Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WISU 2013: CPDM Delegation Steals Show

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-A delegation of CPDM bigwigs from Donga Mantung has visited the Wimbum Students currently meeting in their annual convention in Taku, Ndu Sub division.
The delegation that was headed by Mr Simon Tamfu, Director of Exploration at the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, SHN and comprising amongst others Dr Nick Ngwanyam, Ta-Nformi Ngala Gerard, Madame Naomi Nfor Ngandong, Alhadji Abdou Borno… was in Taku on Tuesday August 20, 2013 (Day II of the Convention).
WISU President General, Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh (R) receiving the Delegation
As the outgoing President General of WISU, Mr Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh introduced members of the delegation one after the other, the students gave a standing ovation at the mention of the name of Ngala Gerard, CPDM parliamentary nominee for Donga Mantung Central.
Mr Nkeh told wisuans that Ngala Gerard had sponsored previous editions of the WISU convention to the tune of about CFA 2million Francs.
Addressing the students on behalf of the whole CPDM delegation, Mr Tamfu Simon began by submitting an apology asking the students to pardon them for coming to such a gathering dressed in CPDM party regalia.
“We are coming from a CPDM rally and knowing that Taku is in between Luh where we are coming from and where we live, we thought we not just pass as if we do not know you people are here. We thought we should just stop by and greet…” Mr Tamfu said.
According to Mr Tamfu who is an elite of Taku, the village is very hospitable. This he said does not mean that in the course of their stay there, the students may not register a few differences. If such differences occur, the Taku elite advised that Mbum students should bury them. “But should you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us” Mr Tamfu concluded.
One of the members of the delegation, Dr Nick Ngwanyam, proprietor of the Bamenda- based St. Louis University of Health and Biomedical Sciences sensitized the students on the various scholarship schemes that his institution is offering to students of Mbum origin.
“If you score between five and eleven points at the GCE Advanced level, science papers, you pay 50% of the school fees” Dr nick said adding that “if you score from 12points, just get your bag, Irish potatoes, beans… and come. You study for free”. However, students who will want to do a professional bachelor degree would pay from the fourth year.
The CPDM delegation left Taku amidst thunderous applauds.

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