Friday, August 23, 2013

WISU 2013: Elections postponed, outgoing president on the run?

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Wimbum Students currently attending the 34th annual convention of the Wimbum Students’ Union (WISU) in Taku have entered day five today without a new executive as was scheduled.
Mr Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh who has come to the end of his second mandate was conspicuously absent from Taku on Thursday as his successor had to be elected. The president who will not be eligible for an election has not been at the venue since his “disappearance” on Wednesday August 21 (Day III).
Contrarily, he (outgone Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh) is expected to make a landmark speech this Saturday during the parents-students cultural exchanges.
Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh-"I am not on the run"
However the WISU Chairmen Election’s Committee is reportedly finalizing material preparation for the said election that may take place today ahead of the parents-students exchanges tomorrow Saturday August 24.
The president however answered our phone call this morning from Bamenda where he said he is preparing didactic materials and some prizes that will be awarded to Wisuans and WISU branches by the end of the convention.
“I am preparing study materials and generators and other materials that will be handed out to some schools, Wisuans and WISU branches tomorrow”, Mr Nfor said. He added that his stay away from Taku has been prolonged by the fact that he went for trophies and medals that were sent from Britain to be awarded to finalists of sporting activities taking place on the sidelines of the convention.
Most of the students at the convention had started raising doubts about the return of the outgoing president to the convention. To this, the president explained that his absence does not mean he has absconded from WISU.
“I am not on the run, running away from what”, Mr Nkeh questioned adding he is ready to support his successor. “I am going back to Taku today, you know tomorrow will be a very important day in the history of the convention” Mr President concluded.

Culture and Religion takes center stage on day V

According to the program, besides SS (students to students) exchanges, cultural, health and religious activities would take center stage at the WISU convention today (Friday August 23).
Though with the postponement of the elections the program could be thwarted, the students however look forward to a rich display of culture today.
Wisuans will listen to lectures and video projection on HIV/AIDS, STIs and cholera likewise voluntarily taking part in free HIV/AIDS screening.
Culturally, Mr Eugene Kanjo’s WISU Traditional Dance Competitions , Mr. Abdou’s Wisu fine arts competition; (Arts that passes on a message on Mbum History, Health hazards etc) Wisu artist Music Competition (a song in line with the theme of this year’s convention)would feature today.
The high point of day five would be a REVIVAL EVENING to be presented by Pastor Thomas, Prophet Harison, Pastor Ndi Nelson and Pastor Nforgwei Rene Orock at 7PM.

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  1. I know that with such Love that the WISU president has shown for the union for the past 4years he cannot be running away from WISU. "For what" like he asked.