Thursday, October 15, 2015

Boyo To Host Second NUDP Youth Steering Committee Meeting

Fundong, Cameroon—Steering committee members of the youth wing of the National Union for Democracy and Progress, the NUDP party would meet in their second steering committee meeting for 2015 in Fundong in the Boyo Division of the Northwest region.
Ndansi Elvis
The two days meeting; from October 23-25 will take place under the theme, “Youth Empowerment Through Vocational Training.”
“The concept of vocational training is not just about going to a vocational training center. You can identify skills in people who have not had the opportunity to go the university or other higher institutions of learning and empower them,” the national youth president of the NUDP party, Ndansi Elvis said.
The meeting would also be an occasion for the youth wing of the opposition party to evaluate its grassroots’ following ahead of future elections.
“All local party officials of the region from Mezam, Ngokentunjia, Bui, Donga Mantung, Menchum and Momo have been invited. It will not be limited to the bureau of the Youth Movement for Democracy and Progress [as the youth wing of the party is called],” Ndansi added.
The choice of Fundong was agreed upon during the first steering committee of the movement in Tignere in the Faro and Deo division of the Adamawa region earlier this year.

Plans to ‘capture’ Momo in 2018

The party recently restructured some of its basic organs in the Northwest region. In the Momo division, Walter Mudoh who was elected NUDP divisional Federation president pledged his readiness to challenge any other political party in upcoming elections.
Speaking following his installation recently in Guzang, the new Momo federation president of the NUDP party promised to launch a ‘rigorous fight’ with the party in power in the division as well as any other political party intending for contest for future elections in the division.
Walter Mudoh did not expatiate on his strategies to win all elections in Momo for the NUDP party, but was hopeful that the youths of the division, who according to him were being threatened by the ‘old guard’ to support their stay in power will be heed to his call.
“The result registered by the NUDP list at the 2013 municipal election is indicative that the party is on a good footing in Momo,” Mudoh said.

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