Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nkambe MP Congratulates Journalists for Unethical Practice?

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The legal but illegitimate Member of Parliament for Nkambe Central, Hon. Awudu Cyprian Mbaya was in Bamenda on Sunday, January 26, 2014 to congratulate journalists who ‘stood by him’ before, during and after the September 30, 2013 legislative elections by reporting the contrary of what transpired between the people of Nkambe and his hire thugs.
Hon. Awudu

The ‘congratulation ceremony’ this reporter learnt was on the sideline of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the leading opposition party, the SDF; which the MP was one of the attendees.
During the ceremony at the Bamenda Mondial Hotel, some seven Bamenda based press men were compensated each with the sum of FCFA 50.000 for "a job well done", after a hectic wining.
In what political observers described as inability to make a proper balance sheet of his 17 years in office as the people’s representative, Hon. Awudu during the campaigns employed the services of his wife and entire family to engage in verbal bombs and salacious language with the objective of intimidating opponent and his massive followers.
Besides them, the lefty parliamentarian imported and employed six thugs and militia men, probably castrated and trained as weight lifters to try to repel the increasingly enthusiastic pressure by the masses.
Worthy of note is the fact that that these thugs all of francophone origin were people trained to beat, dislocate body parts of innocent natives like the inhabitants of Ndu/Nkambe constituency.
It is equally understood that the thugs had daily rental rates that vary with respect to the eventfulness of the day. This is to say, the number of persons beaten and the magnitude of injury and body parts dislocation effected; the more such events, the higher the pay and take home for the day. This explains why the motivation to beat and inflict proper injury the natives is ever on the increase.
But the pressmen who were being celebrated in Bamenda deprived the community of the activities of these thugs.
It should be recalled that one of the unexpected results at the September 30, 2013 municipal and legislative elections in Cameroon was recorded in Nkambe, chief town of the Donga Mantung Division.
Since the advent of multiparty politics in Cameroon, the leading opposition party in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) of Ni John Fru Ndi has been enjoying political hegemony in that municipality. But tables turned unprecedentedly following the outcome of the elections with the ruling CPDM beating the SDF pants down.
By Ndi Eugene Ndi in Yaounde

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