Friday, October 30, 2015

CPDM Reorganization: Who’s who in Donga Mantung? (II)

Nkambe, Cameroon—The coordinator in charge of supervising the renewal of the executives of basic organs and specialized organizations of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, the CPDM party in the Donga Mantung division has reminded subsection commissions of the need to respect electoral prescription as outlined in circular N0. 001/CPDM/NP of July 27, 2015 relating to the exercise.
Hon. Njingum Musa made the appeal at the Nkambe community hall on Friday October 16, 2015 as he officially launched the reorganization process in the division.
The CPDM central committee emissary to Donga Mantung told the militants and aspirants that the renewal of the party’s basic organs is meant to strengthen the party at the grassroots and not to stir division.
“Let’s use our intelligence to ensure there is peace [during the reorganization period],” Hon. Njingum said.
Who’s who, where?
We examined chances of aspirants in Ndu and Nkambe in our previous write-up ( part one). Here is part two as promised. 

Ako: Kuta-Mbembe acrimony feared

In Donga Mantung III, Ako, there are fears the reorganization may spark bitterness as the pre-process is already creating tribal divisions between the Kutas and the Mbembes.
Hon. Ntoi Joseph, outgoing section we gathered is bent on handing the command baton to his son, Ntoi Eugene. The Ntois are from Kuta same like current member of parliament, Hon Abe Michael.
Outgoing YCPDM and aspiring CPDM section president, Mvenya Ernest had reportedly worked out a plan with the current MP for Kuta support as the latter is from lower Mbembe. But Mvenya’s hopes were almost dashed when he realized that Hon. Abe wasn’t in his camp but that of his ‘Kuta brother,’ Ntoi Eugene.
But supporters of Mvenya’s candidature in Ako argue that the latter is a heavyweight in local politics in the Mbembe land and will crush Ntoi Eugene at the polls.
Meantime, Kuta and upper Mbembe pro Ntoi Eugene militants are also reportedly determined to push the Kupe Muanenguba divisional delegate of MINEPAT into his father’s shoes.
Observers thus hold that the reorganization exercise in Ako could thus turn into a Kuta-Mbembe ‘war’ if care is not taken.
The central committee supervision team to the border CPDM section headed by veteran journalist Adamu Musa is therefore expected to reconcile the different lists should the election take place in a tranquil atmosphere.

Misaje: Nkenda against ‘Yaounde mafia’

The absence of the former mayor of Misaje, Nkenda Sonde at the official launch of the reorganization exercise on Saturday October 17 has made the situation of the Donga Mantung IV ‘complicated.’
No one could say whether his absence meant he had decided to throw in the towel or preparing a bombshell. Yet when this reporter accosted him, he simply said he wasn’t aware of the event. He declined further interrogations.
Meantime, we gathered from other sources that Nkenda has vowed that not even ‘Yaounde mafia’ will stop him from becoming section president.
The incumbent executive bureau made up of Sammy Mbgatta, Bolame Bridget and Gariwa Lawrence took over the council as Mayor, first and second deputies respectively in 2013.
We gathered that a man whose only name we got as Nyako is already bracing up to succeed Sammy Mbgatta following a gentleman agreement while a former SDF militant, Abubakar Babayo will head a YCPDM list.
We also learnt that though overseeing the reorganization process in Ngokentunjia, Dr Fuh Calistus is ‘at work’ to make sure tempers are calmed in his base.
Just like he does with tender files in the University of Yaounde II, Soa, Yerima Peter, head of the CPDM central committee supervision commission to Misaje, thus expected to scrutinize the files of the candidates without fear or favour.

Nwa:  ‘Do or Die’ for Dr. Ngomfe

Incumbent section executive of the Donga Mantung V section made up of Hon Mbucksek Genesis, Bobey Ndagha and Meyong Lawrence as CPDM, WCPDM and YCPM would still run for office, we gathered.
But the current ‘landlord,’ (mayor) Dr; Ngomfe David who we learnt had earlier planned to sponsor a certain Pastor Damien had decided to run for the section;
An attempt by the divisional coordinator in charge of supervising the renewal exercise in the Donga Mantung division, Hon Njingum Musa in Nkambe to reconcile the MP and the Mayor failed.
Sources told us that Dr. Ngomfe vowed that he was not part of any consensus; “let’s go for the election and we will know who’s who,” Ngomfe reportedly told the central committee team in an indoor meeting.
We learnt that one young man from Nwa based in the nation’s capital could profit the division and pick his ‘crown from the gutter’ should his list sail through the committee.
The director of exploration at the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, Simon Tamfu who is head of the Central Committee team to Nwa is expected to be very discreet in validating voters to avoid physical confrontation.
 By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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