Monday, November 25, 2013

‘Our MP is Ngala Gerard, We Shall Use Him as Such’-Paul Ngabir

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Militants of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the Donga Mantung I, Nkambe section all joined their comrades nationwide on
Wednesday November 6, 2013 to celebrate the 31st anniversary of president Biya’s ascension to the supreme magistracy.
Unlike in previous editions where militants from all the subsections had to move to Nkambe town, local CPDM party officials of the Donga Mantung I section decentralized celebration centers; militants in Nkambe town and its environs celebrated at the community hall in Nkambe, Binka at the Binka Market square, Tabenken at the Tabenken market square and Wat at the Wat Market square etc.

But why should they celebrate?

According to the Mayor-elect of the Nkambe council, Ngabir Paul Bantar, President Biya’s 31 years at the helm of the state has been crowned with many achievements that should be celebrated.
Without being exhaustive, the mayor said president Biya came to power in 1982 when Cameroon had only one state university and today the country can boast of eight thanks to President Paul Biya. “The biometric voter registration that has been introduced in Cameroon has given credibility to our electoral process. The September 30 twin elections were free, fair, and transparent, thanks to the biometric system”, Mr Ngabir said.
As said by the mayor, president Biya’s 31years at the helm of the state has also been characterized by political pluralism, decentralization of power to local collectivities, intensification of fight against corruption, and over and above all the recovery of the disputed oil-rich Bakassi peninsula from Nigeria which to him “is called a world class achievement”.

Enter the section President

Speaking earlier, the acting CPDM section president for Donga Mantung I, Nkambe central, Taa’Nformi Ngala Gerard on behalf of the militants  heartily congratulated the Head of State for his 31 years of reign which the interim section president described as “31years of foresight and enlightened leadership that has made Cameroon an island of peace in war-torn and turbulent Africa”.
Gerard Addressing Militants in Tabenken
Ngala Gerard who was making his first public speech in his capacity as section president used the opportunity to thank all the militants and sympathizers of the CPDM for their support at the last September 30 twin elections; a support the acting CPDM section president said came as a result of President Biya’s greater realization policy.
“This resulted in us taking over the Nkambe council from the hands of the opposition that has been depriving our beloved council area a fair share of the national cake”, he said.
The acting section president revealed that the support has already started yielding fruits; “as you must have head, a tender has been launched for the tarring of the Nkambe council market and streets around the market, the Tabenken-Binshua-Nkambe road and streets around Binju, the residential area of the SDO will soon be graded”.

The Euphoria in Tabenken

From Nkambe, local CPDM party executive of the Donga Mantung I section led by the section president moved to Tabenken where an epic crowd of CPDM militants, supporters and sympathizers gathered to celebrate the 31st anniversary.
Addressing the crowd, Nkambe mayor-elect, Paul Ngabir said “we came to present your son, Ngala Gerard to you in his capacity as section president of the CPDM in Donga Mantung I on this very solemn occasion of the 31st anniversary of our Head of state’s ascension to power”.
Mr Ngabir explained to his party comrades in Tabenken that Ngala Gerard brought in the magic touch in the CPDM to emerge victorious at the last September 30 twin elections in Nkambe central and though Ngala Gerard hasn’t gone to parliament, the CPDM won the Nkambe council thanks to him. Thus after his (Ngabir Paul) election as mayor of the Nkambe council on October 16, “in consultation with the central committee of the CPDM, I handed over the section president post to Ngala Gerard, all sub section presidents will be given endorsement letter from the central committee”, the Nkambe mayor-elect said.
Ngabir (with a mic) presenting his Deputy
He reminded the population of Tabenken that legally, Hon Awudu Mbaya is their parliamentarian but legitimately he does not represent the people of Nkambe central for they did not elect him was.
“Our MP is Ngala Gerard and we shall use him as such to convey our message to the head of state, chairman of the CPDM party”, the mayor declared amidst thunderous applauds.
Taking the queue, the “parliamentarian”, Ngala Gerard expressed special thanks to the population of Tabenken who he believes brought the CPDM victory in Nkambe at the last September 30 twin elections. “The CPDM won in all the 12 polling stations in Tabenken both for the legislative and municipal. We won in Nkambe central, despite the fact that I am not in parliament, I will still do what I would have done while there. You people gave me the confidence and I will not fail you”.
The Donga Mantung I CPDM section president told his party comrades that immediately the results of the elections were released, though he was not going to parliament, he went to work “and the results are clear; the Nkambe council market and streets around it will be tarred, the Tabenken-Binshua-Nkambe road and streets around Binju will be graded”.

Separate constituency asked

In a motion of support and encouragement addressed to the Head of the State on the occasion, CPDM militants of Donga Mantung I vowed to sensitize and educate sympathizers and supporters to stand solidly behind president Biya and all that he stands for, called on the people of Donga Mantung especially Nkambe central to jealously protect the peace, stability and social cohesion of their beloved Cameroon and appealed to the Head of State and chairman of the CPDM party to grant Nkambe central a separate constituency as they promised to unconditionally and unreservedly keep the CPDM party flame burning in the Donga Mantun I section amongst others.

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