Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WISU 2016 convention, a repeat of Ntumbaw/Rong “war”?

Yaounde, Cameroon—In accordance with Article VIII(3) of its constitution, the Wimbum Students’ Union (WISU) would organize its 2016 general congress (convention) in Rong village this summer.
Ngwan Derrick, WISU National President (FacebookPhoto)

In an enlarged executive meeting late last year in the village, WISU national exco and some representatives of Rong Development and Cultural Association (RODECA) unanimously declared the village “capable for the 2016 Convention.”

WISU national president, Ngwan Derrick Tawe Nyah who succeeded Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh during the 35th convention in Bongom has come to the end of his first two years mandate.

Thus, besides the cultural jamboree will also feature elections which the outgoing president can still seek another term of office according to article XII of the association’s constitution.

However, observers are of the opinion that the 37th convention may end in a deadlock as Ntumbaw youths have vowed not to take part; saying it [the convention] “has nothing to do with anyone from Ntumbaw.”

The youths claim the Ntumbaw branch of the association which has always attended all conventions had been denied the right to host, but “Rong just came up and was given to host a convention,” they said insisting “no student from Ntumbaw shall participate in the Rong convention.”

They have also promised to pull down any banners and disrupt any activity in their land relating to the event.

“No banner patterning to the convention shall be placed on Ntumbaw land and no WISU activity shall extend to Ntumbaw until the activities are over,” Ntumbaw youths said in a statement.

Yet, those who understand the geography of the area say it would be difficult for any event to hold in Rong without the inclusion of Ntumbaw.

The national executive board of WISU is however aware of the “threats from Ntumbaw.”

The president, Ngwan Derrick said he was aware and working to resolve it. “I will give the result as official information from my office,” he said.

Sources say the Ntumbaw chapter of the union that was headed by Nganjo Divine had been in shambles ever since the president went back to his native Rong village following the Ntumbaw/Rong land dispute.

The chapter our source explained had been benefitting from the largess of Massa Ernest, Ntumbaw village youth president who had been registering and paying members’ dues to ensure WISU Ntumbaw is always present at conventions.

Skeptics are therefore of the opinion that the convention could be a repeat of the Ntumbaw/Rong “war”. Affaire a suivre donc!  

By Ndi Eugene Ndi in Yaounde

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