Friday, May 17, 2013

Who Represents Senate at May 20 Celebrations?

Senator Nfon Victor Mukete
The twenty-five (25) member committee to be designated to draw up the standing orders of the pioneer senate of Cameroon is yet to be put in place. While members of the upper chamber of the Cameroon parliament are still waiting for the committee, Nfon Victor Mukete, president of the provisionary bureau of the house may represent the house at celebrations marking the 41st edition of the National Day on Monday May 20, 2013.
The committee to draw up the standing orders would be made up of seventeen (17) senators from the CPDM, four (4) from the SDF and one (1) each from the NUDP, FNSC, ANDP, and MDR.

Senate Presidency

Constitutionally, the senate president is the second personality of the republic. In this case, it is a simple political logic that since the president of the republic is French-speaking; the senate president will obviously come from the Anglophone region (South West or North West).
A close look at the senators from these regions (elected and appointed) shows that three personalities could be tipped for the top job. They are; Simon Achidi Achu and Francis Nkwain from the North West and Peter Mafany Musonge from the South West
The eldest member, Nfon Victor Mukete, 95 and the two youngest members, Ahmadou Tidjani and Aboui Marlyse, each about 40 years old would not be eligible for any post in the bureau of the house.
At the opening of the first statutory ordinary session of the upper chamber of parliament in Yaounde on Tuesday May 14, 2013, Senator Nfon Mukete promised “this provisionary bureau will conduct the business of the house with wisdom foresight and sagacity during this first statutory session”.
The putting in place of the senate, the eldest member said will further strengthen democracy in Cameroon. He called for a harmonious coexistence between the upper and the lower chamber.

Cavaye envy senate

Being the pioneer senators of Cameroon, they were given a standing ovation as they received their attributes at the National Assembly in Yaounde on Tuesday. Everyone present at the National Assembly stood and applauded as the senators wore their sashes except the president of the National Assembly, Rt Hon Cavaye Yegui Djibril.
The president of the lower house of parliament had wished to be senator but his candidacy was not endorsed by his party, the CPDM.
Rt Hon Cavaye Yegui Djibril, president of the lower chamber of parliament has been acting as the second personality of the republic before the putting in place of the senate last May 14.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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