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Misaje: Traditional rulers hail Ndansi Elvis for unmatched generosity

Misaje, Cameroon—Ndansi Elvis Nukam, National Youth president of the NUDP party and an elite of the Misaje sub division has been urged to continue with his generosity towards the people of the sub division.
Traditional rulers of Misaje sub division made the call during a visit the youth leader paid to the locality on Thursday June 12, 2014.
Fon of Nkanchi-Misaje welcomes Ndansi in his palace

Speaking as he welcomed Ndansi, the Fon of Dumbu said “Misaje sub division is in your hands; you can either build or destroy it. Continue with the direction you have taken because we have realized that you are in the right direction”
The reception ceremony that took place at the Nkanchi- Misaje Fon’s palace was an opportunity for the six custodians of the tradition to congratulate Ndansi for his fulfilled promises towards the sub division.
Without mincing words, the Fons jointly condemned politics of rancor and deceit by some politicians of the area as they hailed Ndansi for always keeping to his promises.
The six traditional rulers through the Fon of Nkanchi-Misaje told Ndansi that their dream is to have a separate Misaje constituency and if in future their dream becomes reality “we will not conduct elections in Misaje sub division, we will just choose our representatives both at the council and parliament”, the traditional ruler of the Nkanchi village maintained.
 Corroborating his colleague, the Fon of Dumbu added that “we want politicians who keep to their promises; we don’t want those who come and deceive us with elephant promises but do not even come back to us”
In what sounded as a direct response to their worries, the august guest said his generosity should not be taken for a political gimmick. He excoriated that he is not in competition with any other person in the division. “I am just doing my own small contribution to the development of our beloved sub division”, Ndansi said.
Ndansi bags another traditional recognition
Conferring Taa'Shey title on Ndansi

On the sidelines of his visit to the Misaje, Ndansi was crowned Taa’Shey; recognizing him as a senior member of the “kwifon”; highest traditional society of the land.
Tantoh Ndoumba Godlove told the title holder that Misaje and particularly the palace is privileged to have received have people in the likes of Ndansi Elvis part of the village. Ndoumba, a CPDM frontliner in Misaje went on that when his hierarchy in Yaounde will hear he was present at a ceremony organized in honour of Ndansi, he may not have it easy. But according to him, his presence had nothing to do with his political leaning.
“You have sacrificed a lot to be here in Misaje, all Misaje is behind you for your good ideas, we may not belong to the same political party but our goal is development and we need ideas for this development comes through people and not political parties”, Tantoh Ndoumba said.
He described Ndansi as a God-sent not only to the people of Misaje but the entire Donga Matung Division as a whole. “Misaje must change and note that the end will be a happy one for you and we shall all be beneficiaries of your success”, Tantoh Ndoumba told the new Taa’Shey.
The Fon of Nkanchi-Misaje who conferred the title on Ndansi whispered that time for campaign is over, “it is now time to know who loves his people and in future only those who have shown such love and proven that the development of this community is their concern will have our support during elections. We are discovering these people, when I shall present them to my community in future; I am convinced they will not fail to give their support”.
'Kwifon' title holders welcoming newest member, Ndansi

Using himself as example, the Fon said he wasn’t chosen to be the leader of the Nkanchi-Misaje people because he is an intellectual or occupied a high political office.
“I am not educated but they saw skills in me that can make me their leader. Those are the kind of things we will consider in future not education or political offices”
On behalf of the “kwifon” bigwigs, former CPDM deputy mayor, Shey Nyako praised Ndansi for joining the ranks of the decision makers of the highest traditional society of the land.
It should be noted last week’s recognition conferred on the NUDP national youth president was the second after that of Tamfu (warrior) conferred on him by the wimbum community in Bamenda some two years ago.
Ndansi is the first person to have been conferred a traditional title by the Fon of Nkanchi-Misaje who is less than two years old on the throne.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi on assignment in Misaje

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