Monday, June 16, 2014

Nkambe: New Council Administration Wants Former Mayor, Municipal Treasurer, Probed

Nkambe, Cameroon—The 2013 administrative and management accounts of the Nkambe council has been adopted. The adoption followed a heated plenary session of the council’s administrative and management accounts that took place at the weekend in the conference room of the council town hall.
Though the finance committee of the council which is headed by councilor Musa Shey Nfor had taken two days to examine the accounts that were being discussed in the plenary, some disparities in the latter sparked debates putting management of the former executive to task.
Councilors were of the opinion that the audit bench probes into the accounts before it could be adopted following a plethora of disparities in figures and nomenclature as x-rayed by the finance committee.
From the report of the finance committee, it emerged that millions of CFA francs were allocated some projects at the council which as of now have not been realized; though the money had already been spent.
Besides, councilors questioned why so much money was allocated for the mayor and temporary council staff.
New administration was installed on Dec. 7, 2013
With the aforesaid disparities amongst others, the councilors were of the opinion that the accounts be audited by a competent body like audit bench before adoption.
If this were to happen, the former mayor Mangoh Jones Tanko and the municipal treasurer; Mgbatta Sammy would answer querries.

SDO intervenes

As supervisory authority, the senior divisional officer for Donga Mantung, Ndode Mesappe Bernard cautioned the councilors to adopt the accounts as presented saying “if there is some bad faith exercised some where, only the audit bench could probe in later”.
He reminded that councilors that the accounts were jointly managed by the former and current administrations of the council.
The former administration that was headed by Mangoh Jones Tanko managed the accounts for nine (9) months while the current administration headed by Ngabir Paul Bantar managed same accounts for three (3) months.
The Donga Mantung chieftain announced that a training workshop will be organized for the councilors in the days ahead as all deputy mayors will also have functional offices. He also revealed that a credit card of CFA 30Million has been allocated to rehabilitate the Mbot - Chup road and wished the Nkambe council should grow from strength to strength.

Achievements of new executive

Speaking earlier, the first assistant mayor, Shey Emmanuel Yunwe said the new council executive that was elected on the CPDM platform has not been to slumber. He cited some of the achievements of the nine months old administration among them roads construction and ongoing tarring of some streets in the municipality, demarcating of council properties, construction of two markets worth 40million and eminent construction of Nkambe main market.
The new council town hall constructed by the out gone administration, the first deputy mayor announced will soon be equipped thanks to FIECOM funds.
In addition to the aforementioned and without being exhaustive, the mayor cited the acquisition of new vehicle and modern equipment for the Donga Mantung Community Radio (DMCR).
The session also saw the adoption of the PNDP/state budget of the Nkambe council for 2013.

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