Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Senate reaffirms support to fight against Boko Haram

Yaounde, Cameroon—The first ordinary session for the 2015 legislative year has kicked off at the senate-the upper house of parliament with an appeal to all Cameroonians to support the head of state, President Paul Biya in his drive towards emergence and his determination to stamp out the Boko Haram terrorist group.
Senators in session (photo credit; Cameroon Tribune)

The oldest member of the senate and president of the provisional bureau of the house, Senator Nfon Victor Mukete, 96 years old CPDM senator from the Southwest made the call in Yaounde on Thursday March 12, 2014 as he chaired the opening plenary of the 2015 legislative year.
According to Senator Nfon Mukete, “it is by working together that we shall stamp out terrorism, this cankerworm which is today a scourge in Africa and other parts of the world”.
Senator Nfon Mukete expressed delight for the holding in Yaounde of the extraordinary summit of the council for peace and security in Central Africa (COPAX), to discuss measures of combating the Boko Haram terrorist sect.
“Our parliament’s involvement in such a sub regional event clearly shows the will of Cameroonians to work as one to maintain peace and security in our country”, he said.
Like at the lower house, the first parliamentary session at the senate; the upper house of parliament will be devoted essentially to the election of the president as well as members of the bureau of the senate. In this regard, the president of the provisional bureau called on his peers to ensure that the elections are conducted in a serene and convivial atmosphere.
“I pray that we shall show proof of a high sense of responsibility and high patriotism”, Senator Mukete said.
The oldest member of the senate was flanked by two youngest members of the house; 40 years old MarlyseAboui, ANDP senator of the East region and Amadou Tidjani, 40 years old SDF senator from the Adamawa region.

Minister Fame Ndongo awaited!

The fight against the Boko Haram terrorist group according to senator Jean Tsomelou, SDF group leader at the senate, will not disturb the in-house business of the legislative institution.
Though mainly dedicated to the election of the president and bureau members, senators will within their thirty (30) days stay in session also examine projects and proposals of laws filed respectively by the government and parliament as well as ask questions to members of government during question & answer plenary sessions.
The SDF senatorial group leader revealed that corrupt government officials will not have it easy before senators this session.
Amongst the members of government awaited at the senate, Jean Tsomelou disclosed, is Jacques Fame Ndongo, Minister of Higher Education who will have to come and explain the controversial admission into the diplomacy section of the International relations Institute, IRIC.

Boko Haram is looking for green gold—Senator Wanlo John

The oldest member’s speech was focused on two main things; the war against Boko Haram and election of the president and bureau member of the senate.The senate is a state institution, senators are representing the people and so we have to join the head of state in the war. Senators can contribute through sensitization of the citizens especially our youths on the evil intensions of the terrorist group. I recently visited some European countries and a friend told me there is green gold in Africa. We cannot allow the sect to penetrate and get rid of our green gold; all Cameroonians have to firmly support the head of state, supreme commander of the armed forces in this fight. Our young people have to denounce any suspected cases, give any useful information to our military, and collaborate so that we can conquer the terrorist group. If you give the right information to the people, you save them. We are looking forward for an emerging Cameroon in 2035, we have to do everything to bar the way for Boko Haram as it is the determination of our head of state, President Paul Biya.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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