Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Diane And Louis Anye Solemnize Two-Year Relationship

Bamenda, Cameroon—The ceremonial hall of the Santa Council in the Mezam Division of the Northwest was on Saturday May 7, 2016 filled to its brim by family, friends and well-wishers who had trouped in to witness what observers later described as “the wedding of the year.”
Binwe and Anye pose with presiding mayor

It marked the beginning of life in civil union by Diane Binwe and Louis Anye. Hitherto the sealing of the union, the couple had joined the crowd amidst joyous bawls.

The couple was followed by the presiding Second Deputy Mayor of the Santa council who, after a brief counseling session, saw Binwe and Anye publicly declare their love for one another before it was authenticated by the municipal authority.

After a brief photo session, Binwe and Anye’s journey into matrimony ensued at Njong village, Mile Twelve, Santa.

The Reception
At the court yard of Middle Man Lodge, all had been put in place for the wedding reception which was chaired by Mr. Pihoh David.
Binwe, Anye and their witnesses

In a brief encouragement sermon, the Reverend Dobgima of Presbyterian Church Santa hailed the newlywed for obeying God’s command.

“Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house….May you live to see your children’s children,” the man of God blessed the couple.

Sharing his forty years of marital experience, the chairman of the reception urged Binwe and Anye to “always solve their problems in the bedroom.”

On behalf of the bride’s family, Mr. John Ngu, a twin, said; “I know these my children will not only give birth to twins, but triplets.”  Pa Isaac who spoke on behalf of the groom’s family promised his in laws, “you have given us a jewel of a woman, I want to assure you that my family and I-not only Louis alone will take care, protect and nourish this jewel so that it can grow.”

Married to ‘all the girls’

On behalf of ‘all the ladies’; friends of the bride, Mankah Mirabel said; “it is every woman’s joy to get married, and that our friend and sister is getting married today means all of us are getting married. We are so happy and wish them the best they can ever wish for themselves,” she said before ‘threatening’ the groom, “If you don’t treat our friend well, we shall come and take her back.”
Binwe and Anye dancing to the reception ground

As if to he was holding briefs for the groom to respond to the bride’s friends, Ndansi Elvis, friend of the groom showered praises on the groom whom he described as “just the best any woman can dream about…he is a very gentle man, a loving guy, a caring person.”

The civil wedding of Binwe and Anye was the culmination of a two-year love story. Happy Matrimony!!

By Ndi Eugene Ndi, just back from Santa

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