Monday, February 10, 2014

National Youth Day 2014: Kwalar Emmanuel Writes to Ndu Youths


Dear brothers and sisters,
Like every year during the past decades, Ndu subdivision shall join the entire country to celebrate the Youth Day on Tuesday, February 11, 2014. But beyond the festivities and celebrations this year, I will like us to stop for a moment and reflect on the great duty we have as the future of this nation in general and Ndu subdivision in particular. I will like us to renew in an even stronger manner our commitment to building our community and our country. I speak to you not from a high pedestal, but from amongst you-a familiar voice in a familiar place; our challenges are the same and our destiny unique.
This year’s theme; “Youth, Patriotism and the Promotion of National Unity” speaks to us directly, not only because of the allegiance and devotion we owe to our country but moreover because we are called to accept one another, despite our different beliefs and values. We are called to preserve the solidarity and understanding that keeps our land in peace and stability. For at a time when other African countries are torn apart by hate, civic strife, tribal disputes and religious intolerance, ours stands as a nation to show the example of hospitality and tolerance.
From our outstanding history, you all know that every morning we warm the hearts of Cameroonians with our tasty Ndu Tea. Through the Mbaw plain, we are feeding the nation and providing strength to our 20 million brothers and sisters. To add to these, today, our 17 villages can boast of a dynamic young population which has readily taken on the serious challenges of our era. As we celebrate Youth day 2014, time has come for us to rise to the centre and take our place as leaders alongside the rest of the young talents of this blessed country. For to borrow from the great English Statesman, Francis Bacon; “we would be leaders if and only if we move ourselves from where we are to where we can be”.
To get there, we must believe that we are the motor of Cameroon’s development. We must learn English and French and equally deepen our knowledge of the great Wimbum heritage. This means coming together to fight HIV-AIDS, malaria and other great killers of our time. For, it is in this way that a better and greater tomorrow will be guaranteed for you and me. Let us now look to the coming years with hope, armed with the conviction that Cameroon is superior to all other countries just because we were born here! Many more Youth Days will come, many more days to celebrate, but let it be known that our resolve as a generation started on this day and on this land. Together we shall work to make Ndu subdivision a blistering community of hospitality, solidarity and unity so that it takes its rightful place in the temple of development.
May God Bless Us All.
KWALAR B. Emmanuel (Your Brother and Youth from Ndu)

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