Friday, February 28, 2014

CPDM Millitants Urged to Consolidate September 30, 2013 Victory

Cross section of CPDM militants at the meeting
(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The CPDM section president for Donga Mantung I, Nkambe, Taa’Nformi Ngala Gerard has called on the population and particularly his party’s militants of  the Nkambe municipality to support, pray and have confidence in the mayor, Ngabir Paul Bantar as he pilots the affairs of the municipality.
The section president was speaking during the Donga Mantung I-CPDM section executive meeting that took place at the Nkambe community hall recently.
Addressing participants at the meeting that brought together section, sub-sections and branch executives, Mr. Ngala said the CPDM party is now very open to recruit as many militants as possible. He urged the local party officials of Donga Mantung I, Nkambe to work hard to conscript more militants, fill the vacancy positions in the various sub sections and branches “so that in the next elections, the CPDM will not only win in Nkambe like we did in 2013, but win by a crushing Majority”.
The section president congratulated both old and new militants for their hard work before, during and after the September 30, 2013 elections-an election in which the party won in Nkambe.
“Campaign time is over, elections have come and gone. We won, but there is work to do and all should go back to work”, Mr. Ngala advised militants. He cautioned his militants against mouth slandering and urged them to be focused on their work.

CPDM won the battle not the war!
According the Lord Mayor of the Nkambe council, “the CPDM won the battle but not the war”. Mr. Ngabir Paul Bantar told the Donga Mantung I-Nkambe CPDM local party officials that “51% winning is not comfortable; we have to win with about 75% to have won the war”.
Politically, the Mayor said, the Chinese have benefited more from the SDF Member of Parliament for Nkambe, considering the campaign materials he purchased during the last twin elections.
Reacting to his months spent in office, the Mayor said though the period has been that of acquaintance, they have not been sleeping. He cited some projects amongst which was the over FCFA 100 million road works maintenance.
He announced that the contractor for the tarring of some streets in Nkambe also reported at the council office and will start work soon, the construction of a modern market in Nkambe will also start soon, amongst others.
In an exchange session that ensued, local CPDM party officials in Nkambe advocated for the separation of the Nkambe constituency from Ndu amongst many other challenges.
By Marcel Abanda in Nkambe

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