, this reporter has been reliably informed, is what President Biya is searching for. The opposition and the governing party working together for the betterment of Cameroon and its peoples we were told by our sources, is the guiding post of the initiative.
The president’s biggest challenge our sources say, is to bring the Social Democratic Front-SDF, the leading opposition party in Cameroon on board.
Such a union government would make a lot of sense if the SDF comes in.
The move should follow recognition by government of SDF’s proposals for the improvement of the lot of Cameroonians which can only be implemented if they join the union government.
Above all, President Biya’s ambition for a union government is aimed at showing the world his attainment of genuine democracy within Cameroon.
Emissaries to be dispatched to discuss the matter with SDF militants owe their mission to assurances that they know some staunch SDF supporters who are ready to accept the offer.
Chairman Fru Ndi of the SDF recently met with Martin Belinga Eboutou President Biya’s Director of Cabinet to discuss what the chairman termed “issues of supreme interest of the state”.
After their encounter this year, Chairman Fru Ndi changed gears, going back on his declaration that the SDF would boycott the Senatorial elections in Cameroon and that his boys would come out with machetes to butcher.
Pundits say Chairman Fru Ndi who has always threatened to sack from the SDF any supporter who joins the government could also change gear and join himself this time around. After all, pundits add, the motive is also the supreme interest of the state
We gathered that if Chairman Fru Ndi maintains his position of the SDF not joining government, the emissaries will turn to influential supporters of the SDF party frustrated after the September 30 local twin polls.
The SDF party emerged with 18 deputies in parliament and 21 councils from the local twin September 30 polls.
The Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU) of party of Adamou Ndam Njoya we learnt will also be contacted by the emissaries. Ndam Njoya has always maintained his position of never joining the government of President Biya, arguing that it serves no purpose as it will be of no impact. The CDU has four seats in parliament and seven councils.
Apart from the SDF, and CDU, the emissaries could also meet officials of the CRM - the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party of Maurice Kamto. The MRC secured one MP in the National Assembly - Lazare Soub from Wouri East although they won no council.
The Union of the Peoples of Cameroon (UPC) we have been informed, is ready to accept president Biya’s offer of a union government.
The MDR, the Movement for Republican Defense of Dakolle Daissala has one deputy at the National Assembly. The party is an old time ally of the CPDM.
The National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP of Maigari Bello Bouba with five (5) MPs and 15 councils is an ally of the governing CPDM party.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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  1. it is better to get into a bad house and then tell the whole world what is bad in the house and how to go about rooting it out than simply just stay behind and my opinion if the opposition goes in...struggle to put meaningful change..and then if their ideologies are blocked they resign..then they will be seen as more credible