Tuesday, February 11, 2014

National Youth Day 2014: NUDP Pulls Unprecedented Crowd in Buea

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-For close to 20 years now, militants of the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) party have been conspicuously absent from within the political circles in Buea. But with the coming of Ndansi Elvis Nukam at the helm of the youth wing of the party, things seem to be taking a new twist.
Ndansi (in suits) Leading the Youths of his Party

As if to say the party is coming back strongly, over 500 militants of the party marched pass the ground stand at the Buea independent square during the 48th edition of the National Youth Day today February 11, 2014.
The participation of the NUDP in Buea took place in the presence of the national youth president of the party, Ndansi Elvis Nukam who himself took part in the march pass.
The involvement of the NUDP party in the 48th edition of the National Youth Day in Buea did not only send steering signals to other political parties, but as well rekindled memories of the 1992 legislative and municipal elections in which the party grasped 13 out of the 15 parliamentary seats in the Southwest Province at the time.
Talking to the press shortly after the march pass, a visibly satisfied Ndansi Elvis said his mission to Buea was in two folds.
First to give hope to his militants and the public that Buea is part of the party’s plans to spread its tentacles across the national territory. He equally noted that Buea can never be neglected within the activities of the party given its enormous contributions during the latter’s early days.
He enjoined militants to be steadfast and point-focused as sections of the party will be re-organized in the months ahead throughout Buea sub division (Molyko, Buea town, Muea, Soppo, Mile 16, Bogongo and Bokwango).
The NUDP national youth president equally disclosed that he was bearer of a special message from the NUDP National chieftain, H.E. Bello Bouba Maigari which is that of peace and unity calling on militants to remain united “for united we stand, divided we fall”, he told the Buea populace.
Reacting to speculations that his visit was in line with the upcoming celebrations to mark 50 years of Cameroon’s reunification built for Buea, Ndansi was on the affirmative, and said he was equally in Buea to prepare his militants who will be part of that memorable event.
Responding to questions on the Head of State’s address to the youths on the occasion of the 48th edition of the National Youth Day, Mr Ndansi expressed satisfaction with issues raised in the speech, concluding that the speech was inspirational to the Cameroon youths who must emulate the vision of the president of the republic; that of transforming Cameroon into an emerging nation by 2035.
He then appealed on government and the head of state in particular to appoint more youths in his central government in order to give them an upper hand in decision making in the country. 
Activities to mark the 48th edition of the National Youth Day in Buea took place under the aegis of the Southwest Regional chief executive, Bernard Okalia Bernard.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi, on assignment in Buea.

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