Monday, December 30, 2013

Musonge Urges Southwest Elite to Unite for Development

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Members of government, senators, parliamentarians, General Managers and other dignitaries from the South West region in Yaounde have been urged to remain united and fight for the development of their region. Senator Peter Mafany Musonge made the call in Yaounde on Friday November 22 at a ceremony organized to welcome South West parliamentarians who emerged victorious at the Sept. 30, 2013 legislative elections.
Senator Musonge
Speaking on behalf of the Southwest community in Yaounde, Senator Mafany congratulated the parliamentarians, noting that of the 15 seats at the National Assembly for the South West region, the ruling CPDM of President Paul Biya won 14 while the leading opposition party, the SDF of Ni John Fru Ndi won 1. “This is a repeat of 2007 and we deserve to congratulate our militants and ourselves”, he said.
On the 16th of May 2013, the same ceremony was organized in favour of pioneer elected and appointed senators from the region.
Mr Musonge remarked that “in both houses, the South West region occupies privileged positions. At the Senate, we have a group leader and a questor while at the National Assembly, we have a vice president and a secretary”.
Besides, Mr Musonge rejoiced that the Southwest is also honoured to have produced the eldest Members of Parliament both at the National Assembly (Hon. Enow Tanjong) and at the Senate (Senator Mfon Victor Mukete)
The former premier cautioned those in attendance to be united and work for the interests of the people.
To the elected officials, he said: “After the resounding confidence shown by our electorate, it is time to give back; all of us should work hand in glove, we are not rivals of one another”.
Be it to members of government, senators or parliamentarians, Musonge was unequivocal: “We should not waste our energy trying to outdo or outsmart one another”.
Working in unison according to Mr Musonge will help them to start preparing for the next elections for “the five year mandate will go by very soon and our balance sheet will be studied and sanctioned by the electorate.”
On behalf of the elites from the Southwest region, the former premier called on all South Westerners in Yaounde to be in Buea for the celebration of the announced 50th anniversary of Cameron’s reunification when the time comes.
Earlier, the representatives of the Southwest region at the lower House of Parliament for the 9th legislative period were presented to the South West community in Yaounde.
The CPDM won both seats of the Kupe Muanenguba division which is represented at the National Assembly by Hon. Ngujede Robert Ngole and Hon Aleh Eyabi Clarah. In Manyu division, the party also won all the three seats and is represented by Hon. Enow Tanjong, Hon Igelle Elias Terhemen and Nsosie Susana Ebah Épse Okpu. In Fako,the situation was the same and the division is represented by Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, Hon. Lisinge Arthur Ekeke alias ‘Man Boy’, Hon. Fritz Ngeka Etoke, and Hon. Gladys Itombi.
The CPDM also won all the three seats in Ndian division with Hon. Mary Muyali Boya Epse Meboka, Hon. Njume Peter Ambang, and Hon. Ngalle Daniel Etongo as their representatives, while the party retained the lone seat in Lebialem with Hon. Ateawung Foju Bernard as their representative. The CPDM and the SDF shared the two seats of Meme division with Hon. Martin Atinda Mboni and Hon Mbanya Bolevie Petnga representing the division on the CPDM and SDF tickets respectively.


Despite the unity call by the former prime minister, not all the elite and members of government from the region honoured the invitation to the event. The latter are challenging Musonge's leadership of the SW people with his meetings being strongly contested by some who are questioning the source of his authority to organize them.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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