Monday, November 11, 2013

Hotel Des Deputes:145 Rooms for 180 MPs

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The Yaoundé hotel where MPs reside when they are in session has 145 rooms for the 180 MPs in Cameroon. Management of the hotel constructed since 1952 with just 54 rooms say they have never faced a situation where all the 180 MPs express the desire to be lodged in the hotel, but that were such a situation to arise, they will arrange for rooms in other Yaoundé hotels near the national assembly.
'Hotel Des Deputes' has just 145 Rooms
They add that MPs who are members of the bureau of the national assembly have government houses in Yaoundé, and some MPs like those of Yaoundé do not like to be lodged in the hotel.
The 145 rooms in the hotel were constructed in 1981for the then 120-member National Assembly. Since membership in the assembly rose to 180, the hotel has not been refurbished, and with the probability of an increase in the number of MPs in Cameroon’s parliament, there is need for an increase in the rooms at the Parliamentarian Hotel.
The hotel renders classic services at affordable rates to MPs during their stay in Yaoundé. While MPs are in recess, the hotel receives other clients.
Wagging tongues say it is mostly ordinary MPs who take up rooms in the hotel; well to do MPs book for other big hotels in town during their stay in Yaoundé.

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