Friday, June 13, 2014

Misaje: Secret Society Honours NUDP Youth Leader, Ndansi Elvis

Misaje, Donga Mantung--'Tamfu' Ndansi Elvis, National Youth President of the NUDP party and elite of Misaje subdivision of the Donga Mantung division has been honoured by a secret society of the land, the "kwifon". The messenger of the secret society, the "mabu" has just announced a ceremony in honour of the politician who arrived his native Misaje subdivision from Yaounde on Thursday. (See pictures below)

'Mabu' welcomes Ndansi
'Mabu' displays infront of Ndansi
Ndansi respects tradition, offers a fowl to 'kwifon' messenger

'Mabu' brandishing fowl from Ndansi
Society member joyous expressing joy with Ndansi donated fowl
Messenger happily going back to report the "good news"
From our special envoy to Misaje Ndi Eugene Ndi.

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