Thursday, May 2, 2013

"I cannot accept President Biya's appointment as Senator"-Fru Ndi

SDF Chieftain, Ni John Fru Ndi

When the Supreme Court declared the CPDM senatorial victory in the North West on Monday, everyone knew that Fru Ndi’s senatorial bid was now at President Biya’s mercy as the SDF chairman could only now go to the senate through appointment not the ballot.
Surprisingly, according to The Sun Newspaper of Wednesday May 1, 2013, after the proclamation of the results, the much more relaxed SDF chairman who contested but did not succeed to become senator said "I am a politician and I have to go to the Senate by election and not by President Biya’s appointment”
Though the SDF chieftain will not accept President Biya’s appointment, Fru ndi in The Post Newspaper of Monday, April 29, 2013 had declared that he has proposed a list of senators to be appointed by Mr Biya.
"I have prepared the list of SDF militants we have proposed for the president to appoint as senators. In as much as I prefer elections to appointments, there is a list I have sent for appointments in which I am not included. Apart from a ministerial post, I could consider some other appointment” Fru Ndi is quoted to have told The Post Newspaper in Bamenda.

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