Monday, May 13, 2013

Who Heads Cameroon’s Pioneer Senate?

President Biya will determine the president of the Senate
Cameroon’s pioneer 100 senators will meet in Yaounde tomorrow Tuesday May 14 as of right in a plenary session to validate their mandates and elect pioneer executives of house. The senators would also be expected to adopt the internal rules and regulations of the house.
The question on the lips of every Cameroonian now is who will head the upper house of parliament.
The senate is dominated by representatives from the CPDM, be it the elected or appointed senators. Many of them have occupied high posts of responsibilities in Cameroon.
The head of the political parties represented at the senate are those who decide the profile of who to head the house. Mr Paul Biya would have to choose his close aides in the party to be head of the upper house of parliament of Cameroon.
Paul Biya’s appointed senators however seems to answer the worry of many Cameroonians.
Every one knew that Peter Mafany Musonge, grand chancellor of the National Orders was well seated. But Mr Biya’s choice felt on him to represent the Buea subdivision in the senate.
The appointment of Peter Mafany, public opinion holds is an indication that the President of the Republic and National Chairman of the CPDM is preparing him to head the upper house of parliament in Cameroon. Many of them argue that apart from the fact that he was already “well-seated”, two other senators were already elected from his Fako Division.
 Mr Mafany like Mr Simon Achidi Achu from the North West are former Prime Ministers who have served under the Biya’s government.
And if the senate was to be headed by an English Speaking Cameroonian and especially from the South West Region, what would happen to the post of Prime Minister which has been theirs (though not written).
Besides Mr Mafany Musonge who many Cameroonians are putting as favourite in the battle for the presidency of the senate, Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, Sultan of the Bamouns and former Minister, according to some Cameroonians would be elected to head the upper house of parliament in Cameroon.
Notwithstanding, other Cameroonians are also of the opinion that the ailing former Prime Minister, Simon Achidi Achu could be the second personality of the state.
About the senate and its 100 members, political analyst Eric Mathias Owona Nguini says “globally, the make-up of the Senate is a conservative one.”
“President Biya showed his will to control the Senate right from the start and the naming of the remaining senators confirms that a rejuvenation of Cameroon politics under Biya will be difficult.”

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