Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ahead of September 30: Over 300 SDF Militants Decamp to the CPDM in Luh

(R-L), Tamfu Simon, Gerard Ngala, Abdou Borno....
(NewsWatch Cameroon)-CPDM militants in Ndu West; Ngarum, Taku, Ntundip and Luh have been advised to go and collect their voters’ cards well ahead of the September 30 twin elections.
This was the underlining message at a joint CPDM subsection conference that took place in Luh, Ndu sub division on Tuesday August 20, 2013.
Organized by the three subsections of the CPDM in Ndu West, the conference brought together militants from Ngarum, Taku, Ntundip and Luh.
Speaking, the main resource person at the conference, Mr Simon Tamfu, Director of Exploration at the National hydrocarbons Corporation, SNH and elite of Taku told the over 1000 CPDM militants that he was not coming for campaign because it is not yet time for that.
He said the PM sent him to the people of Ndu West. “The PM heard that you people have selected your candidates for the upcoming municipal and legislative elections. After the selection you hard some queries and he asked me to tell you that even if you have a problem with the candidates, support the party”.
To the CPDM party official, the choice of the parliamentary nominees for Donga Mantung central is the best. “if you want people who will go to parliament to feed their pockets, then select different candidates. But if you want those who will bring development, then bury you differences and support Gerard and Mme Naomi”.
To be ready, Mr Tamfu cautioned his kith and keen to hry and collect their voters’ cards.
Alhadji Abdou Borno, CPDM council list leader for Ndu on his part explained that he had nursed hopes of becoming parliamentarian. However, the gender factor did not favour him just like in other constituencies. Following this electoral provision that disfavoured him, his detractors have been spreading false messages. “Some say I was very heady to the section president, others say I was riding a horse in Ndu before the party dropped me”.
To Abdou, all these utterances come to blackmail and weaken the spirit of the militants. This he cautioned should not weaken them. He urged that militants show total support to the female parliamentary aspirant as they could have done to him.
Taking the queue, Madam Naomi Nfor Ngandong one of the CPDM parliamentary nominees in Donga Mantung central joint her previous speaker to maintain that the CPDM is waxing strong in that part of the country after all.
Enters Ngala Gerard
His name alone speaks volumes in Donga Mantung as a whole. Ta-Ngala Gerard is one of the CPDM parliamentary nominees for Donga Mantung Central. As guest speaker at the conference, he began by recounting the story of a similar conference that held in Wat (Nkambe Central). “Ndu and Nkambe are all one, we should abstain from politics of hatred”, Ta-Nformi Ngala Gerard advised after the Wat story.
Gerard regretted that Ndu and Nkambe are the major towns of Donga Mantung but are not developed. This according to him is because the opposition has controlled them for over the years whereas the CPDM is the only road to meaningful development. He cited hitherto little known Ako, Misaje and Nwa as examples that development comes through the CPDM.
“The only day we will be proud will be the day we see that our area has been developed. We have been wearing the same shoes for over 17years and it is pinching now”.
Of the over 300 decamp
The high point of the CPDM conference in Luh was the decamping of over 300 SDF militants to the CPDM. Before their comrades, they were welcomed to the CPDM by Tamfu Simon, Ngala Gerard and other party officials.
They dressed up in CPDM party T-shirts and loins after their public declaration that they have officially resigned from Fru Ndi’s party to that of Paul Biya.
According to the former SDF zonal coordinator for Ngarum, he saw through her colleague Mme Habiba who is a teacher like him that the CPDM is a party of hope and has decided together with his former SDF militants to join the CPDM.
Ali Godlove, former SDF militant from Ntundip said he was militating in the SDF because he was out for the truth “you can see that at the top the SDF and CPDM chairpersons now wine and dine together…”
Commenting on the conference, the main resource perm Mr Tamfu Simon said, “What I have seen here I have never seen it before”. The CPDM party official was convinced that with what he has seen victory will be on their side in coming elections.

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  1. This report is as vague as the guys you are reporting about. Just hear this " According to the former SDF zonal coordinator for Ngarum, he saw through her colleague Mme Habiba who is a teacher like him ..." The main concern here is supposed to be the resigned person, and suddenly he has no name, yet you stress on the name of the colleague Mm Habiba " who is a teacher like him". Kindly do some justice to this profession, Mister and spare us this crap of "bellyjournalism"! Shame to you all the way!!