Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ahead of September 30 Elections: Madam Mary Awudu Escapes Lynching?

(NewsWatch Cameroon)- As the road to the September 30 twin elections narrows, there are indications of fireworks especially in the Donga Mantung central constituency (Nkambe and Ndu).
While candidates and electorate await the official launch of campaigns on September 15, some political parties have been strategizing through rallies and conferences.
One of the parties running for the elections in Donga Mantung Central is the CPDM. The party officials in Donga Mantung have been holding rallies to sensitise its militants on the need to go and collect their voters cards well ahead of the elections.
After successful rallies in Bongom and Chup, officials of the party officials moved to Wat where a rally was organized on Sunday August 18, 2013 where eyewitness account say almost ended in a war with the opposition SDF.
According information from that part of the country, the SDF MP’s wife rush to Wat market early on Sunday as the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) was to hold a rally there.
The rally according to reports was aimed at sensitizing CPDM militants on the need to collect their voters’ cards ahead of the September 30 twin elections.
Eyewitnesses say Mary Awudu and some local SDF party officials arrived the Wat market square well ahead of the CPDM officials.
They went to the market sheds that were prepared for the CPDM event and claimed the CPDM though authorized to organize a public event is not authorized to use the sheds that were constructed with micro project grants by the incumbent SDF parliamentarian for Nkambe Central, Hon Awudu Mbaya Cyprian.
Mary Awudu went to the sheds, removed the decoration, throw away the “khabarah” (special stool used only by Fons) and this lead to a roar, eyewitnesses say.
The act provoked the youths of Wat and as she continued, Bar. Chifu Ngenge David aspiring CPDM councilor for Bongom is said to have approached.
Mary Awudu reportedly held Bar. Chifu on his tie and slapped him. As a defensive means, Bar. Chifu also gave Madam Awudu a slap that cause her to release him.
Other youths from Wat and neighbouring villages who were informed of the incident, eyewitness account say stormed the market but were stopped from carrying out their planned action on the SDF official thanks to the intervention of Shey Nfor Musa and Waka Emmanuel aspiring CPDM councilors for Nwangri and Mbaa respectively.
Eyewitnesses say the incident would have escalated should Shey nfor Musa and Waka Emmanuel did not intervene to stop the youths that flooded the Wat market square.
Informed, the SDO for Donga Mantung quickly dispatched the second assistant, Mashang Nicholas to Wat. The SDO’s representative while in Wat asked that the CPDM should change their venue to calm down the flaring tempers.
After relocating, the rally reportedly went on hitch free with over 500 SDF militants decamping to join the CPDM.
The over 500 now CPDM militants have come to join those who decamped in Chup and Bongom.
A similar rally took place in Luh, Ndu Subdivision and witnessed over 300 SDF militants decamping to the CPDM.

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