Thursday, October 22, 2015

CPDM Reorganization: Who’s who in Donga Mantung? (I)

Hon. Njingum (standing) calling on coordinators, candidates to respect guidelines
Nkambe, Cameroon—The coordinator in charge of supervising the renewal of the executives of basic organs and specialized organizations of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, the CPDM party in the Donga Mantung division has reminded subsection commissions of the need to respect circular N0. 001/CPDM/NP of July 27, 2015 relating to the exercise.
Hon. Njingum Musa made the appeal at the Nkambe community hall on Friday October 16, 2015 as he officially launched the reorganization process in the division.
The CPDM central committee emissary to Donga Mantung told the militants and aspirants that the renewal of the party’s basic organs is meant to strengthen the party at the grassroots and not to stir division.
“Let’s use our intelligence to ensure there is peace [during the reorganization period],” Hon. Njingum said.

Who is who, where?

 Nkambe: ‘Buttered bread’ for Ngala Gerard

The name Ngala Gerard is ‘synonymous to’ the CPDM in Nkambe. The interim section president, we gathered may stand unopposed in the Donga Mantung I section. Ngala who is considered to have brought back to the party to life after what most observers termed as ‘dead and lying in state’ in the hitherto opposition fief parachuted to the post of interim section president two years ago following the election to the post of Mayor of the municipality of the former section president, Paul Ngabir.
The central committee team to supervise the reorganization in Nkambe is headed by Ngi Christopher with Nfor Frederick Budi, Ndukong Gerard and Shey Nfor Musa as vice presidents. Three members of the team include, Ngwayi Pius, Kilah Godlove and Ngwani Charles while Chuyeh Mbunkur, Hajara Danjuma and Yembe Emmanuel are ‘charges de mission,’ (liaison officers)
The supervision team according to some observers may not have much work. Yet we learnt that Kilah Godlove, a member of the commission would run for YCPDM. As per instructions from the Central committee of the party, he has to step down from the commission not to be considered as ‘player and referee.’
Another candidate who would challenge Kilah if his resignation is approved is Tangong Oliver. The incumbent YCPDM section scribe, according to what we gathered may put up his candidature.
Ever since the CPDM ‘regained life’ in Nkambe, the WCPDM president, Felicia Baleri has made sporadic appearances at public rallies. Yet, we were informed another ‘young woman’ is being groomed for her position.

Ndu: Abdou Borno against two

Alhaji Abdou is outgoing YCPDM section president for Donga Mantung I, Nkambe. He contested at the 2013 twin elections as head of the council list of his native Ndu subdivision. Though, the list did not sail through, it is believed the ‘encouraging’ score recorded was thanks to him.
Until the official launch of the reorganization exercise last Friday, Abdou was lone candidate for the post of section president in Donga Mantung II, Ndu. Incumbent Hon. Tarla Kwalar, we learnt will not be running for office.
The CPDM central committee team to Ndu is headed by Dr. Mpoche Kizito with Fai Takop, Nfor Lazarus and Fai Njilah Ngotong as vice presidents. Adamu Mejama, John Ndi Ngala and Nfor Njingti are members while Tamfu Avitus, Tangin Victorine and Nfor Kenneth are ‘charges de mission.’
However, there could be three candidates for the post of section president in Donga Mantung II. We gathered that John Ndi Ngala, incumbent YCPDM president who by virtue of his age cannot run for same office would resign as central committee member to the section and run for office.
Yet we learnt another candidate has reportedly be moving round recruiting militants to run on his list since the process was launch in that section last Saturday. We could not independently confirmed information that the candidate is backed by a member of the central committee delegation.

Emma Bongnjo missing in action!!

Though we could not confirm whether they were just fanatics or registered militants of the CPDM, most young people we talked to in Ndu said they had wish Alhadji Abdou should run for section president while Emmanuel Bongnjo Kwalar, son of the incumbent section president runs for ‘Y’.
Though they said they have not heard from Bongnjo vis-à-vis the “people’s call” to run for office of YCPDM section president, they expressed their readiness to support Abdou’s list… be continued.

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